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The pros and cons of counselling kids with divorced parents



After you have gotten a divorce, you might observe that you are managing feelings and disappointments that you will be unable to deal with. For certain individuals, this leads them to look for directing so they can more readily deal with those feelings and disappointments. A few grown-ups may not understand that their kids are likewise taking care of these things and may not realize how to do it in a solid manner. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of advising for youngsters after a divorce.

Cons of Counselling Langley

A few guardians feel as though taking their youngsters to see a guide will approve their apprehensions about the divorce. Rather than making a tremendous arrangement out of the divorce, the guardians attempt to keep as much business as usual as possible around their kids. While they might show them additional affection and consideration, they would actually prefer not to take them to directing. In any case, this is an individual decision and relies upon the parent’s character and suppositions.

Something else guardians might feel is a disservice is carrying an outsider into the circumstance – regardless of whether the outsider is a skilled and superb instructor. They might feel as though this will just further befuddle the kids and would prefer not to do this on top of all the disarray they are managing from the divorce. Since kids aren’t genuinely grown enough to manage the disarray and agony of a divorce, any additional dissatisfactions aren’t alluring to many guardians.


While a few guardians might feel as though advising will add to their kids’ concerns, others feel as though it’s a solid source for their youngsters. An instructor can be a great way for your youngsters to deliver their pressure and fears about the divorce and their family circumstance. Directing furnishes your kid with an agreeable, safe climate where they can discuss their sentiments or delivery enthusiastic dissatisfactions. Indeed, even as the kids’ folks, here and there we can’t cajole fears and sentiments out of our kids the manner in which a prepared instructor can – and on the grounds that the advocate is eliminated from the circumstance, kids might feel more secure or safer examining it with them.

For more seasoned youngsters, in some cases an advisor is essential. More seasoned youngsters and teens can in some cases feel extreme sorrow and surprisingly considered self-destruction when their folks get separated. A portion of this might originate from the conviction that they had something to do with the divorce. Obviously, this is absolutely false, but rather that doesn’t prevent youngsters from feeling as such. A prepared instructor can assist you with deciding if your youngster disapproves of misery or something different. These are things that many guardians haven’t saw – regardless of the fact that they are so near their youngsters.

Obviously, there are disservices and benefits to guiding for youngsters after a divorce – actually like there is with whatever else. Thus, finding out with regards to the advantages and disadvantages and perusing the data from Counselling Langley can assist you with deciding if your youngsters ought to talk with an instructor during or after your divorce.

Divorce is comprised of extraordinary and troublesome cycles so don’t go through it alone. Get the assistance you want with the goal that you can mend your aggravation and control your fate.

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Online Divorce in Rhode Island | Step by step



Online Divorce in Rhode Island | Step by step

People who decide to get a divorce are often intimidated by the idea. There is this stereotype that the divorce process is full of court hearings, lawyers arguing with each other, and other drama. While some divorces end up like that, most go a different path.

The majority of people opt for an easier way out of marriage – through an uncontested divorce. This article will provide you with information on how to get divorced in the state of Rhode Island and make it easier with the Internet.

General Information to Consider

Before filing for divorce, spouses have to meet residency requirements. The law states that at least one of the partners has to reside in the state for a minimum of one year before filing for divorce.

Rhode Island is a no-fault state. It means that the divorce process can begin if spouses state that the marriage is broken beyond repair due to irreconcilable differences. 

The state also recognizes fault-based grounds for divorce. That list includes:

  • Adultery;
  • Impotence;
  • Drug addiction and/or alcohol abuse;
  • Abandonment by one of the spouses or the spouse is presumed dead;
  • Willful desertion for at least 5 years, although this number may be lessened per a judge’s decision;
  • Cruelty towards spouse and/or children;
  • Gross neglect;
  • Bigamy.

Residents of Rhode Island can follow two divorce paths: contested or uncontested divorce. Divorce becomes contested if the spouses have disagreements on important matters such as spousal support, child custody, alimony, etc. 

