The Kalimba – a world of healing

The Kalimba, an unusually delightful musical instrument of African origins, produces the most intensely beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard. The rippling songs of this deeply picturesque creation sounds harmonic in any hand, trained or untrained, like magic.

Every Kalimba, made from high-quality mahogany, is completely handcrafted with love and consideration by devoted artists. If that wasn’t enough, we make it even personal with a cool laser engraving robot, completely free. You read that right! We will engrave your chosen text or even a logo – you can send any picture or text your heart desires. If you’re looking for a faultless gift for a beloved one, we will even pack it as a gift for you and write a card at no extra cost to you. Heck, we’ll even ship it to you worldwide, FREE, wherever you are.

Every Kalimba going to one more person makes us happy! Each echo, each reverberation, is a powerfully therapeutic, meditative journey, and we want every person to experience this unexplored world by many.

Pre-engraved with notes on each ore steel key to guide your fingers, our Kalimba comes with a guide-book too, and every note is arranged to create harmonies no matter what key you play. It’s designed to sound unbelievably mesmerizing no matter how you play, no musical knowledge required.

Check us out, and help us achieve our mission to make Kalimbas a popular musical instrument!

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