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The fake lawyer was found dead in the motel room



fake lawyer

A man known as Craig Anderson was spotted at a local motel in Tasmania, Australia, a few days ago. Another source said he had been hiding there for some time. Although some people were questioned about this, some of them said that they did not agree with anything. Why he is staying in that motel like this

Craig Anderson is a fake lawyer, according to Glitzy Vault, a private Vault company. Craig Anderson introduced himself as a lawyer by copying the papers of a famous lawyer in the United States and the general public. That is, he used to harass Parthi in various ways. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it seemed that he was staying there alone and taking extra drugs out of frustration and emotion. The cause of Craig Anderson’s death appears to be a drug overdose. Earlier, when the real identity of Craig Anderson came to light, the local police started searching for him, but the police have been searching for Craig Anderson for the last two weeks.

Craig finally found Anderson but not alive but dead. It would be a relief, at least for the police, to be frustrated. Truth be told, however, it is never wise to deceive someone else using one’s identity. Even after that, he was constantly cheating people by keeping his real identity secret knowing everything. One thing we should always remember is that honesty is our best approach.

A private vault organization called Glitzi Vault recently told police that Mr. Craig Anderson was using the details of a lawyer named Craig Delsack of the United States, New York, to deceive the general public in various ways by pretending to be a fake lawyer. He was pretending to be a fake lawyer even though he was not a lawyer. He then booted from his hotel room. He had been on the run for 2 weeks now. He has resorted to deception with people. But as a civilized man, it was not right for him to do such a thing. What will happen if I don’t understand civilization even though I am a man of civilized age?

Sadly, these kinds of things shock our human mind. In order to get out of the world of life, we have to fight with the objects around us and keep ourselves in tune with others. And we hope that the security agencies will catch these influential people and provide exemplary solutions.

Defamation and loss of reputation may not be possible, but you can find a world to comfort yourself. Not to mention a word at the end. Only we can save our beautiful world from the liars and liars. So, be aware, be aware, take part in the happy prosperous society hole.

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What is Criminal Law



Criminal law in Australia is a body of law that deals with criminal offences. It gives the government license to convict and punish those responsible for crimes as land out within the statutes and laws of various States and Territories. Think of criminal law as the rulebook that allows the government to prosecute and fine or imprison someone if found guilty. Here’s all you need to know about Australia’s criminal law system and tips on how to navigate it. 

Where do our criminal laws come from?

Many of the criminal statutes found within Australian criminal law come from the United Kingdom, as Australia is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and was colonized by the British back in 1788. During these early days, Britain implemented English laws in New South Wales despite existing indigenous populations already having their own legal systems in place. As Australia developed as a modern nation, it has naturally taken on many of the traditions and proceedings of English common law. However, when Australia federated in 1901, it brought in the Australian constitution which set out the legal landscape we live in today. 

Why are criminal laws different across Australia?

You may be surprised to learn that not all laws are the same from one state to another. Each Australian State and Territory is responsible for implementing laws within their own jurisdiction, for example, the Western Australian Criminal Code deals with all offences committed within the state’s borders only. There are offences that can be dealt with at the federal level such as anti-terror law. Federal laws are dealt with by Australian federal police and not by your every-day police officer. 

The purpose of criminal law in Australia

The overall purpose of criminal law in Australia is to lay out the law when it comes to committing crimes and offences against fellow citizens. But the purpose isn’t just to punish those who transgress, it’s about providing a safe and equal society where we all commit to the same rules, no matter where who or where we are. In Australia, we all benefit from a relatively robust criminal law system that aims to keep crime rates low and give everyone a fair chance in court. 

What’s the difference between criminal law and civil law?

Criminal law is different from civil law in that criminal proceedings are initiated by the government or prosecuting attorney against an individual or group for committing a crime, whereas civil cases are legal actions brought before the courts by individuals, businesses, or corporations against another individual company or entity. There are slightly different proceedings and outcomes based on whether the case is civil or criminal. Here’s what that means:

  • In criminal law, to convict an individual for a crime the judge must be satisfied 100% that the offender did in fact commit the crime they are standing trial for. 
  • In civil law, to convict an individual or corporation the balance of proof depends on the probability ie. what is more likely. 
  • The standards of proof are higher in criminal law and the burden rests on the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. 
  • Outcomes in civil law cases can involve access to compensation such as emotional or injury damages. 

What kinds of offences are laid out in Australia’s criminal law system?

