The Five Biggest Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

The Five Biggest Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Smoking in the traditional sense is becoming less and less common. That is because so many people are making the switch to the e cigarette instead. We have been told time and again about how vaping is better than smoking and it is starting to show.

If you are a traditional smoker and are looking to make the switch, there are more than a few things to know about. There are five benefits in particular of vaping over traditional smoking that you should know.

1. Safer

While it is not entirely safe to smoke in any form, one of the biggest reasons to make the switch is because it is safer to use an e cigarette than it is to smoke traditional cigarettes, especially over the long-term.

E-liquids are far less harmful than cigarettes, especially when it comes to your lungs. Even better, it doesn’t impact the people around you the way that secondhand smoke does. It has even shown benefits for immunity, blood pressure, and general lung functionality. All in stark contrast to the major health issues that traditional smoking can cause.

2. Fewer After-Effects

Aside from the dramatic health impacts that smoking can have, the single worst thing about cigarettes is the smell. That smoker smell can not only linger in the area but can actually attach itself to clothing and even hair and skin.

A huge benefit of making the switch means not having that smell linger in the air. Vaping doesn’t pollute the air nor does it do harm to people around you. Those vapours don’t get absorbed by everything in the area, meaning that you won’t smell it after you are done. It basically eliminates passive smoking altogether, which is huge.

3. Cost-Effective

The cost of cigarettes has been steadily climbing throughout the years. This is partially because efforts are being made to reduce the number of smokers and limit the impact of the negative effects of cigarette smoking.

Making the switch to vaping means saving a substantial amount of money. The startup can be more expensive – whereas regular smoking means just buying a pack of cigarettes – but using e-liquid on a regular basis can be much more cost-effective versus buying cigarettes. If for no other reason, consider making the switch to save a ton of money while not having to give up the thing that you enjoy.

4. Quit Smoking

Maybe you aren’t looking for an alternative so much as a way to slowly ease your way out of smoking entirely. By making the switch to e cigarettes, you can give yourself the help that you need to quit entirely.

Quitting smoking is never an easy thing because of the nicotine, but using vapes means that you can ease out of smoking and quit before long. Research shows that vaping is far more effective than opting for alternatives to nicotine, all of which eventually lead back to smoking more often than not.

5. More Choices

Cigarettes have different flavours but they are pretty limited. Having a favourite brand or blend is common, but the available choices are nothing compared to what the world of vaping has to offer.

When you take up vaping, you get the relaxing benefits of smoking but can also partake in a plethora of different blends and flavours. Part of the fun is simply in trying out a new flavour or blend and seeing how you like it. You can alternate between a few favourites to keep it from becoming monotonous. Mix things up and it’ll feel like a new experience each time.

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