The Brief Only Guide That Makes Buying the Best MP3 Player Simple

The Brief Only Guide That Makes Buying the Best MP3 Player Simple

MP3 players are an essential part of any distance runner’s gear. 

Did you know that 61 percent of all runners say they listen to music or podcasts while running? Listening to music is a great way to maintain your speed, motivation, and energy levels. 

Nowadays, most smartphones act as MP3 players as well. However, it may be worth choosing an MP3 player solely for exercising because they tend to have better battery life and a lower cost than your phone. 

Keep reading for more details on how to choose the best MP3 player for running. 

Memory Size

When choosing your MP3 player, you should always first look at the memory size. MP3 players can have storage space in the hundreds of gigabytes, storing tens of thousands of songs and podcasts. In general, a larger size is better but will come with a necessarily larger price tag. 

You should always remove duplicate songs and playlists when uploading songs to your MP3 player. Not only does this save space, it means you won’t have to worry about songs repeating themselves too often while running. 

Battery Life

Beyond storage, the next most important feature to look for in an MP3 player is a long battery life. Most MP3 players will be able to last several hours while continuously playing without issue. 

You’ll want to make sure that your device can hold a charge even when turned off for several days. This can be a huge difference-maker – there’s nothing worse than getting ready and prepared for a run and finding out your music player has died. 

Water and Weather Resistance

Another key component of choosing the best running MP3 player is finding one that can withstand moisture and temperature changes. Some devices are susceptible to having their battery drained if overheated or exposed to cold weather. 

Other devices are not designed to withstand sweat and moisture and can rust out over time. Look for specific MP3 players (and headphones!) designed with running and exercising in mind. 

Bluetooth Capabilities

Speaking of headphones, you should make sure that your MP3 player has Bluetooth capabilities. This is essential because wireless headphones are much less annoying to run with. There’s no chafing or bouncing wire to worry about with wireless headphones, and you won’t have your music ripped out of your ears accidentally, which can happen when wired headphones snag on branches or other obstacles. 

Choosing the Best MP3 Player for Running

Running is one of the best exercises that you can do to improve your overall fitness and cardio. However, it can take quite a bit of time, and there’s nothing more boring than running in silence. 

An MP3 player can help break up the monotony and keep you engaged on runs of all distances, and hopefully, this list of factors to look for can help you choose the best MP3 player for running.

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