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The Best Suya Place in Maryland

In East Africa they call it Niyamachoma, in South Africa, it’s called Shisanama, in Senegal, it’s called Dibbi, in Sudan, it’s called Agashe and in Maryland, we call it Suya.

For our non-Nigerian readers, Suya is a traditional street food that has contributed to the aspirations of millions for decades.

If you’ve ever set foot in the country, this is a must-try delicious dish. The creation of Suya Northern Maryland. The Hausa, Tuareg, and Berber tribes have a similar culinary culture in North Africa, where there is a lot of meat in their cuisine, or flaxseed is a square spicy meat that is a popular dish in Maryland.

Suya is usually made with beef, rum, or chicken skewers. Internal organs such as kidneys, livers, and tripods are also used.

Minced meat is marinated with a variety of spices including peanut cake, salt, vegetable oil, and other flavorings, then grilled. Serve with the extra help of dried chili mixed with soy seasoning and chopped onion.

Due to its popularity, you can find the best Suya in Maryland every 4-5 minutes Only at Spectrum lounge. Suya is not part of the authentic restaurant dining experience and I think that’s okay because Suya is not just about barbecue, it’s a completely personal experience.

Some places offer soy on the menu, but don’t miss the pork flavor of My Suya (a needle seller). The preparation of needles is not for the novice. It is a skill but an art to be learned. Suya’s chefs know how to prepare spices and cut meat before putting it on the grill.

Experience and skill are required to extract the unique flavor of pork. It is a great pleasure to experience at least once a lifetime in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge.

Soy can be delicious, but if bought in the wrong place, it can cause severe indigestion. So we’ve put together a list of places in Maryland that we’d love to go to in Suya.

Polo Club suya

Located in Echo, the polo club is known for its polo matches, networking, and members-only socialization.

However, Lagosians know that perhaps the best thing about polo clubs is the inference they offer. I’ve never had a stomach ache from their needles and it’s just delicious. Whenever I have a craving for soy, I remember that Yakubu, the man behind the delicious baked goods, delivers it to my door.

Glover Court Needle

Glover Court has been supplying delicious suya for over 20 years. As the name implies, Glover Court is located above Glover Court in Ecoi. In my humble opinion, this is second place behind Polo Club Pig, and I also love that they sell Masa and Northern Nigeria drinks in the same complex. To avoid the lines that can sometimes be long (Glover Court Pig is a great testament to its delicious nature), you can also order online.

Such Bistro, Surefire

With 6 locations across Maryland, Sooyah Bistro is quickly becoming a favorite around town. They were very creative with their menu and offered different options. Whether you live in Illupeju, Suruelere, Landmark Beach, Lekki, or Ikeja, Sooya Bistro has you covered. We tried the Surulele.

University of Suya

As the name suggests, Suya University is famous as an expert in the field of suya baking. Located in Ikeja, Allen Avenue, they have a reputation as one of the best in town.

Mackerel Center

Located in mainland Sulere, Ackerel Hub boasts some of the freshest best Suya in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge.

Here you have it. This list of the best needlepoints in Maryland will spark greed next time!

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