The Best Custom Promotional Products

The Best Custom Promotional Products

In order to grow beyond a certain point, every company has to market itself. While traditional advertising has its place, one of the best ways to get your name out there is with custom promotional products.

Promotional products are nothing new. There have been products created as giveaways, loyalty rewards, and partnered products for over 100 years.

Promotional products allow you to get the name of your company in front of potential customers in large quantities. By giving out promotional materials, you  reward loyalty for the recipient, but you also get to market to all of the potential customers they will encounter. 

Custom Promotional Products Help Overcome Customer Fatigue

Promotional products throughout the 20th century remained pretty static. You put your logo on a regularly used product. You give that product away. People use that cooler, jacket, backpack, et cetera, and other people see them.

This usage keeps your logo and brand visible to the public and creates loyalty in the customer to whom you gave the item. This usage is classic, and definitely still has its place, but the brands at the front of public consciousness are doing more.

This is where custom promotional products shine. By working with your marketing company, you can create a custom product that speaks to your brand and your customer base.

While there is nothing wrong with a backpack or jacket as a promo item to give away, there are a couple of problems with them. 

Standard giveaway promotional items feel standard. While a classic windbreaker is functional, it is a fairly expensive marketing outlay for something that might not ever be used.

This is due to a bit of a paradox. Brands that are willing to pay for a quality jacket for a promotional item are obviously appealing to customers of a certain income level. Customers who can afford the kind of brand that is able to afford that marketing expense are not going to wear an unattractive item with a logo just because it is free.

How do you overcome this issue and make your materials appealing to your customers? What can you do to make sure your customer base will actually use the items you give out, so you can get the mileage of your marketing dollars?

The way to overcome this boredom with the same promotional products is by offering items that are unique enough that your customers will be excited about using them. This might be a custom makeup bag with a makeup purchase or a high-end gym duffel for a workout apparel brand.

Custom Promotional Products Help Overcome Customer Fatigue

In the past, customers would carry a promotional product with them for years, and the marketing effect was prolonged but limited to their immediate circle.

Marketing now is very different. Most purchasing decisions are made based on things seen on social media. In order to get the peer pressure effect given by promotional products in the past, you need materials that people will get excited enough about to share on social media. 

The power of custom promotional products lies in creating a potential viral moment. Creating a promotional product that can go to influencers and get them excited about your product might lead to viral demand for the promotional item, and the product that they represent. 

If you can partner with a great custom promotional product company, you can find the promotional product that will reach your customers where they are. 

In summary, the best custom promotional products will appeal to the particular niche of your customers, to get them excited about your brand, and cause them to share that excitement with others!

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