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The Best New Electronic Cigarette on the Market Today



If you are looking for a new electronic cigarette to replace your old one or start vaping, it is worth it to buy the best that you can get on the market today. Features and technology say a lot about modern vape devices.

Fortunately, any new electronic cigarette would come with a plethora of incredible features to enhance your vaping experience.

Whether you are an advanced user or new to the entire experience, you need to know the current new options that you have. Apart from the pack of features, they are trendy with modern designs that add style to your fashion. Get to know them here below.

Snaps REV4 E-Cigarette E-Pack Starter Kit

Beginners deserve something enticing to welcome them into the world of vaping, and getting a convenient starter pack like Snaps REV4 E-Cigarette E-Pack Starter Kit is the best thing. This pack boasts boosted batteries and a patented magnetic activation that will take vaping to a whole new level.

The pack has the new electronic cigarette, charging accessories, batteries, and a user guide. The good thing is that it comes with two more tobacco cartridges on the side. Once you buy it, you buy an e-juice of your choice and start enjoying it like a pro.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Even if you are new, you may have heard of Mig e-cigarettes. They are absolutely premium and this starter kit is no different. You have the option of choosing a variety of colors such as stainless steel, pink, white, or black.

Beginners can refill their tanks whenever they need to so that they do not. This opens the possibility to try different flavors as a beginner. With this, there is nothing more you could want.

Eco Menthol E-Cigarette 12-pack

E-Puffer has yet another surprise for users. This is a new electronic cigarette pack with 12 sticks of disposable electronic cigarettes. The best thing is how environmentally friendly the pack is. Hence, users can enjoy vaping anywhere without the fear of damaging the environment.

The menthol flavor and presence of nicotine take this e-cig to a whole new level and everyone is in a position to enjoy it.

It is easily available in Canada, although you can buy the pack from any part of the world through a reliable seller and have then shipped to your country.

Relx Infinity

Last but not least, we have this incredible e-cigarette with a compatible charging case. The design is top-notch and the e-cig has already won an award in March 2020 for the best design. Since it has a compatible charging case, it is always ready for use if it is stored well. Users are also guaranteed of no leaks since the company has heavily tested their pods. This is one new electronic cigarette that you must give a try.


Vaping has never been this easy with the many options that are available. You can buy a new electronic cigarette online or from a variety of shops today. Choose one on this list and you will not regret it.

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Comparison of human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs



Comparison of human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs

Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are becoming extremely popular nowadays. This is why so far many are still confused as to which of the two is better. However, in this fight, the human wig will always win. This is because most people prefer to use products that look natural when worn.

On the other hand, there are still some who prefer to buy synthetic wigs because they are more affordable. To evaluate which of the two is better, here is a brief comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two products.

Synthetic hair wigs

These wigs are known to have a shorter lifespan than human wigs even after proper care. One of the major problems with these products is that you can’t use hot styling tools with them. They can easily get damaged if kept in heated areas like fireplaces, ovens, etc.

Another downside to these wigs is that they can breathe less than human hair wigs. This means that once you wear them, your scalp is sweating. Although it may be, these wigs are less expensive than human wigs and will retain their style after you wash them.

Human Hair Wigs

Like any other product, human wigs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out what they are. First, these wigs can last a long time with proper care. Unlike synthetic wigs, you can use hot styling tools when styling. Also, they are safe to use even when you are standing next to heated areas.

How to apply lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs are the secret to many celebrities ’ fabulous-looking hairstyles. Available in a variety of textures, colors, lengths, and styles, lace part wigs and full lace wigs allow women to have the necessary structure and hairstyle that matches their lifestyle.

In addition to providing women with eye-catching hair, another advantage of using lace part wigs or lace part wigs is that they have invisible airlines. They provide the most natural-looking hairline among all the available options and make a person look stunning.

Practice the right way to apply the wig to the front of your lace and you can get a great look whenever you want!

If you bought a new lace front wig and still don’t know how to apply it properly, keep reading to know-how.

