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The best places to live in the US



The best places to live in the US

There are numerous lists of the top ten states to live in. But which of these ten states is your ideal living locale? What makes it so special for you? This article will give you the answer. 

In many ways, ranking the best cities to live in is a subjective endeavor. Everyone has their own idea of what a great place to live is. Depending on your own preferences, there may not be rankings for cities in any particular state. In general, however, the best cities to live in come from the northeast and the southwest. These two regions have been consistently ranked among the best places to live in the United States. So, which are the two cities that make up these regions? 

The first place that we’ll look at when discussing the best states to live in is New York City. Millions of people flock to NYC every day. It has the most buildings and tallest buildings in the world. When it comes to a place to live, New York City ranks right up there with the best cities in the country to live in. In addition to housing the world famous Manhattan skyline, there are also museums, art galleries and other cultural attractions that make New York City one of the best places to visit and live. 

The second place of the best states to live in is San Francisco. Like New York City, there are countless buildings and tons of cultural attractions. There are also some very wealthy areas of the city, making it one of the most culturally diverse locations to live. In addition to all the excitement, California offers some beautiful weather. In fact, California has one of the best climates in the world. 

The third best city to live in is Orlando, Florida. Orlando has an interesting history with the sunny beaches and the Walt Disney World. However, the culture in Orlando is great and there are tons of fun things to do both inside and out of the beaches. 

The fourth on the list of best states to live in is San Diego. San Diego is a popular tourist destination and home to the well-known zoo. It is also a large port city. There are some upscale neighborhoods, great weather and some very good schools. 

Fifth on the list to live in is San Antonio. Founded in 18uez, Texas, San Antonio is a border town between Mexico and Texas. The weather in San Antonio is wonderful most of the year and extremely hot in the summer, but mild in the winter. There are some fabulous golf courses in San Antonio as well. 

That’s just some places, but they are certainly the top ones to consider if you are looking for a great place to live. Now you know what the top ten states to live in are and hopefully this will help you decide which one suits you best. Remember, the first place is your own personal preference. 

You should always try to find something a little different when considering where to live. There’s nothing wrong with settling into a fairly large city, but there’s nothing quite like living in the country, or in a small town. There’s just something about being out in the country that is relaxing and makes you feel at peace with yourself and your life. If you don’t mind a little more of a work commute, then you might want to live in a big city. 

There are of course other factors in play when deciding on where to live. Those are just the top

places to live in and by far the top states to visit. So now it’s time to figure out where you want to spend the rest of your life. 

You’ll obviously want to make sure that you get married and start a family. That way your financial resources will go towards feeding and supporting your loved ones. Once your family has started to grow, then you can use your income to afford to make better investments and give them something to enjoy. It’s all about making smart decisions with your money. Just make sure you don’t get yourself into so much debt that you won’t be able to pay it back. 

The best thing you can do is pick one of the top places to live in. Make sure it’s a place that you love to visit, and make sure that your family enjoys coming there as well. Then you can look at how to get ahead in your career and make great money. Just remember to always use a little bit of smart planning, and always have a retirement fund set up for your golden years. You’ll be glad you did when you’re not on vacation, but if you are then you’ll know how nice it feels to have that nest egg to fall back on.

Consider where you live because that will play a role in what car you will be driving. In most cities like New York city, everything is in proximity to where you need to go so people don’t need a car. Outside of the city, people will need transportation. In other states like Texas you will need a car and obviously need a reliable one. When you buy a car, you should also buy an extended auto warranty for it to save yourself money. For example, a Nissan extended warranty protects you from a mechanical breakdown. It will cover costs and prevent you from worrying about expensive repairs. 

Whichever car you drive or place you live, remember it is important to remember that it is a choice that should be made to benefit you and your family. Even if you cannot afford to live somewhere you want to, it can still be a place to vacation and or visit. Again, these are places that are voted to be the best and it may not be what you are looking for at all.

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Busting Some Myths About Co-Working Spaces& Reasons Why it Boosts Your Business




Myths About Co-Working Spaces

If you are a startup, a small company, or a freelancer. You need space and the solution is to rent out co-working space because you cannot have a full office just for you. After all, it increases the costs exponentially. There are many reasons why the concept of co-working spaceis becoming more and more popular and cost-effectiveness is indeed one of them.

This phenomenon is growing worldwide and especially coworking spaces in Dubai are very popular because the rents are quite high.  This article will look at some misconceptions and try to clear out the air.

