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The impact of cleanliness on your life

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: Cleanliness is half faith. You can imagine how important cleanliness is in our lives.

Moreover, cleanliness is what we need most. Our body is a sensory organism. If we think of our body, everything in the body is so properly organised, which allows the system to function with ease.

Imagine your eyes is in the place of your lips and your lips are in the place of your eyes. Would that look cool? Certainly not.

We human beings need two types of food. One is for our body like water, fruits, vegetables etc., to gain energy so we can work and take an active part in our daily activities. Secondly, we need food for the soul like taking positive thinking, knowledge, sympathies and empathies with other human beings, humbleness and cleanliness. These are abstract ( we can’t touch) ideas that we can only feel.

Here, we will throw some light on the impact of cleanliness on our lives. How cleanliness can change the perspective of life? What steps we should take towards cleanliness? Why cleanliness is important for both mental and physical health? We will figure it out to address all the important questions that arise in our minds.

We will start from the very beginning.

Personal Cleanliness

Every human being is unique from every angle like the shape of body, size, and structure. And above all these every single human has a unique DNA. No two men or women share the same DNA. You are a unique product or brand and the ambassador of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself such as don’t take bath, cut your nails or brush hair, and don’t wear neat and clean clothes no one will like to meet you. You are an advertiser of your personality and cleanliness is the best medium to promote your brand of personality.

Home Cleanliness

Home is where the heart is. Yes, you heard it right. Home is the place where you spend most of your life and where you sleep, eat and drink, spend time with family, invite friends and guests, then how could be your home? We know you will be so much busy with your job but you have to manage time for your home cleanliness. Weekly or monthly clean your home interior and exterior to look clean and decorative. Curtains, drapes, blinds, carpet, and sofas get too much dust, strains, grimes, and allergens. And if you don’t clean or vacuum or deep clean them they can be a source of many diseases such as flu, lung diseases, allergies, and a home for viruses and bacteria. A dirty environment may lead to severe health issues such as COPD or asthma that you can treat by taking prescription medicines such as Anoro. Look for cheaper Anoro price online and get your prescription at discount easily. 

Office Cleanliness

Second, after home, we spend most of the time in our office or job place. How can someone ignore an office cleaning? It is your office from where manage all your financial problems, from where you run your home, buy a car, eat and drink and blah blah. Office cleanliness has a direct relation to your outside office life so don’t ignore it. A clean office, positive thinking, calm and friendly environment, creativity, mental and physical health improvement can save your time and money.

Here, a question will arise in your mind why a prefer to discuss these three first? Well, the answer is our most of our attention and care starts from our personality and it evolves and continues around the home and office life.

Impact of Cleanliness on your Physical and Mental Health

 Cleaning can be a meditative task. It is scientifically proved that cleaning can release endorphins. And endorphins go onto the next level and trigger the brain, from where the brain alter the perception of pain and produce a positive feeling in your body.

Cleaning can improve your focus. If everything is placed in the office or home properly. When you need any of them you will not confuse but rather you will know the exact place of where it has been kept. So, psychologically this technique improves human mind focus.

Moreover, sharing and keeping a clean home makes for a better relationship. Yes, it is very true. An organized home can make you feel comfortable, romantic and compassionate for others. Everything managed can create a friendly environment among family members, most importantly between husband and wife.

And above all, cleanliness can decrease stress, anxiety and depression which we all need in this very fast life.

You and your family will far more from physical diseases. A clean environment can prevent lung diseases, flu, allergies, viruses and bacteria.

The psychology behind cleanliness

Here, in the cleaning sense, psychology means the relationship between a home or an office and our emotional and well-being.

A well organized and clean environment can improve your mental health and behaviour. Cleanliness can improve your focus and performance, reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and ensure happy living. And the activity of cleaning can burn your calories which is also good for our body because it releases endorphins or feel-good chemicals within the brain.

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