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The Best Cities in America for Cannabis Vacation

Vacations are always better with a little bit of weed by your side, but you know what’s even better? Weed vacations!

What is the best place in America to go on vacation and smoke marijuana. We have so many options for those looking for some good times under their breath-ruining clouds.

Los Angeles

The City of Angels is the mecca for weed pilgrims in The United States. Los Angeles offers all kinds of cannabis experiences, from dining at some top restaurants to sampling unparalleled products and enjoying it on Venice Beach!. Also, you can order your favorite edibles and flowers online from when you are staying in LA.

Las Vegas

Since weed was made legal two years ago, the culture of cannabis has been booming. As more people are embracing this lifestyle and going on to call it their own – Las Vegas is becoming one those cities that will never be forgotten by any stoner!


Denver has a weed-friendly environment that promises to be the future of this industry. With more than 150 dispensaries, it is impossible not visit Denver again and experience all they have for visitors. There are many places in town where one can enjoy their time while rolling up some joints or sushi rolls – from museums with great art collections, outdoor scenic views of nature’s beauty outside your hotel window (maybe if you’re lucky enough), cannabis club events like joint roller skating competitions…the list goes on!

San Francisco

San Francisco is a weed-friendly city with many dispensaries and lounges to enjoy cannabis. But remember, you cannot smoke in public here!


Portland is becoming a star of the weed scene. The city offers an array of activities that allow for relaxation and exploration, including art classes or cannabis aerobics (yes there’s such thing!). If you’re looking to try some new food instead though – look no further than Portland where great restaurants can be found with unique menus influenced by marijuana cuisine!

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