There are many different kinds of offences laid on within Australia’s respective state criminal codes. Generally, they follow a simple category system that ranks different types of crimes depending on their severity and impact on the victim or society:

  1. Summary or simple offences – this can be something like repeat drink driving or a minor criminal damage charge. 
  2. Minor indictable offences such as theft, aggravated assault, or criminal trespassing. 
  3. Major indictable offences – such as arson, murder, and treason. 

How criminal law works in practice 

Depending on the level and type of offence, Australian criminal law works by allocating certain types of offences into different courts. For example, all summary offences are dealt with in local Magistrates courts, and the kinds of punishments dished out are on the lighter side. More serious indictable offences allow a trial by jury and will take place in either the District or Supreme court. Naturally, the consequences are proportionately higher for more serious cases. 

Are you facing criminal proceedings? Here’s how to navigate the system with a criminal lawyer

No doubt, criminal law can be confusing – especially given how complex the language is and how little experience the majority of people have with the legal system more generally. If you find yourself in a position where you’re being questioned, arrested on a charge, or simply curious about a personal matter – don’t proceed without a qualified criminal lawyer to back you up. Self-representation may seem almost romantic but can result in harsher sentencing and worse outcomes for those who try. Get in touch with a criminal lawyer for the assistance you need. 

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Why you must have the best work bag as a female lawyer




a female lawyer


Are you looking for the best work bags for female lawyer? We will help you find the best backpack with this comprehensive review and recommendation. Work bags for female lawyers should be much stronger and more attractive because women have some materials that have to be carried inside the bag. Women lawyers should choose bags that can carry more weight. Female lawyers are tasked with bringing the necessary documents to each client in their job. So the importance of the best carrying bag is immense. If you are a female lawyer, then read our full article because you will find some great bags. We are going to look for some of the best work bags for the female lawyer.

Why do you need the best work bags for a female lawyer?

Female lawyers need strong bags to keep professional work documents. The pack also plays a unique role in carrying the documents while explaining them to the client. The best work bags for female lawyers is a critical issue. The best quality bags are very light in weight and very easy to carry. Most female lawyers prefer to carry attractive and lightweight backpacks. For this reason, you should always choose the best bags for work.

Here are the criteria you must consider when choosing the best work bags for a female lawyer?

Bag size: One should go for the best work bags that fit your itinerary and workflow because bags for female lawyers should air, not slow down.

Modern Style: It is highly recommended to go for the best bags stylish with a modern touch and meet other requirements such as taste, personal standards, and other work ethics.

Cost: The best price of female lawyers bags should merge quality and affordability at the same time. If you are a female lawyer, you should choose a very cheap pack and has high quality.

Materials: The first thing you, as a female lawyer, should consider is what kind of material the bag you will be using is made of because, depending on the material, how durable your bag will be. It is also necessary to make sure that it is comfortable to use. Especially if you want to enjoy a comfortable journey, it is essential to check the bag’s material.

Easy to carry: Bags that can be easily moved are the best work bags for a female lawyer. Don’t buy bags that aren’t easy to carry. Everyone wants the load they use to be easy to carry and has a lot of comforts.

Best work bags for a female lawyer

As a female lawyer, you may have to deal with many attorneys; then, the best female lawyer bags play an important role in getting things done quickly. Since you are a female lawyer, you may need to keep many essential documents with you in that case. And it would be best if you had a healthy and attractive bag to carry these papers. Women lawyers’ bags get dirty very quickly due to overuse. As a result, you may have to clean up a lot.

For this reason, we suggest female lawyers buy some bags that are very easy to clean. You should also choose colors that do not quickly lose their luster—bright colors and leather bags Best work bags for a female lawyer. Most female lawyers prefer to use a leather bag for attorneys. Suitcases should be designed to maintain a feminine style. The bags they use at work enhance their smartness a lot. And the bags used by women lawyers are the best combination of benefits. Women lawyers should avoid fabric bags as much as possible.

Nylon Messenger style bags are great if you are looking for less dirty bags. If you want to use the bag on a scooter or car and keep all the paperwork inside, then come to our (Traveba – website and check the list of best work bags for female lawyers here.

As a female lawyer, you may have to go to different places at different times, so we suggest choosing backs that you can use everywhere and change its settings as needed. You can use the bags by hand or on your shoulders if you want. As a woman, you need to maintain the standard and boil the water. You will find that perfection in our bags. Each of the bags you can see on our site is the best work bag for a female lawyer.

