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The Potential Impact of SARS-COV 2 on Male Fertility



The Potential Impact of SARS-COV 2 on Male Fertility

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 is a deadly virus. Common symptoms include cold flu, cough, breathing difficulty, body pain, and severe headache. As the disease seeps through the immune system, weakened health is the end result. Symptoms, if not managed adequately, could result in loss of life for those affected.

Survival against the deadly virus is a blessing. However, over the past few months, researchers have conducted studies on patients affected by the novel coronavirus. The objective of these studies has been to examine if any potential long-term complications surface after the patient has successfully recovered from the virus. Alarmingly, several long-term complications such as heart disease, chronic muscle pain, and compromised mental health have been defined as the after-effects of the disease.

Apart from these complications that emerge subsequently after recovery from the virus, recent studies have cautioned healthcare professionals as scientists have reported that the Coronavirus may have something to do with declining fertility in males in the future. According to Dr. Sheldon Marks MD, from DadsAgain (ICVR – International Center for Vasectomy Reversal), the infection could be threatening to the testosterone level in males.

If you’re looking for new facts on Covid-19 with the latest research and its potential impacts on male fertility, you may follow ICVR’s Official FaceBook Page.

The latest study of the Miller School of Medicine found out that infection was also indicated in the testicles of the 6 deceased subjects of the study. The study had been conducted primarily to examine the tissues of 6 men who died because of the virus. The study also pointed out its limitations and considers examination of testes of men who have shown stronger immunity against the virus as a potential area for future research.

Is There a Chance of Infection in the Testis of Asymptomatic Males?

This is by far the most shocking fact about the novel coronavirus. The latest research on a younger subject, who is a 28-year-old man revealed that asymptomatic adults may also be at risk of infection in their testis as was the case with the subject in the study.

In addition to this, another examination of a subject included an adult male who had already recovered from the virus a few months back. However, despite the successful recovery, complications regarding fertility were reported as the subject voluntarily underwent a biopsy for his testes.

It’s too Early to Take a Stance!

The virus can survive in the testes for an enduring period. However, it is yet to be seen whether it transmits into the semen swiftly, and emerges as a disease that is sexually transmittable. It is essential to know that the findings are shocking in their respect and more needs to be done before we can move forward.

According to experts scientists, the powerful threat which the virus poses to the immune system can have serious long-term complications which also increases the chances of around 20-30% population reporting fertility problems at some time in the future. The expert also cautions further research on a wider scale before jumping to any conclusions.

Pain in Testicles

Pain in the testicles especially in these times must not be overlooked as some usual pain. Even if it’s not too severe, you may want to see a urologist as this could indicate complications rising because of the virus. Plus, since the complications in the testes have been found in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, it seems of interest to respond to such pain actively and with great care.

It also seems helpful to acknowledge the pain as an alarm for oneself to know that the virus may have penetrated the testis. Besides, if you’re a male adult who is concerned about their testosterone level, you’d better get it checked with a baseline testosterone test in the future.

Get a simple blood test and ask a urologist to evaluate your sperm count.

The detailed examination of tissues conducted by both doctors and researchers have also cautioned young and adult men to visit a urologist as soon as possible and immediately after they experience any sort of pain in their testis.

What About the Sperm Count Damage?

While speaking of how the novel coronavirus may destroy the sperm count, it seems worthwhile to share that any kind of fever may cause damage to the sperm-producing capacity of the body.

Your body may not find it easy to deter strongly against the threat of the virus and enhance the sperm count immediately. Hence, it is essential to acknowledge that the sperm count may not be revived to its desired level until the fever leaves the body completely. You should also know that sperm counts may require several weeks to a few months to rejuvenate to their previously mature levels.

Moreover, as regards sperm counts, it is essential to highlight that there is still no clear conclusion on whether or not sperm counts are altered among asymptomatic men who showed strong immunity against the infection.

In case you feel any pain in your testes, or if you’re an adult man who just recovered from the virus, then you may want to visit a urologist. Look for the one who is an expert in male fertility.