There are two ways to apply the wig to the front of your lace:

Using double-sided tape and using liquid glue to hold the wig straight. Some retailers sell adhesives together with 4×4 lace part wigs so you should have no problem choosing which one will work best with the wig. If no glue is sold with the lace front wig, choose two adhesives, but make sure your desired product is specially designed for this purpose.

In addition, you can color them at any time and they give you a more natural look. The good thing about them is that when you touch them they will like the way they feel on your fingers. Because these are made from smooth and real hair. In addition, these wigs are extremely expensive and need to be styled after washing.

Now that you know the opinion in favor of each product, it is clear that the better choice is the human wig. If you evaluate the products carefully, human hair wigs are good because they have several advantages over synthetic wigs so choose them now and you will never regret your decision.

Find more valuable information about Human Hair Wigs and find the Human Hair Wigs you need to see today Hair and Beauty.

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Choose an E juice that suits your taste



Vape rigs and vape cigarettes have vape juices that create an aerosol for users to inhale when heated. Vape stores have a wide collection of cartridges, colorful pods, vape juices, and bottles filled with flavored e-liquids. These juices are available in a huge variety of flavors to suit each user’s preferences and a variety of nicotine levels. There are also nicotine-free vape juices available. Vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol makes up the majority of the items (PG). Water, food flavoring, and certain kinds of nicotine are also applied to enhance vape juice.

Tips for choosing an E juice:

Choosing an E Juice that meets your immediate needs often boils down to having a set of objectives in mind when using a vape. When choosing E Juice, the most important factors to consider are nicotine replacement, flavor, and maximum vapor production. Some other essentials to keep in mind for selecting an E juice are:

  • PG blends of E-juices are often some of the most flavorful, but you have to experiment with different flavors before settling on your favorite.
  • All combinations with high nicotine content have better flavor because they offer a stronger throat hit.
  • If you switch to vape to try quitting cigarettes, it is advised to choose high nicotine vape juice blend.
  • Looking for a popular past time vape mood that produces the largest vapor clouds for vape tricking VG blend of vape juice can be the best way to do it. Sweeter flavors are also effective in enhancing the size of the cloud.
  • To get dense vapor clouds to keep experimenting with high heat atomizers and different VG blends of vape juices. You can try Fcukin’ Flava – Honeydew Blackcurrantof cloud and cream series for a better first experience.
  • When a vape is set too high, an e-liquid may make a person cough on occasion, particularly when they first start using a vaporizer. The problem may be caused by high nicotine content in the e-liquid or a person’s reaction to PG e-liquid. Using E-liquids with zero nicotine is the solution for this issue.

Fcukin’ Flava – Honeydew Blackcurrant:

There are not many brands that consistently get it right when it comes to flavor, but FcukinFlava is a Malaysian brand that actually gets it right. FuckinFlava has many flavors to choose from, and every single flavor is constantly consistent in quality.

Fcukin’ Flava – Honeydew Blackcurrant is an amazing 100% VG flavor from Cloud & Cream series. This flavor is specially created for vape users who love to make huge amounts of clouds. To experience a chunk load of clouds and a funky vaping sensation in every single puff, this delicate mixture of juice honeydew with an exciting hint of fresh blackcurrant by Fuckin’ Flava is simply unmatchable. With the 50/50 ratio of VG and PG, this product is available with zero nicotine levels. This stunning combination of juicy honeydew with deliciously sweet blackcurrant provides delectable cloudy heights. As far as vape juice flavors go, Fcukin’ Flava – Honeydew Blackcurrant is a good one with no too powerful flavors to deliver the clouds highly appreciated by cloud chasers.

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Exclusive Interview with Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr, The Coming Messiah




By Dendy Media

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., The Coming Messiah.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?


First I want to say, All Praise Be to YHWH.

My name is Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr.

I Am: The Coming Messiah, The Conqueror, The Ruler with a Rod of Iron, The Root of David, The Lion of Judah, The Lamb of God, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, The Faithful One, The True One and The Coming Son of our God, YHWH.