Myth 1: Coworking Spaces Hinder Productivity 

One of the most longstanding myths about coworking spaces is that they hinder productivity. It sometimes gives a sense of people roaming around in casual clothes and not putting in enough effort. However, It cannot be further from the truth. A recent survey about productivity showed that 68% of people think they can focus more and 71% of employees think that their creativity increases while working in a coworking space. 

Contrary to the popular belief, sticking to a strict routine sometimes actually decreases the level of productivity and when people work in a coworking space, they meet with employees of different companies and work in an environment where everyone around you is working brings out creativity, productivity, and better ideas.

Myth 2: Coworking Affects Employee Morale 

Some people believe that coworking lowers the employee’s morale and that for the best possible outcome, employees should be under a separate roof with their management. However, there is no solid backing behind this argument.

Research shows that people feel more energetic and motivated when they see people around them doing their respective jobs with enthusiasm. A survey showed that 84% of respondents said they were more engaged in their work when working in a coworking space. Moreover, working in a secluded place with a strict routine can make employees feel lonely and unsettled. 

This is why it should not be an issue of productivity because if a company’s employees have a reason or goal to achieve then they can work with high morale provided they have a safe and healthy environment no matter if it’s a coworking space. 

There are many business centers in Dubai providing a perfect environment for working and providing the best possible coworking experiences to numerous companies and startups.

Myth 3: Coworking is isolating

The idea that coworking isolates employees is nothing but flawed because the core reason why coworking started in the first place was to eradicate isolation from the lives of people working in isolation and for people whose jobs naturally don’t have employees.

Coworking brings the best in people and removes problems because of the coordination and friendly working environment that it promotes. The very idea behind coworking spaces is to eradicate isolation and build a culture that promotes a diverse culture of connecting people while driving innovation and creativity.

Myth 4: Coworking is expensive

The fact is that coworking is the exact opposite of being expensive. The idea behind coworking spaces is that the cost gets divided and not one company has to pay for a full building or a floor. It takes away the headache of paying the bills, rental costsfor the most part, and management of the premises, allowing the business owner and the employees to focus on the job. 

Coworking spaces allow businesses to have a headquarter without the drawbacks of owning a full facility. Moreover, it allows you to expand as you go. Meaning you can add space when you see fit and not rent a full flow, furnish it, and if things go south for a while, you pay the costs without returns. Dubai is expensive and businesses find it hard to manage office rent and overheads, many businesses make use of coworking spaces in Dubai

Freelancers do not need a huge office and for them, it’s an extra cost that they do not really need to bear. They can rent an office space pay as much as they need to. It can decrease costs for them manyfold. Dubai hosts thousands of freelancers and because of expensive rental costs, most of them opt for serviced office spaces in Dubai.

Myth 5: Coworking is for One-man Bands 

The concept of coworking indeed during its earlier was exactly this but as time passed and people realized its benefits, an increasing number of established companies opted for this cost-effective option. There is no denying that coworking takes away many of the worries both employers and employees face which makes them focus on the core job, that is to work and grow.

In this advanced age, no one should be rigid about new ideas and innovations but be welcoming to them and coworking is undoubtedly a newer concept that has grown to become a popular phenomenon. 

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The Best Day Trips from Sydney



Sydney is Australia’s largest and most vibrant city, so finding the best day trips from Sydney is extremely important for any visitor to this amazing place. This wonderful city offers visitors various sights, sounds, and tastes to fill their days with joy. It is situated on the ocean’s coast in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The best day trips from Sydney are highlighted below:

Opera House: While visiting this marvelous building, it is worthwhile to take in the scenic harbor. A walk along the shoreline with the lights of Sydney Harbor is truly a breathtaking experience. There are many places in and around the Opera House, and all of them offer an interesting glimpse into the rich culture and history of this city. There are boat tours and a ferry ride that are available to enjoy. You can also take in some prime views of the city from the Opera House’s observation deck.

The Sydney Aquarium

While on a day trip from Sydney, don’t miss out on one of Sydney’s best day trips that involves taking in the beautiful marine wildlife. The Sydney Aquarium is home to over 2021 exotic marine species. This is a unique and fascinating place to visit with your family or friends. You will find many shows at the aquarium and you will even be allowed to feed some of the exotic creatures. Check out this lovely attraction before you leave. Always go for a reputed and trusted tour management company when you are hiring for your Sydney Tours.

Bankstown Lodge

For those looking for a great place to relax after a long day of exploring the city, then Bankstown Lodge is the perfect place to stay. The rooms are cozy, and the area provides a very quaint and homey feel. The grounds are gorgeous, and there are numerous walking paths throughout the property.