Our bags for female lawyers are designed to be easy to use and carry at work. The bags should also be made very soft so that the paper does not get torn in a female lawyer; you should choose some bags that fit your workplace perfectly. If you can’t choose the right bag to suit your job, you will have different problems at different times. There are different types of bags for professional use. So I will tell you that choosing the best speed as a female lawyer plays a significant role. Now is the best time to realize the importance of the Best work bags for a female lawyer.


I hope you understand how important it is for the best work bags for the female lawyer. As a female lawyer, you should always choose a bag that can be used with many comforts. You also need to have some notable features that keep the person you are operating appropriately. If you are a female lawyer, you should choose the best bag to withstand your work stress. Female lawyers’ bags are used a lot, so if you fail to find the best bags, you may face various work problems.

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Accidentally Notorious: These States Are Known for the Most Car Wrecks



Accidentally Notorious

There are over 6 million car accidents that happen every single year. Hundreds of thousands of serious injuries and fatalities result from these accidents. 

Car accidents are terrible events that sometimes are unavoidable. However, you can exert some small level of control over the odds of getting into car wrecks.

How? It is a simple solution. 

You can learn about which states have the highest rates of car accidents. That way, if you live in any of those states or are planning to travel to those states, you can drive with a little more care than usual. 

While statistics can change every year, here are the states that are most known for having the highest amount of car accidents and dangerous driving conditions.  

The Northern States with the Most Car Accidents

Typically, the northern region of the United States is considered one of the safer regions of the country when it comes to the number of car accidents it experiences.  

However, they are not immune to the risk of experiencing auto accidents. 

Thanks to the winding mountains and icy winters, Pennsylvania sees its fair shares of car accidents every year on these dangerous roads. 

Massachusetts and Maine also see higher than normal rates of car accidents when compared to the rest of the northern states. Massachusetts holds the highest rate of drivers with prior at-fault accident history.  

The Southern States with the Most Car Crashes

Florida has a high rate of car accidents. This is due to a variety of reasons. Florida has a very high rate of both senior citizens and tourists who are unfamiliar with the roads. That combined with drunk driving makes Florida a dangerous place for drivers. 

Texas was the state with the most amount of fatal car wrecks in 2018, making it one of the most dangerous states to drive in. Because of Texas’s vast size, it can take emergency services longer to reach some more remote areas where accidents occur. 

Alabama is a state notorious for its dangerous roads. One of the roads with the most amount of car accidents on it is US 431, which is the main road connecting Alabama and Tennessee. This road is nicknamed the “Highway to Hell,” due to its likelihood of car accidents. 

The Western States with the Most Car Wrecks 

Due to its vast size and large population, California has a high rate of car crashes it experiences every year. In fact, more than 25 percent of car wrecks in California were alcohol-related and drug-related. 

New Mexico has one of the worst rates for drunk driving-related accidents. Drivers in New Mexico are rated in the top 3 worst drivers in the country according to a major highway transportation organization. 

Car accidents are considered one of the top causes of workplace-related deaths in Wyoming. This makes the state an extreme hazard for truckers and other jobs that require their employees to drive. 

The Midwest States with the Most Car Accidents

Michigan is a midwestern state that experiences a high rate of accidents. A couple of reasons as to why that is is because of poor road conditions and collisions with deer. It is critical that you are always alert to possible road hazards while driving in Michigan. 

Kansas is another state with a high rate of collisions with deer. They have over 10,000 car accidents where a collision with a deer was a primary cause. Deer can cause serious damage to your vehicle, and it can even cause death if traveling at high rates of speed. 

Another Midwestern state with a high amount of accidents is Ohio. Over 15 percent of all drivers in Ohio have a prior accident where they were found at fault, making Ohio one of the more dangerous places to drive in the country. 

Who to Call After a Car Accident

If you have been in a serious car accident and suffered an injury, or if a loved one has been in a fatal car wreck, there are legal options you can pursue. 

This car accident attorney can help you and your family recover monetary damages to help pay for your medical bills, any loss of income from the inability to work, and loss of future earnings. 

Hiring an experienced car accident attorney can even help win you a settlement that will pay for your pain and suffering. This can sometimes mean the difference between recovering in peace or suffering financially for the long-term. 

Common Causes 

There are several causes for car wrecks in all of the states mentioned above. 

Drunk driving accounts for nearly 10,000 car accident fatalities every year. Speeding is another major culprit in causing car accidents. 

