The Global Market for Nanocoatings in Household Care, Sanitary and Indoor Air Quality: Global Industry, Trends, Market Size, Forecast up to 2030

There are now numerous nanomaterial based-products on the market for household care sanitary, cleaning and indoor air quality, applied as permanent coatings and protective sprays. One example is easy clean coatings that can be applied to sanitary surfaces in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or window panes, where frequent contact with water, oil and dirt can quickly soil surfaces. These treatments are extremely popular in German and Asian markets.
Most multinational household care brand owners are conducting R&D efforts in nanocoatings in household care and cleaning, viewing the area as both a market opportunity and threat; self-cleaning and easy clean surfaces can simply be cleaned with water, negating the need for chemical cleaners. Nanoscale silver for example can also be incorporated into an anti-bacterial coating allowing for long term germ repellence. Photocatalytic TiO2 coatings have also been demonstrated to be more long-lasting and effective than standard anti-bacterial cleansers.

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Products have yet to reach the market from brand owners but will likely hit the shelves in the next few years; top up applications for surfaces that may deteriorate or lose their effectiveness over time is one potential opportunity. It is likely that cleaning will still be necessary; however nanocoatings will make it less frequent and easier.

Nanocoatings in the Household Care and Cleaning Industry covers all the latest product innovators, products impacting the household care industry and estimated market revenues for this growing market.

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