If they can settle on terms without court intervention, the divorce is uncontested and much easier. And it can become even simpler and cheaper if partners go for an online divorce.

Online Divorce

In the case of an uncontested divorce, partners can use the services of an attorney, which will ramp up the cost of divorce to $4000-$8000. However, there is a more affordable option to do everything by yourself.

In a do-it-yourself divorce, there is still the matter of paperwork. Divorce papers may be complicated and intimidating. But there is a solution. Partners can use an online divorce service to save time and money on lawyers. In addition, such websites provide spouses with tools to prepare divorce documents for an adequate price.

Steps For an Uncontested Divorce in Rhode Island

Here are all the steps for an uncontested divorce.

Step 1: Initiate the Process

You can receive divorce forms from the local county court directly. The initiator, also known as the plaintiff, has to fill out the Complaint and Verification and submit it to the court. You can also use online divorce services to help you find out what forms are needed for your particular case. 

Submitting the forms is not free – the plaintiff has to pay filing fees. Nonetheless, the court may approve a waiver if a person’s income is below a certain level. 

After submitting the papers to the court, the initiator receives a “Summons.” This document features details of the case and has to be served to the other party, known as the respondent. 

Step 2: Legally Notify Your Partner

After the papers are filed, the package must be delivered to the respondent. Plaintiff has several options on how to proceed with this task:

  • Use services of the sheriff of the county where the respondent resides to deliver the paperwork for a fee;
  • Use services of a private authorized constable to deliver papers for a fee.

After serving papers, the sheriff or constable returns with the Answer from the respondent. This document serves as proof that the spouse has received the documents, thus authorizing the court to proceed with the case.

Step 3: The Court and Case

Next, the petitioner needs to prepare all the necessary financial information and other documents if required and file them with the court. After this step is completed, the court will assign a formal hearing date. Usually, the court assigns this hearing around 70 days after the initial filing. 

On the formal hearing date, both partners appear to the court and bring one witness. The witness is required to attest that the spouses meet the residency requirements and have irreconcilable differences. If one party does not appear, two witnesses are required.

If spouses agree on all the terms such as property division, asset allocation, child custody, and others, the hearing takes place, and the judge asks some questions if needed. After this, the divorce is finalized, but the judge’s decision becomes official after a 90-day waiting period.

Last Thoughts

Getting a divorce can be easy or complicated. In Rhode Island, the procedure to get an uncontested divorce is not that complicated. The hardest part is to deal with all the papers. 

Hiring an attorney might be costly, while filling out all the papers yourself can be exhausting. Thankfully, online divorce companies can assist people with filling out and generating all the required documents, making the divorce inexpensive and less stressful.

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What You Should Know Before Cancelling Your Timeshare



Cancelling Your Timeshare


It’s not uncommon for people to have an amazing experience with their timeshare, only to decide later on that they aren’t going to use it anymore. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about traveling in general, or maybe now that you have kids, you realize you don’t want them spending so much time away from home. Whatever the reason might be, there are certain things you should understand before deciding to cancel your timeshare. There are many reasons you may want to cancel your timeshare but what should you know before canceling? If you’re thinking about canceling your timeshare, there are a few things that you should know. Canceling a timeshare can be difficult and expensive if you don’t have the right information or follow the right process. Whether it’s because of maintenance fees, annual dues, or something else, these tips can help guide you through the cancellation process with ease.

Timeshare cancellation steps

Timeshare cancellation is not an easy task. You need to understand the legalities and possible risks of canceling timeshares. The process involves you going through paperwork, documentation, and survey calls. The last few points to be considered while canceling your timeshare are paperwork and surveys. You will have to provide information such as an address, email id, contact numbers, etc., to cancel your timeshare. This can hurt your mental and physical well-being, which is why knowing the right steps to follow and whom to contact when you need to cancel your timeshare are vital before making the decision.

