The Best In Video Surveillance

The Best In Video Surveillance: 2021

We were surprised to read that only a little over 40% of the American population has an at-home video surveillance system. It seems like such an easy decision. Who doesn’t want peace of mind over their house, belongings, and loved ones? 

Of course, we can understand the whole Big Brother debate. We’re already paranoid about who’s watching us and tracking us. But, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them in such a way that allows you to keep an eye on your home when you’re away from it. 

Since you’re here, you probably already have one foot in the door. Allow us to take some of the guesswork of your hands and present four of the market’s top-selling cameras. Once you decide on the one that fits the bill, we’ll also help you set up military-grade surveillance. 

Wyze Cam HD 1080p

This is a great system that comes at an affordable price point. One of its best features, however, is its motion detection. Whenever someone walks past one of your stationed cameras, it can (if you want it to) send an alert to your phone like a text message. 

In addition, each camera will record 12 seconds of footage whenever it detects motion or sound. This can be saved on the cloud and accessed whenever you need it. 

The system will also record continuously if you want to capture every moment. However, it requires a sim card to do so.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

You won’t go far in your research without coming across the Arlo line of cameras. The Pro 4, in particular, is remarkable when it comes to night vision. It offers color night vision, allowing you to see clear features like someone’s face or a license plate. 

It, too, will send alerts to your phone whenever the delivery man comes by or anyone approaches your home. But, those clear, undistorted images it captures in the dead of night are one of its best features. 

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Camera

Ring did a great job marketing themselves when they hit the market. Many of us saw those commercials where “the bad guy” approached someone’s door and the homeowner yelled at him through the doorbell camera to get away. 

Of course, Ring has an entire line of cameras now and the Stick Up Cam is one of their best. It’s easy to mount, comes with a battery pack (so no cords are required), and connects to your WiFi.

Like many security cameras these days, it also integrates with Alexa to help you control your entire property. The manufacturers at Ring can also boast one of the most affordable cloud storage plans, coming in at $3/month for 60 days of storage. 

Google Nest Cam IQ

While Wyze, Arlo, and Ring are all excellent outdoor options, let’s move to the indoors.

If you already use Google to control your smart home, then this security camera is a shoo-in. It pairs well with your smart system because you won’t need to purchase as many smart speakers; your video camera can pull double duty. 

While the Arlo camera delivers crystal clear imagery in night vision, the Google Nest Cam offers crystal clear two-way audio. This, again, makes it a no-brainer as a new addition to your home smart system. 

How to Set Up Military Quality Surveillance

If you’ve ever been on the fence about setting up a home security system, this blog will convince you. Having the ability to keep an eye on our homes whether we’re out for dinner or traveling to Europe offers tremendous peace of mind. 

Whether you go with Wyze, Arlo, or Nest, let’s discuss a few different tactics that will allow you to start setting up military quality surveillance on your home. 

Don’t Hide Your Cameras

Have you ever driven onto a military base? Before you even cross the gates, there are half a dozen cameras trained on you. It makes you think, “Hands up!” 

Do the same around the perimeter of your home. Don’t be afraid to let potential invaders know they’re being watched and they won’t get away with it. 

Cover All Entry Points

Of course, the front door always receives plenty of coverage. But, don’t forget the multiple other entrypoints intruders will use. 

Be sure to cover your back door as well as all ground-floor windows. Walk the perimeter of your property to assess any weak spots like the dark corner over by the shed or the second-floor window that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump up from the gazebo. 

Set Your Notifications

Each of the above cameras has an app. Be sure to download the app to your phone and check all your settings. You don’t have to open your camera to check the live stream all throughout the day (unless you want to). 

Rather, you can set up motion detection alerts that will allow you to know the moment someone enters onto your property. And, with the added feature of two-way audio, you can let the person standing on your doorstep know if they’re welcome or not. 

The Best Video Surveillance for You

And there you have it. These four cameras can offer you the best video surveillance. Likewise, these three tips will help you arm your home and protect your loved ones. 

Whether you’re sourcing information for your next business deal or your next remodeling project, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our blog. It’s continually being updated with your success in mind. 

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