The advantage of a three-month follow-up evaluation by the time you get tested for your sperm count, infection, or virus would have escaped the body permanently, leaving no chances for the infection to resurface.

In addition to it, to ensure that there are no abnormalities in your sperm count to deal with, you may get a final evaluation of your sperm count after 6 months.

Findings from Miscellaneous Studies

The most recent study on Covid-19 has revealed shocking facts. However, it is essential to know that in order for the findings to be applicable to a wider audience, larger samples are needed.

Nevertheless, the recent report on Covid-19 demographics has revealed that men are more susceptible to contract the novel coronavirus than women. The proportion of virus affected men in comparison to women remains high across all major countries.

More than 70% of all deaths in China include males patients, whereas the number is also staggering for countries like South Korea (59%) and the United States (61.8%).

The SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) is already recognized as the pathogen of the novel coronavirus that was declared as a pandemic in March this year.

The transmission mechanism for both viruses is almost the same. Transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 takes place through droplets and direct and indirect contact between people.

With the help of a Genomic analysis, it has been found out that the SARS-CoV-2 is 79% the same as its predecessor virus. What’s more interesting to point out is that both viruses enter the host cells with the help of the angiotensin-converting Enzyme 2, also called the ACE2.

SARS-CoV 2 remains the primary focus of the study. However, as mentioned above that since both coronaviruses are about 80% identical, it seems of interest to know more about the SARS-CoV 2 and determine if similar potential risks exist for another coronavirus.

In a study on subjects that died because of severe infection from the SAR-CoV, moderate pathological changes in the testis of six men were observed. It is crucial to know that these changes were observed from the autopsy reports of the deceased subjects.

The testis report has cautioned doctors and researchers as the risk of cell destruction exists with the Coronavirus.

Moreover, the presence of sperm is also reported to decline significantly in the testis. Even though cell destruction in the testes was identified as an issue in the autopsy reports of the deceased from SARS-CoV-2, it is worth knowing that similar findings for the SARS-CoV-2 do not exist at the current time.

A study based on Chinese men concluded that around 18% of the sample reported having scrotal discomfort when they were confirmed to have the infection.

Besides scrotal discomfort being a characteristic of men affected with the novel coronavirus, it is, however, important to acknowledge that the problem of viral orchitis remains unclear given the fact that no kind of testicular investigation had been carried in the study.

Hence, the hypotheses of previously conducted studies reporting on potential harms of the novel coronavirus on male fertility should be supported.

Even though the testicular injury has not been examined particularly for the Covid-19 patients or those successfully recovered, it is imperative to note down that testicular injury has been reported as an important issue among Covid patients. However, the exact cause of this injury is still not determined.

Following are the proposed mechanisms by which a potential attack on cells in the testis could be carried out;

First, the fever from the virus could raise the temperature in the testicles and lead to apoptosis of germ cells. Second, the Coronavirus could also trigger an immune response in the testes that could lead to autoimmune orchitis.

The ACE2 messenger RNA which is remarked as the gateway for the virus to enter the testicles has been documented by a number of studies with the findings indicating its presence in the germ cells of the testis. Besides, there are other studies that have reported the presence of ACE2 in Leydig cells, Sertoli cells, and spermatogonia.

In addition to this, another study that compared the post-mortem tissues of Covid-19 deceased with others reported that patients who had earlier tested positive. Findings reported swelling, vacuolation, in the Sertoli cells, and a sharp decline in the number of Leydig cells for deceased ones affected with novel coronavirus against those that did not get affected.

In addition to the above, a number of qualitative studies are being conducted on the autopsy of deceased patients.

The findings of these small studies have hinted at the idea that the novel coronavirus may have a potentially negating impact on male fertility. A group of researchers from the University of Miami Florida has expressed concerns on the potential risks exposed to testis tissues from the virus.

