Argyle Pink Diamonds

The History And Utilization Of Argyle Pink Diamonds

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Mine in the East Kimberley region is a diamond mine in the far north of Western Australia. At several times Argyle was the world’s largest producer of diamonds by volume (in 2018, it was 14 million karats. It is the only known source of red and pink diamonds (which produces more than 90 percent of the world’s supply), and also a significant number of other natural diamonds, including champagne, cognac, and rare blue diamonds. In November 2020, mining activities ended.

The Argyle diamond mine is also the first profitable company mine with diamonds operating a lamproite volcanic pipe rather than the more traditional kimberlite pipe; much earlier attempts at the lamproite pipe mine were not commercially successful in Arkansas, U.S.A.

If you’re captivated by the allure of rare pink gemstones, explore Argyle pink diamonds for sale. Discover the fascinating world of colored diamond investments with the Argyle mine diamonds. From loose Argyle pink diamonds for sale to exquisite pink diamond jewelry, indulge in the beauty and prestige. Check the Argyle pink diamond price chart for insights into this exclusive market. Find your perfect piece, be it an Argyle diamond ring or a pink diamond engagement ring, and embrace the elegance.

Mesmerizing Allure: The World of Argyle Pink Diamonds

Have you heard about the mesmerizing world of argyle pink diamonds? With the Argyle mine closure, these rare jewels are becoming even more sought after. Check out Argyle Pink Diamonds for sale in Perth or Sydney for a touch of luxury. Explore the pink diamond market trends and discover the investment-grade allure of these fancy color diamonds. Unveil the beauty and rarity of diamond color intensity in the Australian landscape.

In the world of exquisite gems, Argyle Pink Diamonds stand out for their rare beauty. The latest price of diamonds, including these precious pink gems, reflects their uniqueness. Both share a common trait—timeless allure. The market eagerly awaits updates on the latest price of diamonds, especially the coveted Argyle Pink Diamonds, showcasing their enduring value.

Pink Diamonds Past Behind Argyle

Since the late 19th century in Australia, prospectors looking for gold have discovered small amounts of alluvially deposited diamonds. However, there was no deposit of volcanic pipes, It’s clear. After many alluvial diamonds had been found in Western Kimberley on the Lennard River (Ellendale) in 1969, a group of mining companies known collectively as the Kalumburu Joint Venture started a systematic search for the source of those diamonds from Western Australia.

Tanganyika Holdings had employed Maureen Muggeridge in the Kalumburu joint venture (later Ashton). In 1979, in the floodplain of a small creek flowing in the Lake Argyle, Muggeridge found diamond samples. She quickly traced the diamond source in the Smoke Creek headwaters. The pipe was found on 2 October 1979. Alluvial mining started straight away, while the open-pit mine was built for $450 million for 18 months.

Argyle Pink Diamonds for Sale in Brisbane and the UK

Looking for exquisite elegance? Explore argyle pink diamonds for sale in Brisbane and the UK. The allure of natural-colored diamonds, especially from Perth’s Argyle pink diamond mine, adds a touch of luxury. Delve into the investment potential, history, and industry insights. Discover the art of diamond cutting, polishing, and accurate pink diamond valuation.

In the world of exquisite jewelry, Argyle Pink Diamonds and lab-grown diamonds stand out. Both share a radiant allure, yet differ in origin. Argyle Pink Diamonds, naturally formed treasures, captivate with their rare hues, while lab-grown diamonds, crafted with precision, offer a sustainable choice for stunning diamond jewelry.

What Makes The Argyle Pink Diamonds So Special?

At the Argyle Diamond Mine, the Kimberley region of Western Australia rose diamonds of unbelievable colors. This mine accounts for 95% of the world’s pink diamonds, and to date, no other mine has ever found such a highly intense color. At the end of 2020, the closing of Argyle Diamond Mine Demand has never been higher for these gems, and those of exclusive beauty buy them when possible. These are amazing gems.

In all Argyle pink diamonds, the pink diamond average investment growth amounts to about 15%, often reaching as high as 20% or more. It is important to remember that the prices usually increase monthly because of these pink diamonds’ rarity and high value. Prices have never declined for the last 15 years, and diamond experts worldwide do not think they will ever. Kimberley Jewels will help you make a company Option at all richness levels.

We will expertly advise you on such shapes and sizes to ensure positive investments through our relationship and our experience with some of the world’s most precious diamonds. Since the pink diamonds are irreplaceable, they are mainly reserved to design and build unique jewelry pieces in partnership with our customers. Contact us today for a journey of your own with one of our design experts.

Argyle Diamonds Production

Argyle is the world’s fourth-largest volume diamond-producing mine Production peaked in 1994 with 42 million carats (8,400 kg). Production peaked in 1994.  Most of the content of Argyleis made of brown diamonds. Though in a decade of a marketing campaign to advertise brown diamonds as champagne and cognac tone, Rio Tinto has successfully sold these Diamonds. In contrast, the company has no difficulty selling pink, violet, and red diamonds, which are scarce and in demand.

A specialist team located in Perth processes the pink diamonds and sells argyle diamonds to customers worldwide as polished diamonds. In India, a considerable amount of diamonds is being in cutting operation. Labor-intensive diamonds can be reduced to profit by small diamonds, especially in the Argyle mine, the average production of rougher diamonds is smaller than in other mines.

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