the Changes of New PMP Exam Edition

The news about the revision of the PMP Exam has been heard all the time, and the hearts of the candidates have not been determined, becausethey are afraid that the new exam outline will have a major change, and their review will be in vain for months.

SPOTO summarized several important changes of PMP test questions for you as follows:

1.Examination Form

Since January 2, 2021,all PMP candidates except for those in the mainland have been taking all the tests by computer. One is that candidates are in the administrative area, remote control computers are on the computer test, and the other is to test at the local examination center. All the computer tests were finished at that time and the results were given at that time

2.PMP Examination Questions and Time Arrangement

From January 2, 2021, the examination questions in the computer-based examination mode will be changed to 180 questions (200 questions in the previous examination), and the examination will be completed in 230 minutes (200 minutes in the previous examination)

For computer-based testing, there is an additional break, a total of two 10 minute breaks.

The types of PMP Certification Exam are multiple-choice questions, single-choice questions, matching questions, and filling in the blanks.

3.PMP ExerciseTopic Division and Scene

The new examination outline released in 2019 is divided into assessment areas according to personnel management (about 42%), process management (about 50%), and business environment (about 8%). And about 50% of the subject scenes are waterfall type, and about 50% are agile and mixed scenes.

Personnel – emphasize skills and activities related to effective leadership of the project team

Process – strengthening the technical aspects of project management

Business environment – emphasizing the link between the project and organizational strategy

4. Research by Researchers in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Abroad

The coverage of the four types of PMP questions is as follows

① Multiple choice questions

The proportion of the chapters is close to that of our existing fields, and there are many studies on related parties, integration, resources, procurement, and risks. And focus on the soft skills dimensions of project manager leadership, team motivation, conflict management.

② Multiple choice questions

The direction of investigation is the process or measure of problem-solving and the choice of tools. For example, the process of administrative closure, risk mitigation strategy.

③ Matching questions

The direction of investigation is to match the corresponding situation to the knowledge points of various types in the book. For example, team stage, tool use, and various risk strategies, this time we investigated the choice of tool technology, the choice of risk strategy, the responsibility of the agile role, the role of agile 5 conferences, Tuckman theory, and risk classification.

④ Fill in the blanks

Project business value evaluation, charts show the business value and development cycle of different projects, let you choose which project is worth investing in.

5. Final Summary

The Chinese mainland still uses the existing examination and single-choice questions on April 11th. Congratulations on candidates participating in the PMP project management training course of SPOTO and catching up with the last exam on April 11th.

However, a new version of the syllabus will be launched in June, and there is no official notice on whether to launch the new question type.

After understanding the new version of the PMP examination syllabus and examination questions, it is not difficult to find that everything changes. No matter how the revision is made, the inspection content is based on the PMBOK book, and we should pay more attention to our own learning ability.SPOTO team has foreseen the changes to the new exam syllabus.

So, if you miss the exam in April, what else do you have to worry about? Click the consultation link and join us! Picky eye, choose SPOTO!

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