With the ubiquity of cell phones and smart devices in cars, distractions are at an all-time high. Distracted driving is another growing cause of car accidents. 

Another assumption that has been made by transportation experts is that lower gas prices encourage people to drive more often than when gas prices are higher. When more people are out on the road, the higher the likelihood that one of them will be in a car accident. 

Learn More About Car Trends Today

Some car wrecks can be minor fender benders while other car accidents can be horrific events that can cause lifelong pain and suffering. 

It is important to protect yourself legally following a car accident by hiring a car accident attorney who will represent you fairly. 

If you are interested in learning more about car accidents and legal representation, follow along on our website for more legal insight.

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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident: The Important Steps to Take



What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Did you know that eight percent of American homes have a motorcycle? Motorcyclists face a lot of challenges on the road. If you want to learn about what to do after a motorcycle accident, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what you should do after an accident.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Check to See if Everyone’s Okay

After the accident, you want to ensure that you and the other driver and passengers are okay. Make sure you call an ambulance if needed.

After everyone’s deemed safe, you’ll need to move on to legal aspects. This way, you can make sure you get compensated.

Make Sure You Call the Police Right Away

After an auto accident, you need to call the police. Most states require you to call if anyone got injured or if there was damage over 1000 dollars.

When you call the police, you can file a police report and fulfill your legal duties. Wait for the police to come before you take off any protective gear.

After an accident, some people feel a rush of adrenaline and aren’t aware of injuries. If you remove your gear, you could worsen the injuries.

Don’t Apologize

Emotions run high after an auto accident. Talk to the other people to make sure they’re okay, but don’t get into an argument with them.

Also, make sure you don’t apologize because doing so can imply you feel guilty.

You might think that you caused the accident. Yet, you could have missed something important during the accident.

Get Vehicle and Insurance Information

Most motorcycle accidents involve damages or injuries. If you don’t feel immediate pain, you should still get information from the other driver.

It’s not unusual for someone to feel fine but then later feel the onset of an injury. Make sure you get the information you need in order to file a personal injury claim.

Write down the vehicle, insurance, and personal information from the other driver.

Gather Evidence

You’ll want to gather and preserve evidence from the scene. In a motorcycle accident, there’s a higher chance of serious injury. You’ll need to prove your case, so you get compensation.

You should also speak to anyone else who provided help after the wreck.
Don’t get rid of the bike. Keep the bike in the same condition. This way, you’ll have evidence.

Make sure you take pictures of the other vehicle and the accident scene. Take photos of your injuries too.

Get Medical Treatment

After an accident, you’ll want to get medical treatment. To get better and seek a full recovery, you want to follow the doctor’s advice.

You’ll also need to seek medical treatment to prove your damages and injuries. Insurance companies use delays in medical treatment to challenge a person’s injury.

Get immediate medical treatment and any follow-up treatment.

Look for All Sources of Insurance

Many people don’t know all the sources of insurance that will apply in a motorcycle accident.

The vehicle you hit might have liability insurance. The at-fault driver may have different insurance policies too. Sometimes, the at-fault driver might have been in a company vehicle.

Don’t complete this step without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Read more here and learn about why you should work with an attorney.

Talk to a Reputable Attorney

If you can’t speak to an attorney right away, remember not to admit fault. Don’t sign anything until you chat with someone.

Motorcyclists who don’t hire reputable attorneys might feel frustrated by their claim outcome.

Motorcycle accidents fall into the category of motor vehicle accidents. Yet, it should have its own practice area.

Some personal injury attorneys might handle lots of cases. Yet, they might not have experience with motorcycle accidents.

When you hire an attorney, ask them about their experience. Find someone who has successfully dealt with motorcycle accidents before.

After you chat with an attorney, you’ll talk about the evidence collected at the scene. This will help you determine who is at fault and what you might receive in damages.

What if You End up at the Hospital First?

Ask a family member to get in touch with a health insurance claims representative right away.

This way, you won’t get surprised with an expensive bill. You also won’t have the insurance carrier telling you they aren’t obligated to pay.

Talk to a hospital social worker. Find out if there are any benefits available for your situation.

What to Do When You Get Home

Once you settle in at home, you might get contacted by an adjuster from the other person’s insurance company.

Don’t answer their questions. The adjuster’s trained to take whatever you say and use it against you.

They’ll end up paying you less for your injuries. Don’t make repairs on your motorcycle until the damages get documented.

Every case will vary, and sometimes things will go well. You might walk away without serious injuries and don’t have to pay more than a couple hundred dollars.

