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The Benefits of Partnering with a Sales Recruitment Agency



Sales Recruitment Agency

A winning sales team is the backbone of any successful business. But in-house recruitment often finds it difficult to cobble together a team that sells well and gels well. Without a firm knowledge of the industry, market insights and a broad network, they are left guessing and hoping their way through the hiring process.

That’s where a sales recruitment agency can make a world of difference. Partnering with sales recruiters to build out a winning team can be game-changing for a company. If you’re weighing your options – deciding between using in-house resources and partnering with a recruiter – read this post. In it, let’s explore four compelling reasons to choose the latter.


You Get Access to Passive Candidates

In-house hiring teams often work hard to attract applicants by putting out job adverts and listings. Unfortunately, it’s an approach that prioritizes quantity over quality. And it only gets you applicants who are actively looking.

Ideally, you also want to court passive candidates – prospective employees who have been pre-screened as a good fit for your company but who aren’t necessarily looking for new employment right now. They’re the star salespeople who can make your team great, but they often don’t check job listings. Sales recruiters form career-spanning relationships with these passive candidates; when you hire with a recruiter, you can leverage these great relationships to find the perfect candidate.


They Match-Make

An excellent sales recruitment agency acts as a matchmaker. They take the time to know your business and then select salespeople– from among a vast network of candidates – that best fit your criteria.

They aren’t just matching based on resumes, either. They look for who will be a cultural fit for your business. This can significantly reduce turnover, saving your company time and money. This leads to the next point…


You Save Time and Resources

As mentioned, conventional in-house hiring teams favour the scattershot approach of sifting through applicants from job listings, ads and website forms. The days spent screening, contacting and vetting applicants who may not be a good fit in the first place are not only a waste of time – they can be a waste of money too.

Add to that the potential expense of having to re-hire in a few months when you find out that your new hire isn’t cutting it.Turnover costs add up. It’s best to get it right the first time with a trustworthy sales recruitment agency.


They’re Up on Current Trends and Best Practices

The sales industry, like any other industry, is constantly changing. It pays to have a hirer that understands current trends and best practices.Sales recruiters keep up-to-date with the salary expectations and career expectations of top salespeople. They can also tell you what your competitors are doing to attract top talent, which can you a competitive edge.

Whether you’re building a new sales team from the ground up or simply replacing a salesperson on your existing team, do it the right way with a quality sales recruitment agency. Find a recruiter with industry know-how, a vast network of candidates and a keen eye for match-making.

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Couples Rehab: addiction treatment center



A couple is a very beautiful relationship on the earth. It requires a lot of elements to be maintained to live together. Those elements are commitment, love, friendship, honesty, sincerity, and understanding which need to continue for life every day in every second. 

But besides these all elements, the couple has to deal with all issues or problems that come between them such as financial issues, trust issues, etc. It creates more difficulties when a couple dives into the addiction of substance abuse. It’s very difficult for both couples when they are both facing addiction problems which is the most hurtful thing. The addiction both discourages them and lets their morale down of getting away from this situation.

There are many Couples Rehab centers that treated the couples and give them hope to live a normal life after some difficulties.  

There is a Behavioral couple’s therapy program for the couples and many more couples problems. Some couples are more substance abusers. Those people who are under the BCT have more chances of getting out from substance abuse. It’s more effective for the couples rather than treating them individually. Getting the victim of substance abuse is more dangerous. Because sometimes couples could not get out from it. It takes a long time to get Couples Rehabs from this addiction. The couples get treated with the couple’s addiction treatment center using the BCT program. It is reported that the couples who are treated with the BCT program are more satisfied and made more improvements with their other relationships such as relationship with family, with children by understanding their psyche, etc. Substance abuse can be easily treated with the use of the BCT program in the couple’s addiction treatment centers. 

Couples must be get rehabbed together as their problem is the same. There are many ways to make the couple’s mind more satisfied and help them to get avoid this addiction of substance abuse. First of all, it is good to talk to couples about their issues of addictions to understand their mental stability. So that, couples get helped by addiction treatment staff to handle their addiction of substance abuse. Couples get interacted with more new healthy and useful activities so that they can enjoy easily together and forget their problem for some time and made the healthy relationships between them. 

