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The Benefits of a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway:



The Benefits of a Cryptocurrency Payment Gatewa

Straightforwardly put, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is not operated by any bank or financial institution and instead relies on encrypted data to regulate its use and create its launch.As businesses struggle to improve up with the crypto revolution, the increasing rate of cryptocurrency adoption has had significant ramifications across many business sectors.

In this article, we’ll take a glance at the more positive aspects and benefits of cryptocurrency, as well as the benefits that make it a viable alternative to more traditional sources of capital trade.

The Benefits of a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway:

As a result, so many more businesses are accepting Bitcoin payments, and cryptocurrency payment solutions are more popular than ever because they provide a borderless, flexible, and secure method of payment processing. You can also use Afripay, Afripay is a DeFi Protocol that enables business owners and entrepreneurs make and receive payments with less transaction feesRegardless of your industry, using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method provides the following advantages. You can also read about the products of Afripay from her: 

Reduced Transaction Costs:

Credit card processing companies typically charge a 2 – 4% fee. Crypto exchanges are much cheaper, with a low flat fee instead of a percentage of the transaction

Obtain New Clients:

As cryptocurrency grows larger, more users want to pay in cryptocurrency and seek out involved businesses. This can bring a business a recent influx of clients that it did not previously have.

Immediately Available:

Unlike traditional payments, there are no third parties involved in the transaction. When the payment is effective, the transaction amount is transferred to your wallet, where it can be accessed immediately. You can then transform your cryptos into your preferred fiat currency at the end of each transaction or on a personalised schedule.

Unlike credit card processes, which take a few years to pack out and procedure, cryptocurrency is processed instantly, providing you with instant access to money. Fast transactions can help your company’s cash flow.

Chargeback fraud must be eliminated:

Transactions involving cryptocurrency are irreversible. When a customer completes a payment for a service or product, the money is deposited directly into their account. Charges, unlike credit card transactions, cannot be altered.

Increased Security:

It is difficult to reverse a cryptocurrency transaction once it has been completed, unless you have the trader’s permission. This provides retailers with greater security against ecommerce fraud because there is no middleman, such as a bank, that can withdraw funds from your consideration without your permission.

When you make a cryptocurrency transfer of funds, you cannot go back in time. To safeguard against hackers and tampering with the information, a reliable encryption technique will be used throughout the cryptocurrency transaction process.

A larger market:

Embracing cryptocurrency as a method of payment opens up a whole new market of tech-savvy customers who have formed a community within the cryptocurrency market. Giving customers the option to pay with a digital wallet or a credit card framework helps to turn into larger markets and attract customers from all over the world.

Keep ownership:

When a person dies in the traditional banking system, the amount is transferred to the candidate. When you violate the terms of service, there is a chance that your account will be closed. The most appealing aspect of cryptocurrency is that you will be the sole owner of both private and public encryption keys. It is now easier to identify the cryptocurrency network.

Centralization is being phased out:

The database containing bitcoin transaction records will be managed by blockchain technology. The transaction would be decentralised if only two parties were involved, namely the sender and recipient. You are no longer required to deal with any third party. There is no one to keep an eye on what you are doing.

Bottom Line:

Cryptocurrency is a card payment card substitute. It is sweeping the digital world. These days, many businesses accept payments in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has become a haven for many hackers. Numerous people are becoming interested in investing in bitcoins as the value of the currency rises. The cryptocurrency is supported by blockchain technology, which has a positive impact on wallets.

With these benefits, there are clear opportunities for any internet business, and it’s simple to see why the number of companies looking to offer cryptocurrency services has risen. If your corporation is ready to take advantage of accepting cryptocurrency payments, there are a number of crypto trading providers who can assist with payment processing.

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Essential Real Estate CRM Features and Functionality



Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the real estate industry continues to grow in India. It was expected to touch a mark of $180bn by the end of 2020. Real estate CRM software plays a pivotal role in achieving such whopping sales figures even in a crisis. However, choosing the right Real Estate CRM for your company can be quite cumbersome, given the presence of innumerable generic CRMs in the market. 

Before narrowing down your search window for the most appropriate Real Estate CRM software for your company, you need to:

  • Weigh your requirements properly. 
  • Capitalise on the freebies. 
  • Keep your focus on software that is lightweight, simple to operate, and syncs with the cloud.
  • Ensure that it is compatible and user-friendly.

For any business, increasing the sales figure by acquiring new customers is the prime motto and the ultimate mantra for success and prosperity. A well-versed and uniquely tailor-made CRM software can make this job simple and help convert leads into real-time customers for your real estate business.

A rewarding CRM team takes charge of everything from lead generation, tracking, and following up to monitoring the marketing campaign, thereby converting prospective customers to paying ones.

