The Latest Outdoor Furniture Trends

2021 has brought with it some new outdoor setting trends. If you want to update your outdoor living space to create a beautiful new oasis, continue reading to see the latest trends. 

Low Maintenance Outdoor Living 

If you find you have a busy lifestyle then you’re not going to want to be dealing with a high maintenance outdoor area. Keep your outdoor space minimal so you can spend more time relaxing outdoors instead of cleaning and maintaining your space. No matter what your style is, the most important outdoor piece to have outside is either a couch or comfortable seat that you can relax in and enjoy the outdoors. 

Gardens And Greenery 

If you would like to create a little outdoor oasis that includes wildlife, then having a colourful garden with a range of flowers and plants will attract animals to your area. Include a bird bath in your backyard as a feature and watch the birds gather. When choosing the best plants for your space, speak to the experts at the nursery as they will be able to assist you with the best plant choice for your garden. 

Create An Indoor-Outdoor Room 

Take inspiration from your favourite room of the house and take it outside to create a beautiful outdoor room. Create a space with outdoor rugs, cushions and a lounge for an extra luxe outdoor experience. Match your outdoor colour palette to your inside one to create a space that flows. Think about the purpose for your outdoor area and then base your furniture and decor decisions around this. 

A Micro Outdoor Retreat 

Many people are choosing to live-in high-rise apartments that are close to their work. Regardless of how small your balcony is, you can still create a garden space to enjoy on your balcony. The trick is to make your space feel bigger. Vertices gardens are the best solution for smaller balconies. Wall planters are another great solution to add more greenery to your balcony. The wall planters come in different shapes and sizes. These can be easily attached to your balcony walls with the help of metal hooks

Monochromatic Gardens 

A big garden trend of 2021 is the monochromatic garden. We are seeing the side of whitewashed gardens including white furniture, décor and flowering plants. The main focus behind this idea is to focus on a single monochromatic colour. If white isn’t your colour, you can pick a colour of your choosing and match your outdoor accessories and items to your flowers.  

Add Statement Walls 

Outdoor walls can often look old and outdated. You can easily update this space with trailing vines and blooms or paint it the same colour as your new monochromatic garden. 

An Outdoor Fireplace 

There is nothing nicer than curling up with a good book or a glass of wine in front of a fireplace. Another trend this year is outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces create a great feature that draws people in. If your outdoor area has the space, then it’s worth investing in a full-size fireplace. If you don’t have the space or budget for a fireplace then a fire pit is a great alternative to keep you warm once the sun goes down. 

Mix And Match Your Chairs

Don’t be afraid to have a mixture of seating options such as chairs, benches and outdoor lounges. This will provide plenty of options when moving around your outdoor area. 

Mood Lighting 

Set the mood with a range of outdoor lighting to create a great atmosphere in the evening. There is a wide range of outdoor lighting available including fairy lights, lanterns and candles. This will set a magical scene and leave your guests wanting to stay outside all night long. 

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