Their study made a simple comparison between 6 men who died because of Covid-19 against those who died because of other causes. Those who died because of testis damage had an impaired sperm count. However, it seems essential to warrant future research on testis damage on more deceased subjects.

Similarly, a Chinese study also pointed out consistent findings by concluding that testis damage could be a weakened response of the immune system to the virus.

Is the Risk Higher for Younger People?

A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information has cautioned that serious complications for male fertility may arise if the virus harms the Leydig and Sertoli cells.

Alarming as it may sound, the virus has deadly complications for younger adults in terms of fertility. Even though the mortality rate may be higher for older adults and the elderly, fertility damage risks may persist to a significant degree for younger people.

The findings of this study conclude the testicular infection could prove to be damaging for younger fertility. However, this study too also does not clearly elaborate on the exact channel through which the infection may seep through the testes.

Key Takeaways

In the end, any conclusive remarks on Covid-19 in damaging fertility seems unjustified. However, it is mandatory to caution research in the area given that a high potential threat has been identified from the examination of contemporary literature on SARS-CoV-2 challenging male fertility.

It should be noted that more data is required to provide substantial evidence on the challenges posed by the Covid-19 for male fertility. A sample of thousands of male patients will be needed to determine whether Covid-19 poses a serious threat to sperm count damage and testis health.

A number of potential causes for this invasion of the virus in the testis are being explained. Some believe that the damage to the testis may be a resultant effect of the body’s immunological response to the deadly virus. It could be said that whatever the exact channel is, it seems of interest to research more on the topic and determine how exactly is the fertility being deteriorated and what should be the ideal follow-up period to observe fertility complications post-recovery from the

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5 Things You Must Know Before a Blood Test at Home



Blood tests are an essential part of keeping up with your health check-up. A blood test can reveal many details about the health level that you are currently at. Blood tests can also point out indications of problems in the body or future problems that may occur so that the patient can take viable steps towards a better and healthier future. 

An early diagnosis is one of the best first steps towards a healthier tomorrow and a blood test at home can help you achieve that, that too at the comfort of your own home without the risk of appointments at hospitals. 

The Covid disaster that has taken over the country has certainly pushed us to a frightful extent, so much so that we dread our health appointments even for the most important ones such as sugar tests that need to be taken for diabetic patients, lipid and cholesterol tests which is essential for heart patients and other blood tests that need to be done on a timely basis to keep up with our health and lifestyle disorders. 

The risk of visiting a hospital is extremely high right now and people fear contracting infections by taking tests at hospitals or clinics. This has therefore carved the way for a simple solution, where many services such as labs and clinics offer simple and safe blood tests at home for all your necessary check-ups. 

Some labs also offer consultation with doctors who post the test results over the phone or video so that the patient does not have to visit the hospital unnecessarily and can remain safe at home in these perilous times.

Important Points About Blood Tests

Blood tests are very important especially if you are a patient of some or other disease or condition or lifestyle disorder such as hypertension, BP, heart health, or diabetes. Also, if you are under medication and treatment for any condition, then regular tests are mandated by your doctor to keep tabs on your health progression. Therefore, blood tests cannot be ignored and must be taken on a timely basis. 

Here are a few things you should know about blood tests that can be taken at home:

  1. Safe

Blood tests that are taken at home are just as safe as the ones that are taken in a lab or a clinic. The technicians who visit you are fully equipped with sterile and fresh devices and equipment so there is no concern for your safety.

  1. Equal to physical visits

Any test that is taken at home is as good in standing as the one taken in a physical lab or clinic or hospital. There is no need to assume that the results may differ if you test at home or at a hospital. The results are always discreet and up to standards

  1. Convenience

Blood tests at home are a very convenient and safe method keeping in mind the pandemic situation that is ongoing in the country. 

  1. Timeline

It is important to schedule your test according to the timeline suggested and pre-discussed with your doctor and the lab will have not much of a decision or say in this. So please be prepared with the correct timelines for the test.

  1. Consultation

It is possible for all patients who test at home to consult with a doctor virtually unless otherwise, the results need more observation or further testing.

