We all know the Instagramhashtag is the secret source on Instagram, but how many should you use? Where should you use them? And which ones should you use? You can use up to 30 hashtags limit, anything beyond 30 hashtags won’t show up in the search tab. It is recommended that you use up to 15 to 20 hashtags. Using hashtags will always increase your chance of being found on Instagram. Use hashtags for strategies.

As a business owner use a variety of hashtags. To figure out how popular a hashtag is? Go into the Instagram search tab on the magnifying glass, start typing in a hashtag and it will tell you how many Instagram posts are associated with each of the hashtags you type. Pick 3 to 5 very popular hashtags. Don’t pick a hashtag that has more than a million search because it’s saturated with content. Anything more than a million will attract spam bots

Then pick 3 to 5 moderate popular hashtags, then add 3 to 5 niche-specific hashtags, make sure the niche specifically targets your business. What you do and the solutions you will provide to your customers. You should also include 1 to 2 branded hashtags Remember, as a business person the key is to find relevant hashtags for your business. Make sure you don’t go for popular hashtags that everyone is searching for. Search hashtags that are specific to your business, to the content you specifically posted, or something that offers a solution to your customer needs.

Here we go! The most popular hashtags give you an initial activity from non-followers, in a matter of seconds or minutes your content will be buried in an archive of those popular hashtags and moderately popular hashtags will keep you active for hours into days keeping your content active while your audience keeps liking it as they log in to the Instagram. The likes from your followers and non-followers will create attention from Instagram just because people are liking your niche-specific hashtags, it will be ranked as a top-performing post. This means your post can stay on the top placement for months which means anybody looking for that specific hashtag on the search result you will be among the first ones if not the first one seen on that top-performing hashtag tab. When your customers see that, they click on the content, after clicking on the content they get to your profile, they follow you because they have realized your content is relevant to them, you have a product or service that is valuable to them. With this tactic, you can close a lot of sales for your product.

Where do you put the hashtags? It does not matter where you put your hashtags provided you follow the steps we’ve provided above.

How do you know your hashtags are working? Go back to the post that you uploaded to your feed content and right below it, you’ll see the view insights button, tap on that button, and it will open up. You will see some information and when you swipe up on the menu bar you will see a lot of information on how the post performed and down near the bottom it will tell you where the impression came from. Find the trends throughout all your posts. The secret is picking hashtags for your audience and not your business.

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