The Health Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

In addition to the mental benefits hypnotherapy has to offer, studies have shown that hypnotherapy, whether used alone or combined with other treatments, is an effective tool in treating a number of physical conditions and health issues. 

Hypnotherapy has been used for hundreds of years that utilises guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. This technique allows the hypnotherapist and patient to explore difficult memories, identify triggers and open the mind up to suggestion and change. 

Here are the health benefits that can be achieved with hypnotherapy.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic conditions such as cancer and arthritis can leave a patient in unbearable pain. That can distort both mental and body functions. It is known that pain stems from the brain. With Hypnotherapy, patients are given more power and self-control over their pain, effectively relieving the mental and physical strains of pain.

Helps To Quit Smoking And Alcohol Addiction

Many people suffer with substance addiction, whether this is smoking or alcohol abuse. Individuals who are motivated to quit often experience intense withdrawal symptoms and are often driven back into their addiction. 

Often, addiction stems from past experiences and is a way of relieving built-up stress. Hypnotherapy works to break bad habits and behavioural patterns and find the root of the problem, rather than treat the symptoms.

Insomnia Treatment

More often than not, there is a reason behind sleeping issues. Hypnosis is a valuable method for improving sleep for those with problems such as insomnia as it encourages relaxation and provides an opportunity to realign thoughts and emotions.

Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental disorders that people experience. Hypnotherapy opens the unconscious mind to help identify the root of the problem and instil various techniques to help calm anxious feelings.

Helps With Weight loss

Hypnotherapy is an effective technique for weight loss. While it does not help patients physically lose weight, but rather helps patients create a positive mindset towards food and work towards building healthy habits.

Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome is uncomfortable abdominal pain that is created by the bowel. In some cases, these symptoms leave individuals in debilitating pain. Hypnotherapy has been known to help ease both primary and secondary symptoms of IBS, such as bloating, constipation, nausea and fatigue.

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