So, you must be thinking about why using of BCT program for couples addiction treatment?

According to the research, the general behavior conceptualization of substance abuse means BCT is the better method to treat couples. There is a short discussion about the use of BCT to treat substance-abusing couples addiction treatment center. It has different methods that are used for substance-addicted couples. Research says that BCT has more impact or effectiveness due to its features to treat couples. It helps to reduce substance abuse and improve the satisfaction of couples’ relationships. 

Some investigations show that there are many positive results of BCT on domains of functioning. It helps in reducing substance abusing and increases the growth of emotional and behavioral functions in the couples strongly. 

Couples rehab are in the three objective parts. The rehab centers focus on reducing drinking or using drugs. There is a constructive cycle in which the BCT program works and it eliminates the use of the substance. It increases the functioning relationship of couples. BCT program can be held in different methods. Usually, in a basic BCT program, the couples are rehabbed and get treated for five to six months. But sometimes, 3-4 couples are treated together and this treatment comes under the GBCT- group behavioral couples therapy. The couples get the session for over nine to twelve weeks otherwise it completes in 6 months. So, couples addiction treatment centers work in this way and use the BCT programs to treat the couples individually or 3-4 couples together to eliminate the substance abuse and make the couples more strong relationships.

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Feng Shui Decorating Tips – The Bagua Map Explained



Feng Shui, pronounced “Fung shway,” is an art of positioning furniture and other items in order to maximize the flow of chi, or the energy that surrounds a space. Feng Shui, also called Chinese geomancy, is an pseudosciental ancient practice originating in ancient China, that claims to utilize energy patterns to harmonize people with their surroundings. The word Feng Shui literally means “wind-water” in English, where “feng” is an acronym for the phrase “wind power.” In its most literal form, it is a Western concept of placement of objects to facilitate good chi.

Geomancy stems from an ancient school of thought that originated in China and spread throughout Asia and into India. According to this school, nature is represented by five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. According to this belief, when a home or office is designed in an ideal way, the natural energies will flow freely and harmoniously through the room. This is believed to promote harmony in the physical, mental, and emotional realm. While this may seem like a simple concept, the correct placement of objects in a room can alter the flow of chi, or energy, and influence the location of objects within the room.

The practice of Feng Shui has its beginning in the Taoist calendar. The Taoists believed that all things in the universe were connected, and that one could find their place among the elements by aligning themselves with them. They devised the idea of what is now known as the natural compass, or the Chinese compass. According to this belief, if you are placed along a particular element’s path, it will tell you where you are in relation to all other elements. The Chinese compass, according to these beliefs, is not only used by laymen but also by those who are considered part of the higher echelon of Chinese society.

Today, many believe the Chinese Compass is nothing more than a superstition. The myth of the bag, for instance, was invented by a high Chinese official during the divided period between the Northern and the Southern Qi. According to this legend, the bag is nothing more than a map and can be used to map out one’s destiny. If you look at a map with its traditional symbols and lines, you will see that they are a logical way to depict the direction of a person’s path in life The five elements earth, fire, metal, water, and wood are all depicted in the bag, each of which represents a different aspect of one’s life.

According to Feng Shui practice, these elements are all important in one’s existence. If you place something very heavy in a certain area, such as the entrance of your home, it could cause you a lot of problems. For example, placing too much metal in front of the front door may block the wind. Therefore, one must be sure that he does not put too much metal furniture or items on his earth pathway, since this can be a symbol of bad fortune for someone who does not know what they are doing.

Another example of a Feng Shui compass would be the umbrella stand. It may appear to be nothing more than an ordinary stand, but it is actually an important Feng Shui element. When the umbrella is placed correctly in its stand, it will attract the qi in its surrounding area. The more qi it attracts, the healthier the person is said to be, since good health is obviously very important for one’s happiness and well being.

To use a bagua map decorating tips, you first need to learn how to read the bagua map. By learning how to interpret its images and patterns, you will be able to get the most out of your living spaces. In particular, you need to pay close attention to the direction that the energy flows in. If you are unsure as to where the energy is flowing, you should take a look at your bed or any other piece of furniture in your room. You will be able to pinpoint the area where you should place your bagua map.