These are some key points about testing at home.

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Post-COVID Anxiety Counselling – What It Is & # Reasons Why It Is Needed



Anxiety Counselling

After months of research, medical experts have finally claimed that there is a correlation between COVID-19 and anxiety. The overwhelming response and reports of an increasing number of patients in mental health clinics intrigued this research. And the world is not taking this news with any surprise! The COVID-19 pandemic left different parts of the world in shatters and despair. Underdeveloped countries are still struggling to break the chain even after vaccinations are now available. People have lost their jobs, financial stability, homes, family members, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Post-Covid Anxiety: Know What It Means

It has been over a year since the pandemic hit the entire world in just a span of four months. Although scientists noticed a breakthrough at the end of 2020 by formulating vaccines, new cases are emerging every day. The devastating effects of this virus have impacted several lives, with the deaths of millions in the world. The loss of lives, confinement in homes, crawling fear of catching the virus and months of quarantine have led to post-Covid anxiety. The symptoms and effects are like the common anxiety but with an increased occurrence of fear and stress.

The clutches of fear and panic caused by the pandemic has troubled many lives.

On the bright side, just like any other mental illness, this condition is also curable with anxiety counselling. Yes, medical experts and professionals claim this treatment to be the best solution for the patients. Read on to learn more about anxiety counselling and how it can help this condition efficiently.

Symptoms of Post-Covid Anxiety: How It Occurs

PostoCovid anxiety can occur for numerous reasons. And each one of those motives is accountable with the help of anxiety counselling. One should identify these symptoms as an indication of the illness.

  • Any news related to the pandemic causes restlessness and panic attacks.
  • One has lost a close family member or friend to the disease.
  • The fear of being infected has led to sleeping problems, loss of appetite or concentration.
  • Being hyper-protective and anxious about maintaining social distancing and other norms.
  • Getting thoughts of facing death in every possible except Covid.

Post-Covid Anxiety Counselling: A Systematic Solution

Post-Covid anxiety counselling is a systemic and medically approved solution to this mental illness. Since most people are new to the concept, it is affecting more lives than the virus. People are strangled in fear of losing everything to the pandemic but their peace of mind. Anxiety counselling can help them gain a positive perspective on dealing with the pandemic. It will create a healthy state of mind essential for people suffering from this stress.

Reasons To Opt For Post-Covid Anxiety Counselling

Some people might think it is a temporary mental state, and they would recover once the pandemic is over. But there is no such thing as an easy recovery from these kinds of mental illness. One problem leads to another and worsens the condition. Anxiety counselling is a proven source of treatment for many valid reasons.

●     It Triggers The Cause of Illness

Patients suffering from anxiety seldom understand the cause of their problems. A professional can break the chain and help them identify the issues that trigger the condition. Doctors and experts offering anxiety counselling sessions for post-Covid sufferers know the scientific reasons behind the illness.

●     Protects The Patients From Further Damage

Post-Covid anxiety can turn into a long-term disease or uneasiness before one realises it. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic is still active in Singapore but at a controlled pace. But people are still affected by what happened last year. This gradual increase is a result of passive damage caused by anxiety. That is why people with prominent symptoms of the disease must seek anxiety counselling.

●     Medically Proven Approach

Mental health experts are following researched and well-integrated programs to diagnose post-Covid anxiety. They can present a clear picture, offer effective solutions and follow a routine treatment for the patients.

●     It Is Crucial For Covid Survivors

Doctors are now claiming that hospitals should release the COVID-19 survivors only after offering them anxiety counselling sessions, especially the ones who have suffered the worst. Helping them overcome the fear of losing their health must be a part of their treatment.

●     It Helps Create A Healthy Mindset

Anxiety counselling also creates better prospects for the patients by creating a healthy mindset. Since the professionals resolve the major causes of anxiety, it becomes possible for the patients to get back to their pre-Covid mindset.