  • Please accept the cancellation request in writing. 
  • With an explicit request to end temporary use. 
  • List all the important details. 
  • To meet expectations.
  • Please send all correspondence by registered mail. 
  • Don’t be emotional or pushy. 
  • Do not use passive or hesitant language.

Top reasons to cancel your timeshare

Timeshare is a great vacation rental alternative. However, if timeshare owners are not careful they can lose thousands of dollars and never be able to use their purchased weeks.Timeshare cancellation companies have now become mandatory because of the high number of unhappy timeshare owners who look to get out quickly before they sink further into debt.

If you are a timeshare owner and want to cancel your timeshare ownership, it’s important to know that there is no legal obligation to continue paying maintenance fees. Timeshares are not real estate, nor are they subject to any state laws governing real estate transactions. There is also no federal law regarding the sale or purchase of timeshares. 

If you’re like most people, you probably have tried to cancel your timeshare. There may be a lot of reasons why you want to cancel your timeshare, such as the fact that it brings back bad memories of family vacations or that it sits in storage collecting dust and taking up space. Whatever the reason is, there are steps you can take to cancel your timeshare before it even starts.

  • Resort availability is limited or non-existent. 
  • The financial burden of maintenance costs. 
  • They have not prepared any special exam fees. 
  • Timeshare features don’t suit your personal needs. 
  • Realized the timeshare resale value was $ 0.


Timeshares are a popular option for vacations that can save you money, especially if you are traveling with a family. But before canceling timeshare ownership, there is more to consider than just the cost of fees involved. You will have to factor in your time and energy costs as well. The first step in deciding whether or not to cancel your timeshare is to determine why you got into it in the first place.

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Optima Tax Relief Year-End Giving Reminder



With the holidays upon us, the season of giving commence with taxpayers making generous charitable donations. Optima Tax Relief reminds taxpayers that more Americans can easily deduct up to $600 on their tax returns for 2021.

Temporary Law Change

Usually, if you choose to take a standard deduction, you can’t claim a deduction for charity donations. Now, due to a temporary law change, you’re able to claim a limited deduction for qualifying organizations.

What is the deduction limit?

Even with the temporary law change, there are limits for how much you can claim for a deduction. Taxpayers that file individually – IRS specifies that this includes married individuals filing separately – can claim a deduction up to $300. For married individuals filing joint returns, the deduction limit is $600.

What qualifies as a cash contribution?

Donations made by check, credit or debit are all considered cash contributions. Unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses for volunteer services also qualify. Volunteer services, securities, household items and other property do not qualify as a cash contribution.

Recognized Charities

It’s important to note that you must make your contributions to qualified organizations. Should your charity not qualify, you cannot claim a deduction. The IRS offers the Tax Exempt Organization Search tool to aide taxpayers in finding the status of a charity.

Most charitable organizations qualify, but donations made to supporting organizations (an organization that exists to support other charities), or toward donor-advised funds do not. A donor-advised fund is a fund where the donor can decide how the money is spent.

Keeping records

It’s important to keep records of your charitable contributions. Records would typically include obtaining an acknowledgment letter from the charity, canceled checks, or credit card receipts.

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Why You Should Hire A Family Lawyer For Your Divorce



Family Lawyer


Divorce is a difficult time for anyone to go through. There are many reasons for hiring a family lawyer to handle your divorce. If you and your spouse can agree on custody arrangements, child support, and spousal support, then you may be able to file for divorce by yourself. However, if you and your spouse cannot agree on these things or if there is any history of domestic violence in the relationship, then it is best to hire a lawyer. Divorce is never an easy process, but hiring a family lawyer can make it significantly easier. Divorces tend to be very complicated affairs, with many issues that need to be dealt with before the divorce can even take place. Hiring a family lawyer is certainly something that you should consider if you are trying to get divorced.

