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At Rock Pros Landscaping Supply, we are dedicated to ensuring your project’s success. Our landscape supplies include sand, flagstone, and soil, all of which are perfect for commercial and residential projects. You can get all the materials and products you need at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply to create beautiful yards, gardens, and more. Our company offers high-quality landscaping materials at prices that are very competitive in Lincoln, CA.

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The sand offered by Rock Pros can be used in a variety of ways. PG&E utility sand, which is fine and washed, is not only useful for backfilling but can also be used for a variety of general purposes. Play sand is soft and fine, making it ideal for sandboxes and under playground equipment as well as waterfront entrances. If you’re making lath or plastering, stucco sand is the best material. Rock Pros Landscaping Supply is your best deal for sand, no matter where you need it.


Flagstone has been a classic landscaping feature for decades. The flat stones offered by Rock Pros Landscaping Supply are capable of being laid as pavement, decorative projects, and walkways, among other applications. With flagstones made from slate, sandstone, or quartzite, you can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. As a versatile material, flagstone can be used for a variety of landscaping projects. The aesthetics of Rock Pros flagstone can be matched to any theme.


A crucial part of any landscaping project is choosing the right kind of soil. For plant beds, lawns, sod, or other grassy areas, 50:50 or 70:30 blends are recommended. To maximize nutrient value and durability, growing and planting soils are precisely mixed. Additionally, we have screened topsoil for aesthetic installations and organic compost for healthy and happy plants. We have the right soil available at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply for any landscaping project.

The professionals at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply can help you with whatever you need, from landscaping supplies to expert advice. Our team is happy to assist in any way possible to help you create the perfect landscape. The good news is that completing the task won’t cost you a fortune. You can shop our extensive inventory for everything you need for a home or commercial project. You’re sure to find something you want from our wide selection of landscape products.

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