The Incredible Role of a Divorce Lawyer in Birmingham

The divorce rate in Alabama is higher than the national rate. In other words, divorce is more common than you think. If you are contemplating divorce in Birmingham, you should know that getting through the process would be a lot easier in Alabama than in many other states. You can file for a no-fault divorce, and if your spouse agrees to the decision, you can finalize the divorce in a month (the mandatory waiting period in Alabama is just 30 days). That said, you may still want to hire an experienced and known Birmingham family and divorce lawyer. Below is an overview of how a divorce lawyer can be useful. 

Dealing with the overwhelming paperwork

Even if you decide to file for a no-fault divorce, you will still need to complete a considerable amount of paperwork. Unless you and your spouse can finalize the separation agreements, you cannot expect to finalize the divorce as expected. A DIY divorce may not be the best option for someone who doesn’t know much about the process or family law. Any mistake in the paperwork could delay the process considerably. With legal expertise on your side, you don’t have to sign anything until your lawyer has reviewed the same. 

Resolving the conflicts

There are a few common conflicts in most divorces. Couples often do not agree on matters pertaining to child support, distribution of assets, and child custody. Alimony could also be an important factor, especially when a spouse is dependent on the other. Hiring an attorney is also about resolving these conflicts to complete the divorce sooner. Always remember that top divorce lawyers have seen it all. They are better mediators and negotiators, and if you are not on talking terms with your spouse, they can help discuss the key aspects. 

Knowing your interests

Should you ask for alimony? What should you realistically expect from the agreement if your spouse wants child support? What are you likely to lose because of the divorce? These are a few basic questions that a skilled attorney can answer for you. They can evaluate your unique circumstances, advise on your rights, and protect your interests. They will also take the necessary steps to ensure that you don’t give in to the pressure, especially if your spouse is not cooperative or too demanding. 

Get a skilled divorce lawyer on your side as soon as you make a decision.

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