Where I am and who I am today is only because of YHWH and his purpose for my life.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

I am The Coming Messiah. I have faced every challenge that life has given any individual in some shape or form and More.

It is belittling to attempt to list the obstacles that I’ve had to Overcome.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

I am Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., The Coming Messiah.

My Only Goal is to enter Heaven and bring The House of Israel into Heaven with me.

My expertise stand on:

Following YHWH’s way
Being The Coming Messiah
Entering Heaven.

I have no competition; Only a Goal that I will accomplish.

Anyone who wants to go to Heaven will follow me because I know the way, I am going the way and I am necessary in order to enter Heaven The Coming Messiah’s Book of The Law.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Entering Heaven is the most successful goal anyone can accomplish in this life.

If your readers want to enter Heaven, the best I advice have for them is to:

Follow The Law of YHWH in The Torah to the best of their ability.
Accept, Assist and Follow me, Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., The Coming Messiah.
Seek the immediate construction of YHWH’s Tabernacle.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

Success to me is accomplishing the goal or purpose that you seek to complete.

What’s next for you?

Again, I am The Coming Messiah. My Only Goal is to enter Heaven.

In order for me to accomplish my goal, My Current Objective is building YHWH’s Tabernacle.

Every move I make is only a step in the direction of accomplishing My Goal.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more.

Surprisingly, I am not impossible to contact.

For: Appearances, Interviews, Meet & Greets, Press Conferences and/or Public Speaking Events


For: Consultation, Counseling, Personal Concerns and Personal Questions

Call/Text: (908) 652-4478

Any communication made with me, that I consider disrespectful or a waste of my time will be blocked, deleted and/or ignored.

Again, I Am: Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., The Coming Messiah, The Conqueror, The Ruler with a Rod of Iron, The Root of David, The Lion of Judah, The Lamb of God, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, The Faithful One, The True One and The Coming Son of our God, YHWH.

I appreciate you all for publishing this article you have made with me.

All Praise Be to The Most High, The Supreme Being and The Creator of ALL Things; YHWH, Yahweh, YHWH!!!

The Coming Messiah’s Website:

The Coming Messiah’s Instagram:

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Human Freedom Music Awards – An Anti-Trafficking Campaign




The Human Freedom Music Awards are the movement that unites artists and fans against human trafficking. Backed by a million-dollar award pool, and supported by such artists and producers as OneRepublic and Mike Elizondo, the HFMAs was created by Humans Against Trafficking, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The awards will go to the artists whose songs create the most positive impact in the fight against human trafficking.


We’ve all heard music that glamorizes the sex trade, creating myths and passive tolerance. Lyrics often promote women as objects, pimps as streetwise heroes, and paying for sex as cool. The truth is that victims are lured and manipulated because of their powerless circumstances, the average age of recruitment is just 14 years-old, and 10 million kids are being exploited worldwide as you read this. Those are difficult facts to understand and even harder to talk about. But you can change this tragedy with your music.


The Human Freedom Music Awards exists to support and nurture a vast community of artists to create and popularize music that displaces songs that fuel exploitation, and ultimately change minds. Artists will be recognized not only for the quality of their music, but also on how impactful it is in changing minds. Similarly, fans will be rewarded not only for hashtags/shares, but also on how well they activate their friends. A thousand songs will flood the airwaves, a thousand bands will be supported in building their careers, and millions of fans will be engaged and activated.


Humans Against Trafficking has launched the movement platform and the AI-based technology to measure the real impact. We’re now recruiting influential artists who are as opposed to human trafficking as we are and want to join us in the fight.

You can help by doing any of the following:

1. Sharing this idea with others you think may be interested.

2. Lending your name as a supporter.

3. Submitting a song of your own for the awards.

We would love to answer all of your questions! Just send us a quick email at

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New Millennium Athletics combines sustainability and comfort in their performance-enhancing apparel




Did you know that the clothing industry is responsible for a large percentage of the planet’s carbon emissions every year?

