Virtual Personal Trainer

The Downside of a Virtual Personal Trainer

Many of us are trying to search for ways to stay fit during the COVID-19 pandemic. This isn’t an easy feat to achieve given the few options available to us at the moment. Apart from building your own home gym, what are you going to do? That’s where having a virtual personal trainer comes in. Virtual personal training is a great risk-free way to workout. Best of all, you get to exercise in the comfort of your home. It’s really the best of both worlds in being able to stay healthy, convenient, and doing something productive with your family. Although relatively speaking it’s not a new concept, it’s certainly appealing moving forwards and the fitness industry expects this to be a compelling new segment that’s growing rapidly. The last five years were the years of a burgeoning group fitness revolution. How quickly that has changed into an isolated form of getting in your exercise.

The Downside of a Virtual Personal Trainer

“Not really too many downsides”, says Scott Everson of Busy Bee Fitness Experts, an in-home and virtual personal training business in Toronto. “The only real downside is that it makes it a little more difficult to coach proper technique a hundred percent of the time. Also, from a trainer’s perspective, you have to be a little more creative in making use of what the client has. There are workarounds, however. Using your furniture around you can be just as effective as having an elaborate home gym.” Fitness experts from all over the world are quickly moving into going online to service a strong demand for it. There are tons of trainers but not too much supply for going online. Most of that has been primarily locked into traditional facilities that we’re used to.

The best way to get started is with a consultation. Most trainers will offer some kind of incentive to get people in the door. That could come in the way of a complimentary consultation. This gives people a quick little look at what it’s all about and if they will be a good fit for each other. Many perspective clients just need that little push to get them going but once they get into it, it’s something that usually sticks. They find the comfort in being able to just get healthier with the click of a button, in an environment that’s non judging and familiar. Gyms can be initimidating places to go for a lot of people. It’s a frustrating experience, especially at busier times of the year like around the holidays. Once those New Year resolutions kick in, it’s game on and quickly game over for most people. They just can’t handle having to wait for a treadmill or weight machine to open up. Not to mention, nothing is worse than having to wait for a shower after a sweaty workout.

If you’re interested in trying virtual personal training, reach out to the Busy Bee Fitness Experts virtual personal trainer Toronto. As an all-encompassing fitness service, the experts have the experience it takes to really help people in an organized approach. Best of all, included with all of their packages, you’ll get to work with a registered Nutritionist on a customized food plan. Start with a complimentary session and start by being matched with a personal trainer that will be suitable for your goals. We hope you all stay fit and active during this challenging time.