The Aquarium

While on a day trip from Sydney, don’t miss out on one of Sydney’s best day trips that involve taking in the amazing marine life. The Sydney Aquarium is one of Australia’s premier aquariums. You will see all types of creatures, including sharks, dolphins, turtles, and various coral reefs. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The aquarium is open for visitors daily and has special hours during the week. Check this out for a nighttime tour during the wet months of the year.

Ocean Park

One of Sydney’s best day trips that offer an abundance of fun things to do is the Ocean Park. This is located on the Pacific Motorway near Burleigh Heads and is only about 30 minutes away from the city. You can participate in various activities while you are here, including water-skiing, surfing, boating, swimming, hiking, and more. The entire park is set to offer travelers a plethora of outdoor fun during their stay. It also boasts a number of restaurants that serve delicious local cuisine.

Burleigh Sound

To get the most out of your time spent in Sydney, you have got to see the most amazing sight from the water. This is exactly what Burleigh Sound provides. You will have the opportunity to snorkel along the shores that stretch for miles in all directions from the city center to the very edge of Burleigh Sound. This is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while swimming with other visitors. There are a number of shops in the area as well, where you can buy souvenirs to take home with you. It’s a great place to spend an entire day and the best day trip from Sydney you will ever take. Fortunately, a Sydney Travel Guide can make your trip to the city easier than any other method. This guide helps you find all the best shopping areas, shows, and other attractions in Sydney. It gives you information about hotels, resorts, and sightseeing tours. You can also get a map of the city center to know which hotels are close to various sights and which ones are farther away.

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What To Bring on a Bikepacking Trip 2021




What To Bring on a Bikepacking Trip 2021

Reasons to buy a bicycle are as diverse as the people buying them. People who are mostly interested in urban commuting look for bikes for Los Angeles. However, people of a more adventurous bent may seek out bikes specifically for a bikepacking trip.

Bikepacking is similar to backpacking except that, instead of carrying your essentials on your back while hiking, you ride out into the wilderness while carrying your gear on your bike. As with backpacking, you can make trouble for yourself by either packing too much or not enough. Here is a guide to some of the essentials you need for bikepacking.


Before you can pack anything for your trip, you need something to pack the gear in, and that means bags. You can use panniers, which are special bags that hang on either side of your back wheel, or you can choose bags that strap elsewhere on your bike, such as the seat or handlebars. It really depends on your own personal preference.


The clothing you want to pack depends a lot on when and where you’re traveling. For a bikepacking Southern California trip during summer, you may be able to pack relatively light, while a more northerly trip may require a warm hat and coat. In either case, you’ll probably need separate sets of clothes for camp and clothes for riding.


You should have something to protect you from the weather while you camp, such as a tarp or tent. You should also have a sleeping bag and pad to keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping.

First-Aid Kit

Since you’ll be in rough terrain far away from civilization, your kit should contain supplies that help you cope with minor injuries. Think bandages, antibiotic ointment, blister pads, etc.

Bike Repair Tools

Pack things such as a patch kit, pump, and spare tubes so you can deal with a flat. A multi-tool can help you cope with any other bike issues that may arise.

Food and Water

In addition to packing nonperishable food, you’ll need some way to prepare it, such as a camp stove. Don’t forget the utensils for cooking and eating.

Because water sources can be scarce and questionable, you’ll need bottles with which to carry it, as well as purification tablets or a water filter to be sure it is safe to drink.


Getting lost on your bikepacking trip could be disastrous. A GPS is a good idea, but you don’t want to rely on it completely. You should also have an accurate route description, compass, and a map.


Things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper are a given. Wet wipes can be useful for keeping clean between showers. You’ll also need protective items such as lip balm and sunscreen.


If you plan to travel after dark, a headlamp is a necessity. Even if you plan to make camp as the sun goes down, you still need a flashlight or a lantern as you set up your sleeping space.Obviously, your most essential piece of bikepacking equipment is a bicycle. If you’re interesting in making the trip this year but don’t have a suitable conveyance, you can find suitable women’s or men’s bikes for sale online.

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Where to stay when in Seychelles?




Where to stay when in Seychelles

Seychelles is a magnificent 115-island archipelago known for its white-sand beaches and luxurious private island resorts and hotels. Due to its cultural diversity and wide-ranging accommodation options, it is known to be one of the most iconic vacations and honeymoon spots that promises to give you an idyllic tropical escape that you will never forget!

Since we know it is a 115-island territory, one might wonder which places are best for different kinds of experiences. Like if you are planning a honeymoon, which places are best suited for your romantic stay and if you are in Seychelles for recreational purposes, which are the places to be at etc. 

