The Main Types of Back Pain: A Simple Guide

About one-third of the people in Canada claim to suffer from back pain, resulting in the limitation of their daily activities.

Are you experiencing back discomfort? Are you trying to determine the cause and ways to treat it?

Let’s review the different kinds of back pain.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be more prevalent than other kinds that cause back discomfort. One of the leading causes of lower back discomfort is strain. If the pain you are experiencing is recent or new-onset, it could be a strain. With time and rest, your back pain will ease.

However, other serious issues could cause back pain also, and a compression fracture is severe and causes significant discomfort. If you suddenly notice pain and think you may have a back fracture, it is best to seek emergency medical assistance in your local area as soon as you can.

As you age, you could face more health issues that could be why “why does my back hurt?” Osteoporosis can be found in women and can cause back pain.

Also, arthritis can create issues as you age, and it’s not just to your spine. The majority of bone structures in your body may be affected negatively by arthritis.

Upper Back Pain

The pain in your back may result from a variety of different causes. If you are a frequent user of watching screens, you might experience upper back pain due to gazing at your smartphone or PC for too long.

This kind of pain could usually be treated through the local service of a chiropractor. 

An injury can cause pain in the upper back. If you experience back pain that is aggravated due to an accident, or if you frequently play activities, you must consult your physician and discuss your back pain treatments.

If you are required to lift heavy objects regularly as an aspect of your job, A poor lifting technique can cause issues with your back. Study the correct lifting techniques that reduce stress in your back.

Some people may experience backaches also. You must be aware of indications other than back pain that might indicate an infection, as they are likely to spread if not treated promptly. A few signs of disease that to watch out for are fever, persistent back pain, a sour smell emanating from the area of infection, redness or warmth coming from the site of disease, and stiffness.

Types of Back Pain: Now You Know

If you’re aware of the different types of back discomfort, you’ll be able to address the issue and feel better. Ensure to consult a doctor when you suspect that there’s a serious issue to be detrimental to your long-term health.

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