The need for sustainable fashion has been on the rise since it has become a significant contributor to pollution. Consumers are slowly but surely making the conscious decision to seek sustainable and ethical brands that are more considerate to humanity and the environment. This results in the necessity for fashion brands to listen to growing concerns about the environment and find ways to create fashion to reduce negative environmental impacts as much as possible.

While consumers are slowly moving towards more sustainable fashion, many either do not know or disregard the impact that the current fashion industry of fast fashion and “throwaway culture” have on societal and environmental issues. This could be due to the lack of transparency some companies may have over their manufacturing processes or just a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge by the consumer.

Sustainable fashion can save natural resources, reduce carbon footprints, support fairer and safer working conditions, and save the lives of every living being on the planet. A study from 2015 showed that 97% of materials that go into manufacturing efforts were new resources, with only 3% recycled. These new resources include the oil and other materials it takes to produce synthetic fibers, fertilizers to grow cotton, and the chemicals needed to dye and finish products. The annual resource input in 2015 was 98 million tons. Many eco-friendly fashion brands are now using recycled fibers as a more sustainable option because it reduces pressure on new resources and helps with waste management.

One company that combines sustainability with an effort to create products that are aesthetically pleasing to the modern man is New Millennium Athletics. Realizing that golfers constantly strive to improve their flexibility and swing, but are not given clothing that is tailored to meet their needs the team decided to create polo shirts that boost performance while offering a good fit.

Their polo shirts use a high-performance blend of recycled polyester and spandex that is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and offers 360° stretch for increased airflow and mobility. While traditional dress shirts use tailoring techniques to improve the fit and look of the shirt, it was clear that classic polos did not use the same techniques. The Multiverse collection borrowed from this design, with knife pleats along the shoulders that are tactically placed and engineered to improve upper-body mobility, react to movements and enhance overall athletic performance. Additionally, the polo has rear darting to provide a perfect fit around the midsection by eliminating the useless fabric that hinders athletic performance and prevents people from performing their best. On top of using materials that will help with performance, the shirts are made with recycled polyester from recycled plastics that are melted into pellets to create the yarn that goes into the fabric.

Finally, what makes this shirt so extraordinary is the fact it is so versatile. The team at New Millennium Athletics opted for a stylish bladed collar, brushed metal buttons, and understated branding to create the perfect aesthetic for the modern man. With its modern design, the shirt can be worn to the gym, to the golf course and for a night out with friends.

Brands like New Millennium Athletics which are heading the sustainable fashion movement are proof that we don’t have to pollute, exploit, and overconsume to look stylish. Sustainable brands worldwide are producing less textile waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using less water, less energy, avoiding pesticides and insecticides, using recycled or recyclable materials, and generating less toxic waste and water pollution. The slow fashion movement contradicts the trend of fast fashion and limitless consumption. In reality, slow fashion is not a new concept. Fashion was always slow until fast fashion took off in the late 80s and early 90s. Sustainable fashion and minimalism aim to reintroduce the idea of not purchasing more clothes than we need. Sustainable fashion brands rarely follow trends, and they don’t push new collections every week to trick you into buying more. Slow fashion is all about quality and timeless pieces. That doesn’t mean that these clothes are not stylish. Rather, they invest in developing timeless designs which help the wearer feel confident throughout the year.

Oil is required for synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex. Mass oil extraction is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases in the United States.

Recyclable, or biodegradable fabrics play an essential role in the world of sustainable fashion. We can’t keep making clothes if we don’t know where they’ll go when we’re done with them. We already produce massive quantities of textile waste. Recyclable apparel contributes to a more circular economy by reducing textile waste.

From inception, the goal of New Millennium Athletics has been to bring consumers the perfect modern update to the iconic polo shirt. The founders launched their collection to offer a new and improved polo shirt and protect the environment. Their design is thoughtfully and meticulously designed for the modern man, from finding the suitable fabric to refining the fit and finish. The objective is to deliver a great product in a timely and sustainable fashion, thus providing a beneficial product to their consumers and the environment.

To add this shirt to your wardrobe, click here and enjoy a discount of up to 35% off.

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