Story of A’Bai

The New Model of Etuoke Innovation Brand Development

The Animation Series “the Story of A’Bai”is coming soon

“Lovely Etuoke, Magical Grassland”. The beautiful and magical Alpas cashmere goats, found throughout the grasslands of Etuoke, are famous all over the world. The CPC Etuoke Committee and government attach great importance to regional brand building, strive to promote the high-quality development of agriculture and animal husbandry industry, and aim to build the brand of Etouke district.

The regional brand is the image of the industry and the name card of Etuoke, and the characteristic of “region” is its core content and uniqueness. The brand of agricultural and livestock products are represented by animation, meantime, skillfully integrated animation content with the city brand to show strong regional cultural characteristics, this is exactly the new mode brought to us by the super IP animation “the Story of A’Bai” in Etuoke.

Developed with the attention and support of the CPC Etouke Committee and government, “the Story of A’Bai” is a project of the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Etuoke. The series was produced by Ningxia Concentric Circle Culture Industry Co., Ltd. The campaign will be officially released via online platforms on October 28th.

By exploring the local culture and combining the Alpas cashmere goat with the region’s unique history and scenery of Etuoke, the animation series follows the main story of two Alpas cashmere goats, A’Bai and Snow, who compete for the highest honor in the goat world. “The Story of A’Bai” not only has a dramatic and interesting plot, but also features landmarks of Etuoke, such as rock paintings, Baiyan Wells, and Wurenduxi Mountain, which will make the lovely Etuoke even more attractive and the amazing grassland even more magical.

“A Bai” starts a new process of brand development

The Alpas cashmere goat is a symbol of the Etuoke agricultural and livestock industry. Products of the Alpas cashmere goat are protected through national geographical indication product, featured in the first batch of products selected in the China-EU Agreement on Geographical Indications. Raising Alpas cashmere goats requires meticulous feeding from herders on grasslands where hundreds of grasses grow. Alpas cashmere goats have been bred and purified for thousands of years, making their products unique.

The establishment of Alpas cashmere goat as the super IP is a significant strategy for Etuoke agricultural and livestock industry brand building and marketing. In recent years, Etuoke has firmly grasped its natural resource endowment and industrial development advantages. Highlight the brand system construction and value improvement, adhere to the implementation of the “brand leading high-quality development of agriculture and animal husbandry” strategy. The release of the super IP animation “The Story of A’Bai” will further promote the integrated development of Etuoke, and lead to the further development of the agricultural and animal husbandry industry brand of Etuoke.

Online and offline integration, let Alpas cashmere goat into thousands of households

It is reported that “the Story of A’Bai” not only builds the online multimedia publicity matrix in domestic and overseas, but also links with the characteristic agricultural and livestock product experience stores “Etuoke Health Workshop” and “Wonderful Etuoke” established by Etuoke government in various places.

With the unique local features of the offline scene and the wonderful online animation interpretation, we believe that “A Bai” will attract more consumers to understand and fall in love with Alpas cashmere goat. On this basis, “the Story of A’Bai” will extend to a wider range of application scenarios Furthermore, the series will enhance the visibility of the Alpas cashmere goats, as well as the popularity and influence of Etuoke.

On October 28th, “the Story of A’Bai” will be available on all major video websites.  This solid and well-made animation series will become the new focus of people. We look forward to sharing it with you.

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