Any person who has been infected by the virus and survived it or has suffered any passive impact due to the same must seek anxiety counselling. Professionals are willing to help in every proven way to heal the distorted minds and impart wisdom. Clinics in Singapore are open to patients with the best team of professionals. Find the most reliable source of services for the sessions!

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Improve Your Mental Health



Improve Your Mental Health

1) Remember That You Are Valuable: Don’t fall for self-criticism. Treat yourself with the same respect and kindness you’d show anyone else. Set out time for projects you love, hobbies, or any chance to just broaden your horizons. Plant your garden, do some dancing, enjoy a crossword puzzle everyday, learn a musical instrument, or get fluent in a different language.

2) Care For Your Body: Caring for yourself physically has a huge impact on your mental health. Make sure that you eat nutritious foods, avoid vaping and smoking, drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep seems to raise rates of depression among college students, per research. Also, exercise is definitely known to decrease both anxiety and depression while also improving moods.

3) Be Surrounded By Good People: People that have robust social and family connections tend to be healthier than anyone who doesn’t have a support network. Make plans to spend time with supportive friends and family members, but also look for activities where you can actually meet new people through a support group, class, or club. If you feel you need help managing your mental help get in touch with the Clarity Clinic.

4) Give Yourself To Others: Help somebody in need. Volunteer your time. You will feel great if you do tangible things for those that are in need. They’re great ways you can meet new people.

5) Learn How To Cope With Stress: Whether you want to admit it or not, stress is a factor in daily life. Practice effective coping skills. Do Tai Chi, take nature walks, play with pets, do journal writing, and use one-minute stress coping mechanisms. Exercise is always a winner. Just remember to smile and enjoy the humor of life. Research indicates that laughter boosts immune systems, eases pain, reduces stress, and relaxes the human body.

6) Bring Quiet To Your Mind: Consider prayer, mindfulness, and meditation. Relaxation exercises like these enhance your state of mind and overall outlook on life. In actuality, research on meditation shows how it helps people feel calm. In fact, it enhances the impact of therapy.

7) Establish Realistic Goals: Decide the things that you would like to achieve personally, professionally, and academically. Write down the necessary steps it would take to make your goals happen. Aim as high as you want or need, but do not over-schedule and be realistic about steps and timelines. Find ways to enjoy the abundance of empowerment that comes with accomplishing things along the way.

8) Don’t Get Monotonous: Routines make people more efficient. They also help them feel safe and secure. Still, some change of pace can spruce up a schedule that got tedious. Make changes to your running route, take a road-trip, walk in a new park, try out a new restaurant, or hang a few new pictures.

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Forward head posture or loss of cervical lordosis




Head forward posture 

The first part of this page is for anyone wondering what the problem with cervical curvature (cervical lordosis) and its modification can be. Even if certain positions at school, at work and at home have always been able to influence the posture of the head, the excessive use of screens (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) may have accentuated this poor posture of the head. head for ten years.


Since 2002 she is working as a chiropractor in Montreal, QC and she is an expert fixing head posture.  Here is the website : chiropraticien montréal

What is called forward head posture results in a decrease in the lower cervical lordosis (the cervical curve which is said to be a smooth curve backwards) and an accentuation of the upper cervical curve.

The second part of this article is on the one hand for those who want to go further and see the references on this subject but also for health professionals who may not be familiar with the problems and pathologies linked to a loss of blood. cervical curve or forward head posture. If you are a patient and your healthcare professional or practitioner needs more information on this topic, you can give them the link to access scientific references published over the past 20 years.

Loss of cervical lordosis, cervical stiffness, reversal of cervical curvature, so what?

I often have patients with neck pain, headaches and even migraine telling me “I did a cervical x-ray, but I was told there was nothing” or “not”. great thing ”or“ nothing related to my pain ”.

I do not know where this belief comes from, but unfortunately some professionals minimize the impact of disturbances in the cervical spine and the link with health problems and pathologies in patients. Maybe it comes from some old studies; when there was not much knowledge on this subject; or professionals who are not aware of the latest studies (the last 20 years) on this subject!