Well, you do not need to worry about it. not only will I be telling you the best places to visit for different purposes but also the kind of activities you should be engaging yourself in to get a full experience when in Seychelles.

For Romantic Getaways

If you are planning a honeymoon or any kind of trip with your significant others and you want to experience the true essence of love and romance in Seychelles, these are the places to be at:

Story Seychelles

It is a fantastic resort in Beau Vallon Beach, one of the most luxurious of places in Seychelles, and is one of the prestigious boutique resorts in the country It is setat a perfect location just 10 minutes from the capital, and 20 minutes to Seychelles International Airport. A perfect place to spend a romantic vacation with access to the only beach that is open for swimming all year round.

Le Domaine de l’Orangerie

It is elegant, beautifully-designed and one of the best luxury resorts in Seychelles. Located on picturesque La Digue are the 128 stylish, intimate, and elegantly designed suites and villas for the couples to enjoy on their romantic getaways.

Cousine Island

With around 6 French colonial-style villas, Cousine Island is a romantic hideaway on a lush private island. With all the luxuries like private pools, sea-facing verandahs, creole cooking class, sumptuous bedrooms, diving, and guided hikes, it is among one of the highly-rated honeymoon spots for newlyweds.

Raffles Seychelles

Located on the Baie Sainte Anne in Praslin, Raffles Seychelles is a luxury hotel with villas offering the best private plunge pools, spa, and some of the best restaurants there are! It is a contemporary choice for well-heeled couples.

For exploring the natural beauty of Seychelles

North Island

Located in the form of 11 thatched villas, it is the epitome of absolute barefoot luxury. It is a private island best for people who aim to explore and enjoy the ocean and jungles of Seychelles

La Belle Tortue

It is a boutique-style, eco-lodged, and tropically exotic protected reserve. It is a collection of 6 villas where each lodge can cater up to 15 guests to provide them with a relaxed, beachy vibe and to make them experience the best of Seychelles

Denis Private Island

In order to provide its guests with the best experience, Denis presses upon disconnecting will all kinds of electronic devices and just enjoy your stay with the best organic foods and the natural lifestyle there is. Due to this interesting approach, it is a priority pick for nature lovers and foodies!

For a Boutique-style experience

Le Chateau de Feuilles

With access to its private island, it is a romantic retreat and a 5-star hotel having a beautiful sea view and a lovely spa. As they also have a private island, they also offer fishing, diving, and snorkeling trips with local operators.

Dhevatara Beach Hotel

Offering 10 boutique suites at Grand’Anse on Praslin, it is a traditional Seychelles-style hotel with open-plan suites and airy rooms. With the delicious food and opportunities to experience kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing, it is a very intimate and grown-up choice for people who are up for it.


Offering minimalist rooms and suites, it is a very secluded spot present on the northeast coast of Praslin.

For a family experience

Constance Ephelia

It is a 313 rooms and villas facility present between the lagoons and swaying palms on a long sandy cove, Constance Ephelia is a chic Mahe-based resort and is the best spot for family vacations as they have water sports and kids club to provide you with the best experience. It is a Seychelles luxury resort with so many amenities that can not be described but need to be experienced in order to get a full understanding of it.

Four Seasons Seychelles at Desroches Islan

With a total of 67 luxurious suites, rooms, and villas spread across the private island, four seasons is the best pick for large families looking to enjoy on a reasonable budget. With a soothing spa and a beachfront bar for the parents whilst movie nights, water sports, and tortoise sanctuary to entertain the children, it is one of the best family experience spots you need to explore if you are planning to go on a family trip.

These were some of the highly rated and recommended hotels and recreational spots for you, keeping in view the different interests and purposes you might have while planning the trip. You can also rent a whole villa or apartment if you are planning on living for a longer time or you plan on going on a trip with your friends. This will not only cost you less but also will provide you with a more personal experience and memories to remember for the rest of your life!

For information about visiting luxury boutique hotel Rabat, Check out 

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The Unconventional Guide to Manchester of India



Manchester of India

Don’t be surprised if you really did not understand India had its very own Manchester. A city loaded with centuries-old background, practice and also some incredible architectural wonder, Ahmedabad is absolutely deserving of the name-” Manchester of India“. This city will definitely leave you without words.

Ahmedabad is house to several freedom fighters including Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel as well as Mahatma Gandhi. One of the most prominent industrial areas in India, continued reading to comprehend more regarding this attractive city.

The Manchester of India is set on the banks of River Sabarmati. Distinct in its very own method, Ahmedabad is known for its savory local food, dazzling architecture and also the enchanting mood that is worth experiencing.