Learning how to interpret the bag is not something difficult to do, since it is based on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. In fact, many books have been written about this practice, which makes it easier for you to understand. In addition to its usefulness as a tool for Feng Shui, it can also be used as a tool for other things. For example, the Bagua map can be used to find the best way to organize a room, since it represents how the different elements should be arranged to create a specific space.

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Just a Bag?




There are times when a handbag will do the trick, but other times you need a bag that has more to it—sometimes you need to carry more than just your phone and your wallet. There are a lot of different styles of bags out there, so it’s important to find one that is well-suited for you and your plans. Aim for a bag that fits your needs and has a style that complements your personality as well. Here are some factors in considering bags for women.

Size of the Bag

Ensure your bag is the right size for what you need to carry. With lots of items to carry, you’ll have to get a bigger bag. Typically, a smaller bag will be a better option if you only plan to leave the house for a short time. Make sure the bag fits your needs by buying the right size.

Color and Style

When choosing a bag, color and style are two other key considerations. Choose something that complements your personal style and works well with your wardrobe in general. What kind of look do you prefer? Are you more casual or formal? Or, is this bag just going to be for the gym? If you choose a bag that does not truly work with your wardrobe, it may only become compatible with a single outfit.


Ideally, a bag should be made of a durable material. What you want is something that holds up over time. In addition to regular wear and tear, it should be able to handle some specialty scenarios, such as being waterproof for use at the beach. Keep in mind that you may want something in a material that you can easily clean.


Think about how the bag functions, too. After all, it is a utility item. Make sure that there are plenty of pockets, as well as a place where you can store precious items. For plans that happen at a moment’s notice, it may be best to have a bag that has removable straps you can tuck away.


More than just shape, structure involves how the bag is constructed and can be carried. Is the base broad enough to stand on its own during a subway commute, or is it narrow? Is the closure zip or magnetic? Is it covered in handles and straps, or is it made with a single strap meant to last its lifetime?

It can be tricky to find the right bag. The same bag will often be with us for years, and we may use it for multiple purposes, like for the gym and school, or as our go-to weekender.

Research the available options so that you can identify the best bag for you. Think about the size of the ideal bag that you would want to carry for a given occasion. The style of the bag you choose may depend on whether you will use it for an evening outing, or a trip to the mall. It is okay for you to care about features that others would dismiss as trivial. A zipper that has a lock, or reflective patches for trips back from the gym at night may be what you need.

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Most Wanted Good from Local Charities and How to Help



Local Charities

You can also help society by giving money to local charities. Charitable giving makes a difference to those who receive the gift and those who give it.

When there are thousands of worthwhile causes to choose from, deciding which organization to support can seem overwhelming, especially when the world is experiencing a global pandemic or economic catastrophe that causes immense pain and deprivation at home and abroad.

The Strategies for helping Local Charities

When it comes time to help different charities in your area, or even around the world, it’s important to know what each of them are in need of. It’s not enough to simply know where they are located, but also to understand who they are trying to help and the resources they are in need of.

For example, some might have more food and clothing than others, while many will also be in need of financial donations or funding. No matter the size of the organization, there is likely always going to be a need for more resources and volunteer work.

Every charitable organization is definitely making an impact on the world today, and we’ve listed some of the most important things to look for and ask when trying to help those in need.


Fundraise through your event

A wide range of fundraiser program suggestions is available, ranging from holiday parties to creative art shows. It takes a little preparation and creativity to transform virtually every case into an effort to raise money for a good cause.

Your volunteers and donors will be more inclined to help your cause if they like what they are doing. Fundraising activities are an excellent way to interact with people in your neighborhood.

This is something WE Charity has done quite well with over the years, as they are not only looking to make a positive impact on the world, but also have speaking events, conferences and social media awareness campaigns to help with the cause as well.

When planning your fundraising event, you’d be wise to remember these tips:

  • Find other passionate individuals who would be willing to help you and ask them whether they’d be inclined to pick up where you left off.
  • Having an event on a budget might seem impossible, but you can still set the stage by organizing the event yourself or asking a local business to donate food or items.
  • Social media can be useful for spreading the word about your fundraiser. Promote your cause through social media, and encourage friends to bring others with you.

