The Best Office Stationery For Working From Home

This pandemic has revolutionized everything around us, including our modes of working. Today, working from home has become customary for everyone. There is a corner in every home where individuals do their office tasks without leaving their homes.

Working from home does not mean you don’t need your office supplies. Remote jobs require as much punctuality and organized supplies as any office employee needs. If you are working from home, then the right and best office stationery at your disposal will lead you to work efficiently and complete your office assignments on time. 

If you have started your business from home or just started a remote job, you definitely need office supplies. We have gathered a few items among the wide variety of office supplies that are used mostly and can increase your productivity. 

Essentials Required For Home Office

Have a look at the most critical office stationery required in your home office, making your office tasks easy.  

  1. Pens

The first and foremost item required in your home office is pens. Whenever you are flooded with ideas and do not know where to write, simply write them on paper with smooth gel pens or pencils. 

Moreover, if you are having video conferencing, you can also record the important points or keep track of your to-do list with pens and markers. In addition, editing your assignments manually also requires premium pens. If you have a bulk of written work to do, you can also get some pen refills for your home office. 

  1. Sticky Notes

In-office stationery, especially for remote jobs, sticky notes are crucial. These sticky notes will help you organize your tasks by acting as little reminders. You can paste them anywhere with little notes, and your assignments will never be late. 

Moreover, these sticky notes can also be pasted on your documents to organize your various documents in no go. As these notes are super adhesive, you can use them at multiple places by removing and pasting them again. 

  1. Mobile Device Cables And Accessories

Mobile device cables and other accessories, including earbuds, headphones, adapters, and wireless chargers, are fundamental for any home office. Working online involves video conferencing and the use of multiple gadgets. Therefore, you should have alternatives for chargers and adapters. If your wireless devices get short circuit or your batteries run out, your laptops will be of no use, leaving you crippled. 

Moreover, if you don’t have proper handsfree, you won’t be able to attend day-to-day meetings with your boss or give presentations of your assignments.

  1.  Diaries And Planners

Working from home requires you to manage your home as well as office tasks. Therefore, a handy planner will let you manage your home and office events easily. 

Moreover, you can also divide your big goals into small tasks through these yearly or monthly planners and complete any big projects steadily. Furthermore, you will also keep track of your work progress by looking at these planners. If you need modifications in your future tasks by looking at the present-day progress, you can also change them accordingly. 

  1. Desk Organizers

Remote workers are working in small corners of their homes. Their office usually consists of a table and chair where all of their essentials are placed. So they require desk organizers, including cardholders, document cabinets, file organizers, and trays. 

Using organizers lets you handle all of your office stationery in one place, and you would never experience lost pen or paper anymore.  

  1. Archive Boxes

There is a lack of storage options for home offices. There is always a file storage room in-office buildings, while in home offices there is no such option.

You can use card boxes as your archive boxes to handle this situation. You can place your monthly archives in these boxes, label them, and simply place them under your beds or tables. To avoid confusion, you can also label these archive boxes with pens so you may use them again when required.  

  1. Paper Fasteners

Like regular offices, home offices also require paper fasteners, including staplers, u-clips, file fasteners, and clipboards. These fasteners hold your documents together and give your home office a more organized look. If you don’t have these fasteners in your home office, you won’t handle all of your printed documents in one place. Moreover, if a single page gets missed during your presentation because your file was not fastened properly, you will be in a bad situation.  

  1. Markers and Highlighters

In home offices, you need to do research before presenting your ideas. You also need to highlight the critical points in your recent assignment. All of this can be done only using highlighters and colored markers. 

Moreover, you also need markers to write on whiteboards and give organized virtual presentations to your colleagues. Therefore, highlighters and markers are necessary office supplies that should always be near you in your home office. 

  1. Glues And Adhesives

Usually, glues and adhesives are overlooked while considering the home office stationery but they are as functional supplies like any other office supplies. The adhesives can be used as correctors as you can paste the white paper on wrong statistics and hide your mistakes neatly.

Moreover, adhesives are also required when you need to paste something on walls. You can also mend broken file covers or damaged pages with these adhesives. 


There is a stereotypical thought that home offices don’t require stationery. Well, we have discussed the most crucial office stationery which can make any home office as functional as any regular office. If you have these essentials in your home office, you can work seamlessly in your remote job.