Why is Ahmedabad called as the Manchester of India

There are numerous elements that were thought about before this title was provided to Ahmedabad. Do continued reading to understand the truths.

The Area of the City

Purposefully planned and placed on the financial institutions of River Sabarmati, this area produces cotton in plenty. This makes it easier for mills to get sources in your area. The mills also have access to proficient and unskilled workers in lots from nearby towns. These mills are financed by service magnets who stays in the city and are familiar with the people around. Quite possibly connected with all city cities in India, Ahmedabad is a center for exports as well.

The Vivid Society Of the City

Anyone going to the city will undoubtedly fall in love with the city as well as its energised society. The citizens of the city celebrate their tradition by proactively participating in all the festivals. Around celebrations, the entire city is well lit with bright lights and decorated. Everybody is dressed in conventional garments as well as the joy is extremely evident throughout all house.

Style Admire Manchester of India

The Fabric Mill of Ahmedabad

The Shahpur Mill in Ahmedabad saw substantial success as a textile mill. Numerous were inspired and also followed suit. At the end of the 20th century, there were 33 effective textile mills that were growing in the city. The leading manufacturers, Ambalal Sarabhai and also Kasturbhai Lalbhai lovingly called Ahmedabad the” Manchester of India” as the export service saw jumps and bounds within a short period of time.

What are the similarities between the Manchester of England and also the Manchester of India

The City of Manchester located in England is recognized globally for its cotton mills. Ahmedabad followed suit and also was renowned for its cotton mills across the country.

Manchester of England remains on the banks of River Mersey. The Manchester of India is situated on the banks of River Sabarmati. This area assists in drying the cotton threads conveniently

The temperature level of both the cities is ideally for spinning of the cotton threads. Ahmedabad’s climate additionally helps in the expanding of cotton.

Ahmedabad is appropriately called as the Manchester of India The city is house to some of the earliest textile mills in the country. The creates from the city has unparalleled top quality and is definitely one of the very best worldwide.

What is the most effective time to Check out Ahmedabad- The Manchester of India.

Each season in Ahmedabad has its very own distinct things to offer

March to May– Its summertime as well as one of the very best time to go to Ahmedabad for spending plan travellers.

June-October– See to it to take your umbrella. The monsoon months in the Manchester of India see temperature goes down tremendously.

November- February– The perfect time to visit Ahmedabad with its enjoyable weather condition is the winter. Don’t forget to pack your woollens if you are planning to see Ahmedabad throughout these months.

Destinations of Ahmedabad

Leading Places to Check Out in Ahmedabad- The Manchester of India

Ahmedabad, along with various cotton textile mills, there are numerous locations to visit also.

Stepwells Adalaj

This was created originally to inspect the water dilemma on the close-by village. Currently, this structure is an architectural marvel.

Location of Stepwells Adalaj: Adalaj Road, Adalaj, Gujarat

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Entry Cost: Free

Sarkhej Roza

Lovingly called as the Castle of Ahmedabad, the Sarkhej Roza is a tomb that houses a mosque within its walls. Surely one of the architectural wonders in the nation.

Area of Sarkhej Roza: Blog Post Jeevraj Park, Sarkhej Makarba Rd, Makarba, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm

Access Charge: Free

Kankaria Lake

The second biggest lake in the city, the Kankaria Lake is unquestionably one of the best areas to visit in the Manchester of India. There are numerous tasks to keep the entire family entertained throughout the day. You will locate plaything rides, balloon safaris, water sports as well as even amusement parks

Area of Kankaria Lake: Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Timings: 9 am to 10 pm

Entrance Cost: INR 10 per adult|INR 5 per youngster

Top Things to Do in the Manchester of India

Don’t miss these top experiences when you visit the Manchester of India.

Manek Chowk: Participate in a globe of fantastic Culinary experience

Among the most effective spots to witness the life of the residents in Ahmedabad. Manek Chowk is a jewelry market in the morning and also doubles up as a road food sanctuary in the night.

Heritage Stroll: Take a stroll with the society of the Manchester of south India

Begins early at 745 in the morning, the heritage stroll takes you around 22 attractions in the city. The best way to experience the life of Ahmedabad.

Sunset Drive-In Cinema: Your Open-Air Movie Experience for an exciting evening

A hit amongst couples and pals, this set of a kind experience is certainly a terrific method to enjoy some remarkable movies

Go into Ahmedabad- the Manchester of India

We hope we have given you some understandings for your next getaway to the Manchester of India. You can likewise check out our scenic tour bundles to take inspiration from. So, what are you waiting on? Let’s begin planning and loading for your trip to Gujarat with Pickyourtrail. To know more about latest news just visit us:

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