What is cervical lordosis and what does loss of cervical lordosis represent?

Cervical and lumbar lordosis and dorsal kyphosisFirst of all you should know that the spine is made up of 3 curves when viewed in profile: a cervical lordosis (curve towards the back of the body), a dorsal kyphosis (curve towards the front of the body) and a lumbar lordosis (curve towards the back of the body). We are therefore interested here in cervical lordosis. In some people there is a decrease in the cervical curve called cervical stiffness and in others there is an inversion of the cervical curve.

It is difficult to say why there is cervical stiffness in a patient but different mechanisms could be at the origin of this cervical stiffness:

Babies are said to form curves in their spine when they roll onto their tummy and when they “crawl” while raising their head. And it would be during this period that the curves at the level of the spine, and in particular of the cervical column, are formed. It would therefore be during this period that in children who start walking too fast and do not crawl on all fours that the cervical curve does not form and give this aspect of cervical stiffness.

Among the studies that follow, some also talk about compensation mechanisms at the cervical level to counteract a dorsal hyperkyphosis (an accentuation of the dorsal curve towards the back of the body) which would be at the origin of this cervical straightness.

Other hypotheses also concern neurological compensation mechanisms (vestibular and oculomotor systems) which would be at the origin of the forward head posture.

These mechanisms could also be accentuated by bad postures on the desk, on the sofa or by the excessive use of screens which is called text-neck or tech-neck.

Head posture year beforeWhen the cervical spine moves forward, it is called a reversal of cervical lordosis. The inversion of the cervical curve would be more related to a shock such as a whiplash during a car accident, or when playing a sport (cycling, football, rugby, boxing, etc.), or during a fall,…  This is most often noticed around the axis C5-C6 (fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae  ) and as we will see later, could cause premature wear and the appearance of osteoarthritis.

Head posture forward, pathologies and pain symptoms

Whatever the reason for a loss of cervical curvature (cervical straightness), it is associated with conditions that can disrupt the normal functioning of the body and increase premature wear and tear on the joints.

It is for this reason that in our practice, we emphasize an approach that goes from traditional chiropractic care to rehabilitation based on functional neurology and ergonomic advice to help patients with their problems (reduce or remove the symptoms), avoid future relapses, and decrease the likelihood that these problems will continue to worsen over the years.

What are the problems and pathologies associated with a forward head posture (cervical stiffness)

As you can see below, a significant number of studies show the link between forward head posture (i.e. loss of cervical lordosis in the lower cervical area associated with increased lordosis cervical in the upper cervical) to many problems and pathologies. It should be understood that the existence of a link does not mean causation. But the logic and overlap between different studies and the fact that correcting curvature often results in improvement in certain symptoms may indicate that this loss of cervical curvature may be the cause or an aggravating factor in these problems.

The following studies have linked forward head posture to:

  • neck pain
  • decreased mobility and range of motion
  • premature wear and tear of the joints (osteoarthritis)
  • headaches including migraines
  • back pain
  • lower back pain
  • decreased breathing capacity
  • shoulder problems
  • balance and proprioception disorders
  • neuralgia
  • jaw problems
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6 Benefits of Smoking Delta 8 THC in 2021



The potential satisfying benefits of cannabis have made its rare Product. But not all cannabis products are legal. You risk being arrested for smoking marijuana in most countries. In some cases, the law is unclear as to which cannabis products are legal, which confuses users.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is known to most people because it is legal in most countries. CBD is known for its medicinal properties, which can treat many diseases and conditions. But there is a new cannabinoid that rivals CBD for its medicinal benefits.

You’ve probably seen new cannabis products on sites that contain delta 8 hemp flowers and wondered what it is. If you love cannabis products, you should have Delta Effex on your radar.

Benefits of smoking Delta-8 Flower

1. Give a sweet high

Many cannabis smokers are recreational users – they use it to get high. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid that causes the high you get when you smoke cannabis. But what you acquire when you smoke marijuana is Delta-9 THC and not Delta-8 THC.

