The Girls Guide To The Perfect Rave

The Girls Guide To The Perfect Rave

Rave is one of the best festivals that a girl can have the best time in if she knows how to. Many girls end up going to rave but not knowing what and how to enjoy themselves. Many of them don’t even get the opportunity to fully enjoy the festival in its full glory as they do not know what they are offering and on what wrist band. Wrist bands are one of the best things about rave if you get your hands on the right one.

For that, we have accompanied a guide for the girls to have the best time of their lives in the rave. Just follow through tall these instructions, and you will be good to go.

Travel in Style

Now, the best and the most important thing to add up to your list is to always travel in styles. There is nothing like making a very fabulous entry to the rave as a lot of attention will be on you when you first join the rave. By that means you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive cars to make an impression. You can travel in style with some accessories or with the dress you are wearing  with the booty shorts that will automatically make you noteworthy in the rave.

Only Talk to People with VIP, AAA, or Artist Wristbands

As I said, the best thing about rave is wrist bands, but do not worry if you don’t have a wrist band. You can always be with the right kind of people that will have you all those perks they are enjoying with the wrist bands, by saying that those wrist bands are the artist, VIP, and AAA wristbands. Mingle with people that have the wristband I mentioned above. Have a small talk with them, get them invested in you and follow them through the rave, and you’ll have the best time of your life with all those perks that half of the people miss that do not have the band.

Only Eat Organic

The reason rave is not called Coachella because it is one of the bougie festivals with organic food. Now you must be thinking, why organic? Because you wouldn’t want to get your stomach upset by eating whatever you find because there are the other two days you would also like to come.

Try to Blend In

Now rave has all the right people who can be the artist son or daughter or brother or sister. There are many right people you can find in the rave, especially if you want to go into a particular industry, then rave is the right place. Just try to blend with people effortlessly, do not shy away if someone is talking to you, get that confidence out, and be the best to stand out and yet blend in.

Know When to Stand Out

The right timing is everything in the rave. If you are trying to get some artist’s attention, you won’t get it by continuously being the stalker or the weird person by always following them around. Make sure you know when to stand out with people you’d like to be with. 

If you are a girl who rarely makes friends or talk with random strangers, rave can be a huge flop for you. The only thing that makes the rave the best is your friends go out, dance your heart out, drink, and enjoy. You can play games, have customized crowns and jackets, live out the best with the people you love around you, rather than going out of your way to talk to some random stranger.

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