Real Estate CRM Features

The basic CRM features for a Real Estate business should include the following:

Sales Automation

Having an effective CRM team eases Real Estate lead management to a great extent. It is a herculean task for sales executives to manage leads. An ideal Real Estate CRM software helps automate agent notifications and assists in reminding, attending, and reacting to leads at a much quicker pace.

It is extremely important to capitalise on a new lead and assign it to the concerned team as soon as it enters your system. Remember, time lost is lead lost, and a lead lost is money lost. 

Categorising and Segmenting Leads

Before designing a strategy for engaging your leads, you first need to categorise them based on factors like location, preferences, financial standing, demographics, and so on. For instance, a buyer looking for a house in Mumbai can be best satisfied when assigned to a sales executive who is a local in Mumbai.

This way, he would be able to suggest to him the best places to live in. Keeping in mind the budget, location preference, and so on, CRM software with a lead segmentation feature can make things much easier both for the Real Estate company and the prospective buyer. Moreover, lead segmentation even assists in sending relevant messages to all communication channels.

Drag and Drop Landing Pages

Real Estate firms generally have multiple projects running simultaneously. Under such circumstances, creating landing pages for every project can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Therefore, CRM software features for a Real Estate company must have an in-built landing page that enables you to create responsive landing pages instantly for your projects without wasting time. This helps immensely when multiple marketing campaigns are run simultaneously across different channels.

Lead Activity Tracking and Lead Scoring

The success of any business is all about how you have been able to trap your leads, converted them into real-time buyers, and how satisfied they are with your services as your customers. Hence, all these interactions need to be monitored and recorded, and this can be done through the lead activity-tracking feature of CRM software.

Right from the arrival of a lead on your landing page till its closure and even beyond, this feature ensures a smooth sailing customer experience and helps to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Again, differentiating your leads using in-built criteria in the CRM software feature helps define your leads under high, medium, and low quality.

This lead scoring feature, in turn, makes the job of the sales team simpler in identifying and capitalising on the best closure opportunities. This categorisation gives them a vivid idea of who they have to attend to first at any given point in time. 

Lead Activity Tracking and Lead Scoring

Another mandatory feature of Real Estate CRM software is its accessibility on smartphones through a mobile app. This provides flexibility and provides the sales team with an easy go-ahead for responding to inquiries instantly, even while on the move. This way, they do not need to wait to get back to the office to respond to a customer. Who knows, the interim time loss may lead to the loss of a lead.

Final Take

CRM software for Real Estate business is an indispensable part of its success and growth. It is the perfect result-driven solution that helps maintain sky-rocketing growth in the market through their real estate business’s smooth running. Hence, the one that comes stacked with all the above features is the apt choice for any Real Estate firm in today’s fast-moving, technologically oriented market.

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Sites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 that are Secure and Reliable



YouTube to MP3

We all recognize that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform for watching and uploading content for free. It includes a wide range of videos that appeal to a wide range of viewers. Music lovers visit YouTube in search of the most well-known pop songs, which can often be viewed there. Many people want to download MP3s from YouTube so that they can listen to free music on the go. Although there are several methods for ripping audio from YouTube, many users still prefer to use a web-based program. This because online resources do not need any installation and thus do not take up any hard drive space on your device. There are several easy Online YouTube to MP3 Converter sites that can be used by beginners with ease. A subpar method, but on the other hand, could be unsuccessful and even infect your computer virus. To help you avoid these problems, we’ve compiled a list of the most valuable and clean resources available.

Browsing Youtube

But before we all get started, let’s clear up one contentious thing. Is this sort of download and conversion legal? Based on the video. You can convert and share your own YouTube videos, as well as public realm and non-copyrighted material; simply search YouTube for public domain and non-copyrighted content. However, without the permission of the owner, you cannot legally transform and download copyright videos.

Apowersoft free video to MP3

Free Video to MP3 is a fantastic site for converting YouTube to MP3 because it can download YouTube videos in MP3 format straight away. It could also snatch audio from a variety of websites, namely Veoh, DailyMotion, MySpace, Vevo, and several others. This tool has an essential phenomenon in that it allows users to select desired output formats such as MP3, ACC, WMA, WAV, and so on. Simply copy the URL of a YouTube video and insert it into the URL box of the tool, then press the Convert icon to convert the video to MP3 format. The output configuration menu appears on the current page in no time. Select the exact MP3 file you want to download and press the Download icon.

Video Grabber

Many people will use Video Grabber to import videos from the internet. It is, in reality, one of the most useful sites for translating YouTube to MP3. It includes a video editor and an online converter in response to the downloading feature. Press time the URL of the YouTube video and Video Grabber will detect the video and install it in MP3 format. Wait till the video and audio have been recorded. Users can then opt to save the video as an MP3 file. This website complies with both Mac and Windows operating systems.