Find the right lawyer for your divorce case

It is never an easy decision to go through a divorce. You have to deal with the legal procedures, logistics of splitting up all of your joint assets, help your kids understand what is happening, and support them throughout the process–it’s quite a lot to take on. While it is possible to handle a divorce case yourself, you need to be well-versed in the laws surrounding divorce. In many states, if you choose to represent yourself in your divorce case, the judge will have the final say as to how your assets are split and child custody is determined.

  • Know What You Want. The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of lawyer you’re looking for.
  • Set a realistic goal. 
  • Look for Divorce Lawyers in your city and county. 
  • Pick at least three attorneys to consult. 
  • Interview and research. 
  • Listen to red flags. 
  • Make your choice.

Barrie Family Lawyer

There are many different reasons why people may need to seek out a family lawyer. These lawyers can help with separation, divorce, custody battles, child support, spousal support, and more. It is important for you to find an experienced Barrie family law firm that will be able to handle your legal situation effectively. Finding the right Barrie Family Lawyer can be a difficult task. There are many options out there but few that you will want to work with long term. After all, family law is extremely complex, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. It’s important to find someone who is professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic to your needs.

It can be difficult to find a lawyer that will provide you with top-notch service. Of course, the best way to find an excellent family law attorney is through referrals from family and friends. When you need a family lawyer, you should make sure to pick one who can help solve your problems. You want someone knowledgeable about Barrie Family Lawyer and who will be able to help you resolve the issues that are giving you trouble. The right attorney can give you peace of mind knowing that your case will be handled correctly. 


Divorces can be a very complicated and stressful process. If you are going through a divorce, it is important to have an experienced lawyer working for you so you can get the best possible outcome from the situation. You want to make sure that your interests are protected at all times, and this often requires someone who knows what they are doing.

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How Do I Find The Perfect Child Custody Lawyer?




Child Custody Lawyer

The matter of a child custody lawyer is vital in the case of couples who have gone through a divorce. However, finding a child custody attorney can be a difficult job. If you are in a situation where you need a lawyer to determine the custody of your child, go through this article thoroughly. This article contains the details regarding how you can follow to find the ideal lawyer for child custody. 

In most cases, the divorce lawyer can provide you with the reference of the child custody lawyer. Otherwise, he might handle the case himself. 

Finding the Best Child Custody Lawyer

The procedure of finding the right attorney for child custody after divorce is given below:

1.  Go with the references

You should always consider the references when finding a child custody attorney. The best people to refer you to one are the divorce lawyers or the people who have taken the services from such a lawyer. 

2. Check the attorney directory thoroughly

In most countries, there are attorney directories where you can find the contact numbers of different types of attorneys. If you have an attorney directory with you, try to search for the right people who deal with child custody cases.

Nowadays, an online attorney directory is also available, and you can refer to it. Another easy way to find a child custody lawyer is to simply search on any of the leading search engines.. 

3. Go for an interview

When choosing a child custody lawyer, you should always go for an interview with the lawyer. There are certain things you must check in a lawyer before giving him the case of child custody.  They are as follows:

  • Personality and integrity
  • Experience
  • Whether the lawyer provides free consultation on repeated sessions
  • Remuneration

A single interview with the child custody lawyer can be enough to understand the things mentioned above,

4.  Giving all case-related papers to the lawyer 

Once you take the child custody lawyer’s interview and decide to hire him, you can give all the case-related papers to him. These papers can help him structure the case properly. Once the case is appropriately structured. You can easily get child custody. 

Now, to determine whether the lawyer is a genuine person or not, you can check how rapidly he is structuring the case. A genuine lawyer would always stick to the case. 

Final Words

For any divorced parent, child custody is a grave concern. However, the law in most leading countries of the world allows the mother to get actual custody of the child after a divorce. This remains intact till the child reaches the age of 18. On the other hand, the father gets a chance to meet the child and provide alimony to him. Legally, this agreement is overseen by the child custody attorney. So, if you have divorced your partner recently and you have a child, you should hire a lawyer to ensure his secure future. 

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