The Best Vegetarian Source of Protein is Whey from Milk

A glass of milk is every mom’s staple for a healthy diet. We all know that milk is rich in calcium that makes bones strong. But, there is another super-ingredient in milk that has only become popular in recent times. Milk provides whey proteins which is also the best protein for child growth.

Whey proteins are commonly associated with bodybuilding. However, there is more to it than we read or hear about. Whey protein in its natural form can be highly beneficial to children in their growing years, especially when they have an active lifestyle.

What is Whey Protein?

Milk contains two types of protein, namely casein and whey proteins. Whey is more popular in recent times with all the supplements that are used for sports and athletic nutrition. When making cheese from milk, whey protein is usually separated. It is a type of milk protein that is very easily absorbed by the body. Hence, it is ideal for children in their growing years.

Whether you are looking for protein for 8-year-old or older children, milk can be one of the most reliable sources as it is abundant in proteins. Whey protein is also available in other dairy products like yoghurt and cheese that are more readily consumed by children.

Why is Whey the Best Protein for Children?

There are other sources of protein for children like soy. However, whey is considered far superior and more beneficial than other sources of protein. When you are choosing a protein drink for your child, especially, looking for one that is rich in protein can do wonders.

So why is whey the best protein for child growth? The answer is simple, it is digested by the body quickly in comparison to other protein sources. As a result, the number of amino acids in the body spike faster too. Now, we are all aware that amino acids are often called the “building blocks of the body”.  This is because they are responsible for any repair and regrowth that takes place in the tissues and muscles of the body. Needless to say, they are most beneficial to your child in his or her growing years.

Whey protein ensures that your child has an ample supply of amino acids when consumed in the necessary amount. You can choose to add it to your child’s diet with a glass of milk every day or with products like Gritzo Supermilk which are completely safe for children.

The Benefits of Whey Protein

Now that we know what whey protein is, let us understand what it does for the body:

  • Helps in forming muscle fibres: As mentioned above, whey proteins increase the number of amino acids in the body. Muscles are essentially made up of long chains of amino acids. So when your child grows, these amino acid chains build and rebuild to form new muscle fibre. With adequate whey protein consumption, the muscles have the nutrition that they require to become stronger and bigger.
  • Allows the body to repair itself: Children are active by nature. They love to play and indulge in physically demanding activities. The result of this is small wear and tear in the muscles. It is absolutely natural and nothing that should cause any concern. This wear and tear, however, needs the right nutrition in order to be repaired. This includes amino acids in abundance. When the child does not get the necessary amino acids from food, the body uses up the amino acids present in the muscle structure. This is why you will not be able to see any significant muscle development in your child even if he or she is extremely active or even athletic by nature. Whey protein is the most reliable source to avoid this problem.
  • Improves overall body function: Proteins are not only necessary for the muscles but are also important for the formation of several hormones and enzymes in the body. Making sure that your child has enough protein consumption throughout the day keeps these body functions running smoothly. As a result, you will notice an overall improvement in your child’s health.
  • Keeps your little one energetic: When the muscles are able to recover faster, your child will not feel sore or stiff easily. Whey proteins are especially beneficial as they are absorbed faster by the body. This makes sure that the muscles have an instant source of fuel when your child is engaging in any physical activity. Your child is more energetic and will be able to stay active for longer periods of time.

Is Whey Safe For Children?

Yes. Whey is a safe protein for an 8 year old or any age group. In fact, there are several baby formulas that primarily contain whey proteins. However, if your child is lactose intolerant, it is a good idea to avoid whey proteins and choose other sources of protein. You also have whey isolate protein supplements for children that contain pure whey. This can be provided to your child even when he or she is lactose intolerant. However, make sure you consult with your doctor first.

How to Include Whey Protein In Your Child’s Diet?

Milk contains about 20% whey on its own. The rest is casein protein. To enrich the whey content in milk, it is a good idea to choose kids’ protein drinks like Gritzo Supermilk. These products contain the right amount of whey protein for every age group. They are also very tasty. This means that your child will not make a fuss about drinking milk.

When choosing these protein drinks for your child, make sure that they are low in sugar or contain natural sources of sugar. You must also make sure that the product is suitable for your child’s age group. Remember, too much of a good thing is also not recommended. The added benefit of these shakes is that you also get a rich source of other nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and minerals besides whey protein, providing wholesome nourishment for your child.

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