Next up is FLVto, a YouTube-to-video-and-audio-conversion app. It works similarly to other online applications that require a video URL. After you’ve pasted the URL into the designated region, select MP3 from the drop-down menu and click the “Conversion to” button to begin the conversion. FLVto is one of the best YouTube to MP3 converter websites, enabling you to choose from a variety of analog output formats in contrast to MP3. You may also contact the transferred file.

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How Can Automated Software Support HR Professionals




Automated Software Support HR Professionals

Global human resources research and advisory firm Josh Bersin Research has revealed that the biggest change in the HR technology market is the spread of human resources applications into areas beyond payroll and employee administration to support a broad set of work activities. Other evolutions in the HR tech market include an increasing corporate determination to improve the overall employee experience and the growth of HR tools designed for employees as well as HR executives.

The report, HR Technology 2021: A Definitive Guide, stated that one of the crucial changes in the HR technology market is the shift from “human resources” to “Work Tech,” evidenced by the pervasive spread of HR applications into areas beyond payroll and employee administration, as mentioned earlier. This is a tremendous change that underlines how in an age of rapid digital transformation everything that happens at work is now a series of activities that can be facilitated by technology.

Since automated software for HR managers is the talk of the town lately, in this blog, we will tell you how such systems actually support HR professionals. So, without further ado, let us dive into the blog.

Streamlines HR Processes

If we talk about manual and outdated methods, they require an equal amount of human intervention and supervision. That means HR professionals are supposed to invest a large chunk of their time and energy to carry out every operation. Now, such a working model not just drops down the overall efficiency of HR professionals but also keeps them away from critical operations that can add value to the business. This is when HR management software comes into the picture.

One of the best things about such systems is that they are fully automatic technologies. That means HRs can carry out time-consuming processes in just a few clicks. While the HR system streamlines and optimizes every process, HRs can take a sigh of relief or work on other vital revenue-generating projects.

Eliminates Errors

If processes such as payroll and attendance are done manually, there is always a possibility of human errors. No matter how attentive an HR manager is, carrying out error-free operations is a difficult task. HR management systems, on the other hand, cut down such mistakes. Since such systems work on their own and need a bare minimum of human involvement, mistakes can automatically be reduced.

Promotes Employee Self-dependency

Unlike traditional tools, automated HR systems not just empower HR managers but also employees to a greater extent. In a traditional office setup, employees are expected to mail HRs or their managers to get trivial things done. And, amid managing a host of tasks, HR managers often find themselves in a place where they forget to respond to every mail of employees. This way, employees’ satisfaction levels can be tremendously impacted in the long run. To solve this problem, HR software provides ESS or employee self-service feature that is particularly useful for employees. Using this feature, employees can do a lot of simple operations without having to disturb anyone. From checking their attendance to downloading their salary slips, employees will be able to do several things in just a matter of minutes.

Enhances Reporting

Another benefit of using HR software is that it makes reporting easy as well as well-organized. While working in the new normal, no business leader will have to worry about accurate tracking of overall productivity. From WFH surveys to polls, HR systems offer various features that in turn help HR professionals effortlessly understand the pulse of their workforce. This will help businesses to maintain/improve their employee engagement along the way.

So, these are some ways automated software for HR managers work. In simpler words, such systems are an efficient way to take the human resources burden off HRs’ shoulders. That being said, do not waste more time and find one of the best HR management software for your organization.

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Five Biggest Technology Trends for 2021



Even as new technologies are introduced, innovation in the application of existing technology is rapidly changing how businesses work and how we communicate with the rest of the world. This transition is being accelerated by advances in computing power, data capture, and connectivity. Here are five things to keep an eye on in 2021 and beyond.

Technology Trends to Watch In

  • Artificial Intelligence.

According to AI, machines with human characteristics, such as speaking, reading, seeing, and even recognizing emotion, complete tasks while also “learning” from repetitive experiences. Machines may perform tasks that are dangerous or repetitive more accurately or quickly than humans using algorithms that respond to position, voice, or user background.

According to Gartner, a US analysis and consulting company, all apps can use AI at some stage over the next few years. Importantly, AI allows companies to customize goods and services continuously, giving them a strategic edge over their competitors that is difficult to duplicate. ‘How can AI assist my organisation?’ is the question to ask.

  • VR & AR

People can immerse themselves in another world, respond to what’s around them, and change their virtual environment in real-time using systems that combine real-time 3D vision, sound, haptics (the sense of touch), position data, and even other senses like smell. This technology is increasingly being used in a wide range of human activities, from art and entertainment to commerce, education, and the military. It’s already being used to train physicians, nurses, teachers, and cops, and it’ll soon be available on your Mobile Phones. Could you use augmented reality to help your internal stakeholders become more efficient or to better connect with your customers?

