The most beautiful Christmas destinations in Europe

Most tourists think about the beautiful Christmas markets when they consider visiting Europe in December. However, these beautiful Christmas markets are not the only attractions that you can enjoy. You can also enjoy colorful festivals, ice sculptures, traditional customs, and music. These winter events will offer various things like local crafts, music, entertainment, sightseeing, and shopping to you. In this article, we are going to talk about the most beautiful Christmas destinations in Europe that you should visit.

1. Nuremberg, Germany 

Nuremberg in Germany is the most famous Christmas market in the world. It was the first Christmas market to gain status as a tourist attraction. You will think that you are in a movie set when you visit this amazing city. On one side you will find a magnificent fountain which will be brightly lit. You will also find a large square which will be surrounded by beautiful medieval buildings.The market will be similar to any other Christmas market in Germany. However, you should especially check the contemporary design and crafts in Nuremberg. You should also check out Nurnberger and Lebkuchen. These are the two most famous foods of Nuremberg. 

2. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg has the oldest Christmas market in France. You can find half-timbered houses in this market. The elaborate light display will illuminate the entire square. The market is backed by beautiful medieval buildings. If you are visiting Strasbourg, then you should check out the famous bredele cookies. You will find very amazing food in this market. One square is completely dedicated to the amazing arts of European neighbors. You can find the best craftspeople in this market. 

3. Precepe Scenes, Italy

According to some legends, St. Francis of Assisi originated the public nativity scene in 1223. The same annual tradition is followed in Italy now in different forms. If you are visiting Italy in December, then you will see at least a few. You should consider visiting Barga on December 23. More than 100 costumed people form a procession behind Joseph and Mary. It is one of the most beautiful things that you can witness.

4. Dresden and the Ore Mountains, Germany 

Dresden Christstollen is cherished throughout Germany. It is a rich buttery yeast bread that has candied fruits inside it. This beautiful dish is consumed in huge quantities. You will find markets with different themes in this city. There is a very famous medieval market in the courtyard of the Dresden Royal Palace. You will find only authentic crafts, arts, and foods of the Middle Ages in this market. There is no electricity in this market. 

5. London, England 

It is difficult to decide the best attraction for tourists in London. You will find banners of lights over the streets of Oxford Street, Sloan Square, Mayfair, and Regent Street. Department store windows will have imaginative displays that you can check. Every year you will find new surprises as the windows of Liberty, Harrods, and Selfridges unveil their displays. You will find skating rinks everywhere where you can enjoy. Christmas markets will have a spectacular lighting display. You can find markets that are especially dedicated to Japanese food, music, and performance. 

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