Pressure cleaning is a quick and effective way to eliminate hard-to-remove dirt, grime, mould and mildew that accumulates over time. However, many people do not have a comprehensive appreciation of the various risks and dangers involved.

While it may be tempting to venture out and clean your property yourself, pressure cleaning is often best left to the professionals. Using a stream of highly pressurised water and detergents, professionals pressure cleaners have the necessary skills and experience to effectively, efficiently and safely clean a multitude of surfaces without the risk of accidents, damages and injury.

Here are some of the dangers of DIY Pressure Cleaning you may experience:

Too High Or Too Low Pressure

Most obviously, pressure cleaning uses pressurised water to achieve a clean surface. However, not every surface is made equally and will require different amount of pressure to get the best results. Unfortunately, to the layman, this can be difficult to determine. 

A pressure that is too high not only wastes energy and water, but can be physically harmful to you and your property, where low pressure will not effectively clean the surface. Experienced pressure washing businesses have the knowledge to determine the best pressure for your specific surface. This avoids damage such as paint stripping, wood warping and cracking, removing finishes and more.

Incorrect Detergents

In addition to pressurised water, some surfaces may need detergents to achieve a spotless clean. However, much like the incorrect pressure using the wrong detergents can quickly damage, set stains and eat away at your surface. 

Similarly, when using chemicals and detergents, many DIY-ers do not consider the impact of overspray and how this runoff will affect other surfaces, greenery and nearby family or animals. Expert pressure cleaners are careful to avoid any harm caused by a potentially hazardous cleaning solution 

Wrong Equipment & Techniques

Using the wrong equipment and the wrong techniques can be detrimental to your cleaning process. Not only can this damage your property, but it wastes valuable time. It is no use spending hours cleaning a surface only to be met with subpar results.

As such, leaving pressure cleaning to the professionals ensures your surface is cleaned correctly, safely and in a time-efficient manner.

Inadequate Safety

Improper use of pressure cleaning equipment can be dangerous, easily damaging tough surfaces, breaking the skin and shooting debris into the air. This creates a hazard for the user. Similarly, pressure cleaning a roof or a surface that is high up creates a significant fall risk.

As pressure cleaning deals with high-pressure water and potentially hazardous chemicals, safety precautions should be a top priority. Experienced professionals have  the right equipment, techniques and training to ensure safety at all times.

Avoid Danger And Experience Professional Pressure Cleaning

If you are looking for professional pressure washing services in Sunshine Coast, Water Attack Pressure Washing is the best choice in order to avoid making common DIY mistakes. Backed by decades of experience, Water Attack Pressure Washing has a proven reputation for safely pressure washing properties of all sizes. Get in touch and receive your free estimate today!

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