The Global Market for Nanocoatings in the Automotive Industry, Forecast up to 2030

Nanomaterials incorporated into nanocomposite coatings have been adopted in the automotive industry for increasing hardness and durability. Coatings containing nanoscale carbides, nitrides, metals or ceramics play a key role in the performance of internal mechanical components of a vehicle, such as the engine.

Anti-scratch and self-healing, self-cleaning, thermal barrier, UV-resistant conductive and anti-fingerprint nanocoatings have all been adopted to varying degrees. There is a growing demand in the automotive industry for anti-fingerprint coatings due increasing incorporation of touch panel displays in vehicles.

By reducing wear and friction, nanocoatings increase the lifetime of the working material, while reducing the dissipation of energy as heat, thus increasing the efficiency of the vehicle. Nanocoatings offer improved solvent, fuel and gas barriers, flame resistance, stiffness, and other mechanical properties. This allows for an increase in tool productivity (longer tool life, higher cycle frequencies, less work piece finishing), reduced manufacturing costs, improved quality of products (due to smoother surfaces, better dimensional stability, higher degrees of metal deformation and fewer manufacturing steps) and reduction in lubricant consumption.

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Desirable functional properties for the automotive coatings industry afforded by nanomaterials include:

Scratch resistance
Thermal barrier
Flame retardance
Chemical resistance
UV resistance
Abrasion resistance.
Applications include:

Hydrophobic and oleophobic anti-fingerprint coatings in automotive displays
Anti-fingerprint mirror and interior surface coatings
Scratch-proof coatings
Wear resistant nanocoatings for engines
Lubricant additives
Self-cleaning coatings on glass
Anti-corrosion engine coatings
Anti-bacterial interior trim and upholstery coatings.
The Global Market for Nanocoatings in the Automotive Industry covers the aforementioned coatings and applications, market revenue estimates to 2025, and features over 70 company profiles.

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