Empower others to do their outreach

By asking friends and family to share your event, you’ll broaden the scope of your fundraiser. You could use one of the email models to help you reach your goal faster and make asking for help as easy as possible.

An effective way to get viewers to avoid using Twitter while focusing on browsing is to attach an engaging video to the tweet and publicly on Facebook.

Get a friend to help you

If you’re planning a campaign, people sometimes wonder if it’s preferable to support with a donation rather than if they can volunteer. What could be a far better option? Request their services.

Could you get an artist to donate art to sell at a show event if a volunteer has excellent baking skills? Can you get a baker to bake things that you can sell at a lunch or dinner function?

Would it be possible for a football team’s coaches and players to hold an evening sports trip on your behalf as a fundraiser while raising funds? Volunteers will use their talents in several creative ways to raise funds for the cause.

Those responsible for other elements of a fundraiser can collectively benefit as well.

Spread Awareness through Online Media

Outside of traditional methods like television interviews, connecting with media outlets or even posting paid advertisements and flyers around your city, there are plenty of ways to get free attention for your cause as well.

A perfect example of this can be seen in this article from Craig Kielburger, which focuses on his efforts to help children in need. Not only is this a story that should be seen by others, but it also played a huge role in getting Craig to where him and his organization is today.

This is a great example because the more information and awareness you put out there, the more likely you are to reach new people and further promote the cause.

Donate your blood

A regular blood donation, or even a one-time donation, can allow you to feel good about giving back. When you donate blood, you contribute to a nationwide challenge that provides life-saving products whenever and wherever they are needed.

You can sell undesired gifts or donate them

Consider selling unwanted gifts on eBay, Amazon, or Gumtree and donating the sales proceeds to a charity of your choice if you have unwanted gifts. My mom does it – and I do too – so it’s all in good fun!


Being a vital part of your community, you need to give back to key community members by regularly supporting them. Regularly participating in local events and organizations is one way to give back.

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Iranian composer Amin Homaei was banned from any artistic activity forever




Amin Homaei was born on July 13, 1984. He is currently a famous and popular composer and musician in Iran. Also, he is known as a skilled pianist. There are almost all kinds of talents in the music world. So far he has worked on more albums, and they have gained popularity much faster. Amin Homaei has quickly gained a reputation as a popular musician in Iran.The artists he has worked with so far are all very popular and famous. Among the artists he has worked with are Omid Nematisala’sAghili, Naveed Naroji, Wahid Taj, Mohammad Reza Niazi, AlirezaBeringian, and many more. A ban on music campaigns has been imposed on him, so keep reading this article to know how effective it is.

Amin Homaei’s activities after the ban were imposed

Amin Homaei started his musical career by playing the piano. The position he chose to increase the prosperity of the music world was completely flawed and judged. It has become such a disaster for him in the world of music that he has been declared a bane from art. Since the ban on the Iranian artist has not been officially announced, he is still working on a variety of music albums. This artist puts a lot of emphasis on traditional songs, so he is influenced by traditional music. Despite being a well-known Iranian artist, he has been banned from any artistic activity forever.

According to various reports from Iran, there are indications that no measures have been taken or formally announced yet. The musical activities that he performed were imposed because they violated the conventional structure. It was not immediately clear why Amin Homaei was banned. So, many kinds of questions are aroused in the minds of many of the fans.Known as one of the most famous composers in Iran, Amin Homaei amazingly composed music last year. He has achieved great success in Iran by composing and producing more than 7 albums alone.

Amin Homai’s recent activities have become very popular among his fans. The most notable of these is the album “Before Autumn, After Autumn”. It is composed and voiced by him. It has been established as the best composing of all his compositions. Also, he has gained a lot of love and respect from the listeners in the official Iranian music market as well as gained more fame.On the Beep Tunes site, his album was gain the best-seller.Amin Homaei has gained much popularity in Iranian music in recent years as a composer.In a very short period, he gained experience in composing in the international and orchestral arenas and gained much recognition.

Last words:

Finally, I would like to say that Amin Homaei has been able to establish himself as one of the most famous and best composers in Iran in a very short period.As a musician and composer, his talent is a source of pride for Iran. But most of the audience regretted that all his activities were banned.

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