Make sure you do keep a record of damages. If there are serious injuries or complications, talk to an attorney right away.

Now You Know What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

We hope this guide on what to do after a motorcycle accident was helpful. Now that you know what to expect reach out to a reputable attorney in your area.

You want to work with someone who has experience with motorcycle accidents.

Browse our other helpful resources on technology, business, and more.

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What You Need to Do After Witnessing a Car Accident



What You Need to Do After Witnessing a Car Accident

You’re walking along the street or driving in your car—seemingly out of nowhere, a car accident occurs right in front of you! 

This is a terrible thing to see, but what can you do to help? Witnessing a car accident is something that can happen to anyone, at any time, so it’s helpful to be prepared.

By acting quickly, witnesses can call for help, comfort others, and provide an accurate statement to the police about what they saw.

Ready to learn more? If so, keep reading to find out what to do and how to deal with witnessing a car accident.

After Witnessing a Car Accident, Call 911

Are you wondering what to do when you witness a car accident? Our first tip is to immediately call 911. You want emergency help and rescue to arrive on the scene as soon as possible, especially if you suspect that injuries might have occurred.

When calling 911, try to give as much detail as possible about the location. Include cross streets, landmarks, or specific details that will make it easy for police to find the scene—this is very important in remote areas or late at night, when it’s hard to see. 

In busy areas, a crash might have multiple witnesses, with several people calling 911. This is ok! It’s important that witnesses do the right thing, and if it turns out that the accident has already been reported, the dispatcher will let you know.

Put Your Own Safety First

Before you can try to help others, you need to put your own safety first. For example, if you were driving and you pulled over after the crash, make sure to move your car out of the road and to a safe place.

Never cross busy roads or do anything reckless in an attempt to help. Although it’s admirable that you want to help, don’t risk your own safety after witnessing an accident.

Offer Assistance, If You Can

If you’re the only one on the scene at the accident, assess the scene for injuries. If you’re comfortable doing so, you might want to help with first-aid, if the car accident victims need help.

Keep in mind that head and back injuries are common after an accident. If someone shows head injury symptoms, like dizziness, confusion, a headache, or balance problems, encourage them to stay seated and not move until paramedics arrive.

When it comes to back and spinal injuries, moving a victim can actually make their injury worse, so never move them unless a paramedic says it’s safe. Instead, comfort the person and let them know that help is on the way.

Give a Statement to the Police

Once the police arrive, you’ll probably be asked to give a statement. As a witness, your account of the accident is important, since it’s unbiased.

Often, both drivers claim different causes for the accident, blaming one another. This makes it hard for the police to work out who is at fault, which is why witness statements are so important.

When talking to the police, be honest, explaining exactly what you saw. If you can remember exact timing or any other key details that would help, let them know as much as you can.

The police are likely to ask for your contact details as well, in case they have any further questions.

Document the Accident

While you’re on the scene, it can be helpful to take a few photos or videos of the accident scene. This can help police, lawyers, and the other drivers better work out what’s happened.

If the case goes to court, you might be called to testify as a witness, in which case your photos will be helpful for reminding you of the accident—which might have happened months before.

Your testimony may make a difference in the outcome of the case. As a car accident victim, what happens if you lose a car accident lawsuit?

Generally, it means you won’t be awarded any additional compensation, but hopefully your own insurance company has covered your expenses to a point.

Stay Calm

It can be stressful and scary to see a car accident, especially if you’re the only one around. Take a few deep breaths and do your best to remain calm!

Tempers can run high after an accident as well, so you might want to try to calm down any agitated drivers or passengers, explaining that the police will arrive soon and can help.

Seek Additional Support, If Needed

After the car accident, you may find yourself thinking about it often. This happens frequently after traumatic accidents or those that involve serious injury or death.

Some witnesses might even experience post-traumatic stress, which makes it hard to live a normal life, due to the stress of what they saw. If you’re feeling this way, the best thing to do is seek professional help.

Talk to a therapist or counselor who can help you process what you saw and help you learn how to cope.

Follow These Steps if You’re Ever a Car Accident Witness

After witnessing a car accident, use the guide above to know what to do. While it’s sure to be an emotional and surprising thing, you can do your best to help others by following the above tips.

Hopefully, it’s not something you’ll ever experience, but if you do, it’s good to be prepared. Plus, the other drivers are sure to appreciate the care and effort you took to help them.

Was this article helpful? If so, please keep reading for more informative tips and content.

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