Reading is one of the greatest pleasures a man can ever feel. Reading storybooks is a healthy pastime for children. But these days there are so much chaos and distractions around that people do not have time to read storybooks anymore. Youngsters like to play with their tabs and mobiles, they hardly pick up a good book to read and appreciate its nature. Here precisely comes the role of a parent. The parents need to guide their children properly so that the kids develop a knack of reading books which in turn will benefit them greatly. climbing frames is also good for outdoor activities for kids that make your kids active physically.

Imagination: To be good at your job, you need the power of intuition. Kids should read storybooks to boost their vision. They might like fantasy novels, or an adventurous one. They may find classics such as, The Lord of The Rings interesting. They might also like the Harry Potter saga, a more contemporary one. It is the job of the parent to guide and fuel the children with enough materials so that the kids know what genre of books they’ll like best. Once they are hooked with the world of books, it is really hard for them to get out.


Workbooks are the best way to make preschool and elementary school children learn the basics of different subjects. These books are more participative and mind provoking than any other mode of imparting education on children.You can easily order a book online for your children at Popular Book Company that might be fascinating for them.

Beating the Competition
: Storybook reading is not only a pastime but it helps to stay ahead in class too. One who has read a lot of classics and different sorts of storybooks are at an advantage with their fellow students who do not study more. Kids these days are committed to online studying as well. There are different types of leveled books available online. These books are designed with specific goals to cater to the student’s cognitive growth. Learning a foreign-language is another interesting way to stay ahead of other average students. Researches indicated that it is easier to learn new languages at a young age. So, little children should always be encouraged to study new things.

Vocabulary Building: Reading storybooks is a great method for young children to build their vocabulary skills. They get to read so many new words, that they were unaware of previously. Different books are filled with different words. If you read a book that is written in the 18th century, you’ll find out that they used to talk way differently than how people talk now. If you read a contemporary book written by an African author, you’ll find they use new ways to describe things, hence new words. Building vocabulary is a great tool used in higher learning. So, when kids learn all these new words on a daily basis, it gives them an added advantage in higher studies.

Empathy: Stories are in their core a reality, a reflection of the society at large. So, no matter what kind of stories your child is reading, he would gain an understanding of human nature. He will have access to human psychology. Stories help build empathy in children. They will have a sense of friendship, brotherhood with their fellow mates. Playing is an activity that promotes bond among peers, so does reading stories too. A good story can literally transform your kids.

In the end, stories will build cognitive skills and memory level. If you want your kids to succeed well in the academic sector, you must encourage reading storybooks from an early age.

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