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There are always new types of therapy coming out to treat your body and keep you healthy. An exciting kind of treatment that uses cold temperatures is called cryotherapy. There are spas around the United States that allow you to sit or stand in a booth that cools down to subzero temperatures for several minutes. There are said to be mental and physical health benefits from this treatment.

Cryotherapy is known to remove warts and cancer cells. It has recently become more popular to use on your whole body by celebrities and professional athletes. If you are interested in this therapy and are in California, keep reading to find the best cryotherapy LA offers. 

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as cryogenic therapy, is a form of treatment that involves freezing or near-freezing temperatures. Whole-body cryotherapy includes sitting in what is called a “cryo-chamber” for between two and five minutes. During this time, you expose your whole body to liquid nitrogen and freezing temperatures. 

The temperature range is usually somewhere between -148 and -220 degrees Fahrenheit. You wear the bare minimum clothing during this treatment, generally consisting of only socks, gloves, approved underwear, and a headband and mask to keep your ears, mouth, and nose protected.


The main reason people try out cryotherapy is for pain relief and muscle recovery. Cryotherapy can help you feel relief sooner than an ice bath or an ice pack. 

Cryotherapy is believed to reduce inflammation, but testing is still being done to prove this statement’s accuracy.

It is also believed that cryotherapy can help support weight loss by forcing the body to work harder at staying warm. This is not meant to be an alternative to eating healthy and exercising.

Cryotherapy enhances collagen production and cellular regeneration, improving the condition of your skin.

During this process, endorphins are released to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. 


As with any kind of treatment, you should consult your doctor before trying cryotherapy. It can make some conditions worse, but it is not clear what those conditions are.

Undergoing the treatment for more than five minutes can be fatal. Each session should be closely monitored for time. 


If you are located in Los Angeles and looking to undergo cryotherapy treatment, you should check out Next-Health. They have the world’s first non-nitrogen cryotherapy chamber that truly works your whole body. This treatment only takes three minutes to improve your health. 

If you experience constant, extreme stress in your daily lifestyle, your body will feel depleted. This will leave you looking for a way to physically and mentally reboot and feel refreshed. The whole-body treatment is refreshing, and you will feel so much better after you are finished.

The technology used by Next-Health in LA uses cold temperatures to constrict blood vessels, effectively moving your blood towards your vital organs. This process is an entirely natural response to extreme cold and notifies the healing system within your body, including boosting your immune system and white blood cell count.

Wrapping it Up

Cryotherapy is a cool technology that is used to treat your body with freezing temperatures. There are spas around the country that offer this treatment, but one of the most innovative spas is in Los Angeles, and it is called Next-Health.

Next-Health uses a form of non-nitrogen cryotherapy, which leaves you with several health benefits, both physical and mental. You will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and less sore than when you walked into the spa.

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