The icemaker – How it eases out our everyday routine life.

This fast-paced world of modern technology has seen our style of living change dramatically over the last century. Our kitchen is full of multi-purpose appliances and our offices and work areas have seen rapid expansion with new innovations. Electronic appliances of all kinds are designed to make our lives easier.

What is an Icemaker?

An icemaker is an appliance that produces ice on demand. Before icemakers became commonplace, we used to produce ice in frozen blocks or cubes and then had to transport them for sale and use. Once the ice had melted, we had to wait for more ice to be delivered. Today, we do not need to wait long, because icemakers can produce ice whenever it is required. This appliance has found its place in offices, pubs, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and even in the kitchen at home.

In countries with hot climates, there is a great demand for icemakers. People love using this appliance at outdoor parties, where they can enjoy chilled drinks whenever they want. Icemakers provide instant ice to help guests keep the good times going.

Icemakers and COVID-19:

To ensure the safety of everyone during a pandemic, we must avoid physical contact with each other wherever possible. An icemaker allows users to obtain fresh ice without physical contact. To help avoid ice contamination in offices, homes, restaurants, hospitals and fast food restaurants, consider the use of ice dispensers as the best option to chill your drinks, whilst minimizing the risk of ice contamination.

Types of Icemakers:

Self-contained icemakers:

Self-contained and under counter icemakers are suitable for restaurants, coffee shops and bars. This icemaker comes with a combined ice storage bin. Its compact design allows it to be placed easily near the workspace. They range in capacity from about 75 to 500 pounds per day.

Modular icemakers:

This versatile machine provides large quantities of ice to suit the requirements of hotels, cinemas and fast food restaurants. It can fit on the top of beverage machines and can provide up to 1000 pounds of ice a day. The machines are industry workhorses and are designed for long service life in demanding environments.

Countertop icemakers:

Countertop icemakers are compact in size and are designed to be fitted on the top of a counter table. This model is best for home usage, cafeteria, rooms and hospitals. It can provide maximum of 500 pounds a day.

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