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I had to share this with the world, as it is something everyone should know about. Hell, it should have an international day dedicated to it and a little worship corner in every parents’ house, because it is simply genius! If you’re like me, you discover some useful things after the moment they were built for, so you just linger thinking how great it could have been. I missed out on some cool things in general and on some great things as a parent, too. And if some of these could have made my life easier, the sadness deepens. Fortunately, I found out about the concept of weighted blanket for kids in due time, as it can be used for toddlers, kids and teenagers. We’re at that stage where my daughter is old enough to know that bedtime is coming and young enough to make a drama out of it without saying a word, as she is not very verbal yet.

After hearing about it, I thought I should at least read more. And it made sense. It answers an emotional need of security we all have, but children tend to feel more lively. And it is as efficient as swaddling is, because it creates a physical sensation of safety.

The Hazli weighted blanket for kids with removable cover seemed to be the best option available, as it was made from 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber. So it has better results and it helps you keep it clean easily, as the minky cover can be washed as often as one finds fit. I liked the fact that I could consult with my little one about what colour to choose, so she fell in love with it even before seeing it. But the first hand reaction was the most remarkable one, as she smiled when I first tucked her in with it and said „this is like having you here with me all the time, mommy”. And it was true from day one, my baby simply changed her sleeping habits completely, not only something I concluded just because she did not call for me or came to the master bedroom, but because the stats from her security camera said so, as it analyses her sleeping pattern. The weighted blanket helps her sleep more profoundly, with no interruptions, until the alarm clock goes off. This, on the other hand, translates in a positive effect upon my sleeping habits also, as I don’t need to check up on her or make some room for a kid who kicks and mumbles while sleeping.

I am keen on making the weighted blanket for kids with removable cover as popular as it deserves to be. I myself think I would have slept a lot better as a kid if I had one of these, so maybe others will have better chances. In the meantime, I will make sure I have all the right models to match my daughter’s development stages and describe its incredible powers as the future finally looks bright and peaceful for the first time.

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