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The Road to Augmented Reality glasses: Android and iOS AR Features


Augmented Reality Smart Glasses will form a new generation of devices. They Microsoft Hole Lens or Google Glasses. These smart glasses unite the entire virtual 3D world with the real, physical world. Currently, there are many smart ways to use the glasses and the installed apps. The idea of wearable smart glasses is much more future proof than smartphones. You don’t think of these smart glasses as just “iPhones” or just “Androids”. These smart glasses are more advanced than the new generation in media technology. With the digital application, huge growth can take place in the next few years. To increase the huge potential of augmented reality smart glasses, basic knowledge is essential.

New Augmented Reality concepts will be the Future

If manufacturers and developers are aware of the drivers and obstacles, the success of these glasses can be achieved in the future. In real life, these glasses lead people to embrace augmented reality. It’s going to be very fast when the big companies will invest in augmented reality glasses. You may have analyzed prototypes like Microsoft HoloLens 1 & 2, Google Glass, and Magic Leap. It is an advanced technology that is very powerful and far ahead of processors and small devices. With the new technological advancement, there is a possibility of releasing many small and powerful augmented reality glasses in the market by updating these smart glasses. These glasses are going to appear in our daily life very soon. These glasses will be able to display the environment around you and provide you with activity like walking around and using Google Maps to navigate. Our next generation is slowly reaching the pinnacle of technology. These glasses integrate with the environment. In future models, you can always switch to a virtual reality mode if you want to. You can turn this glass mode on while watching a Netflix movie. This also helps to handle important tasks. With these augmented reality glasses, you can get the necessary information to use where it is needed. These glasses display information directly in the places of need. Any engineer can take note of the information with these goggles. They can also be used to guide any other person. It’s great! Augmented Reality concepts will play an important role in human life. Glasses can be used to solve anything in an instant, because it feels so natural. We can recommend to try the demo on the website, and read the linked article. If you want to use it on an Android phone or iPhone you need to select an image file. It can be easily uploaded from any device. You can choose an image from the example. Maybe this will help you to have a new experience with this technology. Now is the best time to create an experience, so don’t waste any more time. The importance of Augmented Reality glasses to show the right way is immense.

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