  • Blockchain Technology

The digital currency’s fortunes While Bitcoin has brought Blockchain technology to the public’s attention, this secure framework for tracking and verifying transactions and preserving trustworthy records has the potential to disrupt a wide range of businesses. Companies are transforming time-consuming, centralized, less stable, and less secure processes with Blockchain technology. To give people a more direct voice in the democratic process, digital democracy platform MyVote, for example, uses Blockchain to store users’ data and voting history. Is it possible to use Blockchain to keep the data safe?

  • Automated systems

Manufacturing robots have been around since the 1960s. Automation is now firmly at the forefront of technology trends due to the size and scope of the transformation that automated systems enable due to other developments in machine learning and connectivity, for example. Automation will be a central subject of technological change, with potentially far-reaching economic and social implications, ranging from comfortable devices at home to large-scale industrial applications.

Professional services such as law and finance are currently being disrupted by automation, with input from these industries indicating that critical technological skills and management and people skills are more relevant than ever. What would be the effect of automation on your drive?

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

The “intelligent digital mesh,” as described by Gartner, is a collection of technologies that link people, devices, information, and services. This is the basis for new business models, networks, and opportunities that will change the way we live and work, with consequences that extend far beyond technology and include fields like law, economics, business, and politics.

Although the implementation of IoT technologies and strategy are still in its early stages, it is clear that opportunities will exist for those with technical expertise to link platforms and those with data analytics skills to make use of the rich stream of data provided by IoT applications. What insights could you gain from connecting and analyzing data from your products or core operations?

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How to Install 9Anime APK on PC




9Anime APK

Anime APK apps have made it much easier for anime fans to watch their favorite shows online.

 You don’t need to go search for a web app and navigate to it every time you want to watch anime. You can use the mobile streaming APKs to get access to your favorite anime 24/7. 

Plus, there are certain ways you can install android APKs on your PC as well. This way, you won’t have to use a web app like kisscartoon on your PC for streaming anime.

In this article, we are going to review the best app for anime, 9Anime, and its complete installation process for PCs. 

What is 9Anime?

Before we get into the installation process for 9Anime, let’s talk a little bit about this amazing anime platform. 

9Anime is one of the oldest free sites for subbed and dubbed anime. 9Anime started as a web app but now, it has a mobile app for android devices as well. 

You can download the 9Anime APK from various online sources to get this app on your phone. 

9Anime is safe and secure. This app works just fine even on devices that have low memory and other system resources.

Why Install 9Anime APK on PC?

If 9Anime APK is available for android devices, then why would you want to install it on your PC?

Well, there might be a time when you don’t have access to your phone. For example, when your phone is charging, or it is just out of order.

Install the 9Anime APK on your PC would allow you to have the same app on multiple devices. So, if one doesn’t work for you at the moment, you can use the other to watch anime shows online. 

This is the primary reason why we recommend installing 9Anime APK on your PC. 

How to Install 9Anime APK on PC?

To install 9Anime APK on your PC, you are going to need an android emulator first. 

An android emulator is a software solution that allows you to create a virtual android device on your PC. 

Once you install the emulator on your PC, you can use it as an android device. You’d be able to do everything that you do on a physical android device. For example, you’d be able to surf the web for sites like Movierulz Plz to watch movies or TV shows on the emulator   

Install 9Anime on PC Using Bluestacks

We are going to use the Bluestacks android emulator to install 9Anime APK. This emulator can be downloaded from the official Bluestacks website or version other online sources. 

Make sure to download the latest version so you don’t face any issues when installing the 9Anime APK. 

  • Download and install Bluestacks from the internet 
  • Run the app and add your Google Account details in it 
  • You can use the Google Play Store or the My Apps feature of Bluestacks to find and download the 9Anime App
  • You can also download the APK on your PC and import it into the emulator 

This is all that you have to do. Once you are done with it, you’d be able to use the 9Anime APK on your PC. 

You can try NoxPlayer or any other android emulator to install 9Anime APK on your PC.  

9Anime Features

  • This app is free to use. It is an ads-based streaming service, and you don’t need to pay anything directly for using it. 
  • 9Anime APK offers a huge collection of anime shows for mobile devices. The streaming quality of all these shows is great. 
  • 9Anime is safe & secure. It is a trusted streaming service for subbed & dubbed anime shows and movies. 
  • 9Anime has super-fast servers so there would be little to no lag when streaming shows using this app.  

Wrapping Up

9Anime is one of the few anime services that offer excellent ease of access to their users. 

There are many anime sites out there. But the way 9Anime services its audience is simply remarkable.

You can download the Bluestacks android emulator to run 9Anime APK on your PC. Although there are many other emulators that you can check out, Bluestacks offers the best performance.    

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