The French Bulldogs

The origins of the bulldog

Contrary to what its name suggests, the French Bulldog is of English origin and was created to obtain a miniature bulldog. It was quickly very popular with the lace artisans of Nottingham, some of whom emigrated to France, accompanied by their faithful doggies. It is therefore in France that they were quickly discovered by the Americans, conquered by this new breed, who renamed this miniature bulldog “Frenchie”, hence its current name: French bulldog.

His behavior

The French Bulldog is a very friendly dog ​​with other doggies, he is also very playful, very active, and very protective of his family.

He is not a barking dog, but he knows how to be heard if necessary, and even defend his own if necessary.

He is a relatively easy-to- train doggie, despite his somewhat stubborn and stubborn temperament. A little patience on the part of his master should get the better of his stubbornness, and if not, there is always the possibility of participating in basic dog education courses, which beyond the obedience of the dog. doggie, will allow to spend a pleasant moment of complicity Master & Dog.

His short nose does not make this doggie the champion of smell, although his nose is far superior to ours. It is therefore advisable to help him develop his olfactory capacities through research games, at home or in the park: nothing could be easier than to hide his favourite treat or toy so that he can only find them. using his truffle.

The French Bulldog is ideal for a family with children. Strong bonds will be created very quickly between the animal and the child, who will find in their new companion an excellent playmate.

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Frenchie’s health

The life expectancy of the french bulldogs for sale near me varies between 11 and 14 years depending of course on his lifestyle and the attention paid to him by his human family. In general, it is a little fragile dog.

However, he tends to suffer from the heat and therefore from the heat of the summer. It is therefore necessary to constantly ensure that he is sufficiently and correctly hydrated. Walks in the sun are not recommended, the French bulldog will prefer to stay in the shade and have a source of drinking water close at hand that he will have to drink in small quantities. You should never let a dog who is hot drink large quantities of water, and especially never leave it alone in a car, even in the event of average temperature.

If it’s hot, take advantage of the cooler hours to take it for a walk. A 15/20-minute walk, twice a day, is enough to keep him in shape.

Outside the hottest periods of the year, the French Bulldog will be able to spend longer moments of play with his friends in the park.

In addition, the French Bulldogs for sale has two weak points: its breathing and its spine.

Breathing from the shortening of his face will cause him to snore, which in itself is not a problem. Complications occur when the doggie is quickly out of breath and shows symptoms of fatigue from the slightest effort. In this case, consult the veterinarian as soon as possible.

The spine is prone to premature aging, which can result in the development of herniated discs. It is therefore advisable to avoid jumps, and even stairs for doggies already suffering from back problems.

His hygiene

Some time ago, we gave you some tips for taking care of your French Bulldog and making it the prettiest in the neighbourhood.

You can find his practical advice on cleaning folds, eyes, ears, teeth, etc. by clicking here.

At table!

If you have a French Bulldog at home, you know as well as we do that they are real little gluttons, and that you have to be very careful not to let anything lying around in your path. Be sure to feed him the strict amount of kibble or pâté recommended by the manufacturer of his regular diet for his weight, and even a little less if you are used to giving him treats between meals. The French Bulldog is a dog prone to obesity, so the topic of food should be taken seriously as soon as it arrives home. It is also recommended to give him his daily amount of food in two batches rather than just one.

An excellent company

The “Frenchies” are very social dogs. They do not cope with loneliness and can therefore suffer from anxiety and stress when they are alone at home.

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