The Matrix Trilogy – The Original Matrix Appeal

The Matrix trilogy is now a popular contemporary action film since its first debut in 1999. Since their debut, the trilogy has been widely praised and criticized, from professors at college to award-winning philosophers.

The films incorporated cutting-edge technology with deep existentialism concepts to satisfy both the mainstream and the art-house crowd. The result was some of the most action-packed films ever made and a series on the Die Hard and the Lethal Weapon films.

In the Matrix

In March 1999, the Matrix was released in theaters across the globe. It was a time before online gossip and spoilers were more commonplace than they are now; needless to say, it took people off guard. The story revolved around one person, Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, who realized that the world he was living in was a façade.

In reality, humans had become the source of energy utilized by machines to sustain their lives. Although everyone thought they had jobs, possessions, and an entire family but it was a system they were plugged into to keep their brains active and their bodies purged to produce energy.

Technology Rules

The idea of this simple concept was a hit with audiences all over the world. As the internet was expanding its reach throughout the globe, people realized how connected to the internet it was. So it wasn’t out of the question that we would soon feel we were all to serve an overall good.

Even if the greater good was an assortment of information linked with zeros and ones in cyberspace, the film could be viewed as relatable since Neo was a man who seemed to be an everyday person. He was a cubicle worker and was unsure of what his job was. It’s not difficult to see why millions of people across the globe could be in his job and imagine realizing that they are, in fact, the only.’

The Chosen One

The film is kicked into high gear when Neo realizes that he is a part of a virtual universe. With the help of Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne, he is exposed to the truth about the reality he is living in and the belief Morpheus believes that Neo is the ultimate savior of humanity.

Neo awakens to the world of reality and is reloaded with the abilities that cover everything from guns and Kung Fu. The transformation from zero to superhero is the major theme of the first film about the Matrix, as Neo accepts his new role and fights Smith, the criminal agent Smith within the Matrix.

In its initial theatrical release, the film grossed 463 million in the world. In addition, 86% of the film’s critics were positive about it. This is the story that captivated the imagination of moviegoers worldwide and helped make the Matrix the huge success it is today.

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