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If making money in trading was easy, then everyone would do it. The fact is, only a small chunk of people get consistent profits from the market, while most investors lose money. This is due to lack of understanding of market dynamics, irregular investments and 100s of other risks. This problem is amplified in crypto as there are countless exchanges, markets and platforms users can trade and invest on, and they are active 24×7.

As cryptocurrency prices rise extensively, the need for reliable and affordable automated crypto trading platforms has reached sky-high. In crypto trading, finding a secure platform to invest on and churning out consistent returns is essential. This is why reliable cryptocurrency bots, which offer steady portfolio growth, are in high demand, and rightly so! 

This is where Mudrex shines brighter than the rest, making automated crypto investments easy.

What Is Mudrex?

Mudrex is amongst the countless number of automated trading platforms you will find on the market; still, it is as unique as it can be. Mudrex lets traders invest in pre-built trading strategies created by expert traders. The process is as easy as investing in mutual funds where the buying and selling are 100% automated. Users can easily track the performance of a strategy they have invested in. Traders can also build, test, and publish their own automated-trading strategies if they want to take trading into their own hands, without writing a single line of code. The drag and drop visual strategy builder is ideal for traders who do not code. With an active community of 1500+ members, lightning-fast customer support,  bots that offer steady portfolio growth at very low fees, and a plethora of features, Mudrex might just be the best automated crypto trading bot platform you are looking for.

The Story Behind Mudrex

The Mudrex trading platform was built to solve two major problems in the crypto investment realm. The first is a limited understanding of crypto trading and investment, and the second is expensive platforms that take a considerable chunk of the profits. Built by IIT alumni, Mudrex tackles these issues with simplifying the investment process and charging no fee to use the platform, but a nominal fee only when you decide to invest. The startup, launched in 2018, helps users build their strategies with a visual editor through a no-code approach, or invest in pre-made strategies by expert traders, making it extremely easy for everyone to invest in crypto.

Why Choose Mudrex

In the world of automated crypto platforms, Mudrex gives the user peace of mind that no other platform can. This Y-Combinator incubated startup lets traders invest with the utmost security in place, with features such as 2FA, and exchange-centric investments with an API integration that contain no withdrawals permissions. Simply put, your money stays with you in your wallet, and no deposits are required at Mudrex. Over 12,000 investors trust Mudrex spread across 25+ countries, and the total trade volume on the platform has already surpassed $500 million.

In terms of profitability, Mudrex bots are sure to get the numbers rolling. Even Mudrex’s own investments are booming. In the last four months, the Mudrex treasury fund invested in strategies on the platform has generated 11.90%, 15.92%, 9.39% and 13.82% respectively.

Moreover, with features such as the performance score (risk vs reward score for each strategy on a scale of 1-10 that helps users make informed decisions) and Mudrex Protect (a full fee refund on the strategies with the Mudrex Protect stamp if it does not yield a profit in a month), Mudrex’s investor-first approach places it apart from the crowd.

In toto, Mudrex is the new-age trading platform you are looking for. So, say goodbye to all your trading hassles, invest freely and sleep while you trade with Mudrex!

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