Delta-9 THC is very potent and produces an intense high that some people may not like. It also has various side effects such as confusion, exhaustion, paranoia, anxiety and sometimes psychosis.

Many Delta-8 THC consumers claim that it provides a mild and less anxious psychoactive experience. In fact, Delta-8 THC is less potent than the more well-known Delta-9 THC. Researchers believe Delta-8 THC is about half the potency of Delta-9 THC, and some researchers say some Delta-8 THC flowers are only 10% more potent.

If you don’t like the intense high of marijuana, THC Delta-8 flowers will be a better option. Plus, you’ll stay focused and free from the side effects of marijuana.

2. An effective antiemetic

Delta-8 THC is an effective medicine for nausea and vomiting. The role of THC in inhibiting vomiting is not a new science. Scientific evidence shows Delta-9 THC is effective in relieving nausea and stopping vomiting. The challenge with Delta-9 THC was its psychoactive element.

Delta-8 has similar properties to Delta-9 THC but with lower psychoactive potency, making it better for treating nausea. The researchers tested it on children with cancer and found that it stopped the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

3. Best appetite stimulant

While Delta-9 THC is more potent in the psychoactive experience, Delta 8 THC is a stronger therapy. Researchers believe that the medicinal properties of Delta-8 THC may be twice as potent as those of Delta-9 THC.

You know marijuana causes “cravings,” but Delta-8 THC is even better at stimulating appetite and regulating nutrient absorption. The good thing about Delta-8 THC is that you need very low doses to significantly affect your appetite.

4. It can help you relax

Research from the National Cancer Institute found that delta-8 THC has similar anxiolytic effects to delta-9 THC. You may be wondering how something that triggers a high relaxes you at the same time. Delta-8 THC works in many ways like regular THC. It has anxiolytic effects but without being psychoactive.

Delta-8 THC users report that it produces a mild high that improves focus. Like its analog, Delta-9 THC is bound to the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. CB1 receptors play a vital role in the modulation of anxiety and fear. When THC Delta-8 binds to CB1 receptors, the neurotransmitters and hormones that bind to these receptors become more available, leading to lower anxiety levels.

Regular THC effectively relieves anxiety in low doses, but high doses are antigenic (causing anxiety). Delta-8 THC, which has less psychoactive properties, has a wider therapeutic window. Researchers believe that Delta-8 THC can be administered in high doses without causing anxiety or other side effects of THC.

If you’ve tried using marijuana to control anxiety and it didn’t work, you should try the THC Delta-8 flower. It won’t confuse your thoughts and help you feel more relaxed but focused.

5. Relieves pain

Anyone turns to the Delta-8 THC flower for its pain relieving benefits. Topical application research shows Delta-8 THC can relieve chronic pain. Chronic pain mainly results from inflammation and is common in conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Research on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) shows that it is effective for central and neuropathic pain. THC has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the cause of the pain. It also regulates serotonin, dopamine and glutamate. These hormones and neurotransmitters regulate the communication between cells. So THC also releases pain by reducing its perception.

6. It could improve brain health

A major cause of interest in Delta-8 THC is its effects on the brain. Delta-8 THC has strong neuroprotective potential. It works in several ways, including the inhibition of Adelyn cyclase and the regulation of potassium and calcium channels in the central nervous system. These activities lead to better brain health.

The effects Delta-8 THC has on choline and acetylcholine levels could help treat worsening mental health conditions. It improves the generation and growth of neurons, which leads to better brain health.

Final thought!

If you don’t like smoking, there are other ways to take Delta-8 THC. You can use oils and tinctures, vaporizer concentrates, or edibles. The goal is to insert it into your system.

Delta-8 THC is also legal in many states and countries where cannabis / hemp and CBD flowers are legal. However, it may not be illegal if it comes from marijuana. Therefore, know the source of your Delta-8 THC before purchasing.

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