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The Beginner’s Guide- How to Invest in Gold?



Thinking of the best way to invest in gold? You are not alone; an overwhelming majority of investors usually consider gold as the best possible investment for the future and particularly for the welfare of future generations. Gold is a jewellery that is not only used for periodic or regular usage but also as an investment for financial emergencies that may crop up in the future. There are methods of owning gold including physical ownership and paper ownership alike. You can physically purchase gold through jewellery, gold bars and coins and paper ownership will naturally give you a chance to own units in gold ETFs or exchange-traded funds along with SGBs or sovereign gold bonds. There are gold mutual funds or FOFs (fund of funds) which make further deployments in gold-based ETFs.

There are also gold MFs or funds of funds which also make investments in shares of global gold mining entities/companies. Buying physical gold is always an easy method if that is what you feel is the best way to invest in gold. You can always visit your neighbourhood jeweller or your trusted jewellery brand or store. Some jewellery brands allow online orders on their sites while some of the e-commerce platforms also help you purchase gold coins online itself and get them delivered to your address likewise. However, physical gold ownership comes with its own set of risks including safety risks and also higher costs along with designs that may get outdated in the future. Then you have to account for making charges or costs of crafting jewellery which may hover between approximately 6-14% of the gold cost and this may go up to 25% for special or exclusive designs as well. Naturally, you may seek other alternative methods of investment in this regard.

Best way to invest in gold- Some other methods

While there is no single best way to invest in gold, here are some other ways that you can definitely consider:

Gold Coin Scheme- You can purchase gold coins from banks, jewellers, NBFCs (non-banking finance companies) and e-commerce portals alike. The Government has unveiled indigenous coins which will showcase the National Emblem or Ashok Chakra on one side with Mahatma Gandhi being shown on the other side. These coins come in 5 and 10-gram denomination while gold bars are 20 grams in terms of quantity. Indian gold coins and bars are of 24 karats in terms of their purity and 999 fineness with highly advanced anti-counterfeit attributes and packaging that is tamper-proof. They will be hallmarked on the basis of BIS guidelines and distributed through designated MMTC outlets and through listed branches of banks and post offices. MMTC also has the buyback option for coins across its showrooms in India. It will be buying back the coins with the packaging and original invoice at the prevailing base rate of gold.

Gold Savings Plans– These gold or jewellery savings plans may have two varieties. One will enable you to deposit a fixed sum each month for the selected duration. Whenever this duration concludes, you can purchase gold at the value that equates to the entire sum deposited, inclusive of a bonus amount. This conversion will be carried out at the applicable gold price upon maturity. In most scenarios, the brand will add one month’s instalment amount at the conclusion of the duration as a cash-based incentive. A gift item may also be offered likewise.

ETFs (exchange-traded funds)– An alternative way of paper gold ownership is gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds). These investments, i.e. selling and buying usually take place on stock exchanges with gold being the core or underlying asset. The high initial charges for buying and selling for ownership of coins, bars or jewellery are absent for lower-cost ETFs. Pricing transparency is a plus point since the price you buy the same is the closest one to the real gold price. You will require a trading account and Demat account with a brokerage to start buying either at periodic durations via systematic investment plans or SIPs or through a lump sum. There are zero exit or entry charges although you should keep an eye on the expense ratio or the cost of managing the fund. This usually hovers around 1% while you should account for the brokerage cost and tracking errors.

SGBs- Sovereign gold bonds or SGBs enable another method of ownership for paper gold. They are issued by the Indian Government although they are not always available. A window is periodically opened by the Government for selling fresh SGBs to the public. This may happen once in every couple of months and the window opens for a limited duration. Those looking to invest in SGBs in between should purchase earlier issues at the market value which are listed in the secondary market.

Digital- Mobile wallets and other brokerages/portals often provide you with an option for buying gold coins, jewellery and bars online along with Digital Gold. There are several such digital gold investment options available currently.


The initial physical ownership cost of gold is almost close to 10% as per estimates and this may go higher for jewellery. Gold ETFs and SGBs are more affordable with the latter having zero entry cost while the former could have around 1% costs overall. SGBs will be a good option for those investing for longer durations since they mature after the passage of 8 years although the lock-in period concludes after the 5th year. Gold ETFs have higher liquidity and it is easier to buy units online as well. The ownership risks and security hassles do not exist in both these methods. Gains from SGBs, upon redemption, are free from taxes although Gold ETF gains post 3 years will attract 20% taxes after indexation. Consult your financial advisor and choose accordingly.

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Illicit Money Making Methods of Bloggers named Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan



Money made through blackmailing individuals for defaming and spreading false news against them in online media by Delfin Mocache Massoko and Andrew Sullivan.

Delfin and his partner Andrew Sullivan own a project called “Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project” (OCCRP), which they use to publish an article against many people with the motive of defaming an individuals in exchange of money. Both the bloggers has got into illicit ways of making money quickly without doing much efforts and Jose Villarejo helped them with the motives.

Jose Villarejo is the former commissioner of Spanish police department, who many illegal operations and took advantage of his rights given by the Spanish Authorities being a Commissioner. Jose spied against Gabriel Mbaga Lima (Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons in Equatorial Guinea) and many other political leaders, businessmen and sole entities to make money which he gets from their rivals to thrash them down in a market. While the money for spying Gabriel Mbaga Lima has reported to be paid by Candido Nsue Okomo who was the former director general of GEPetrol. Money received form Okomo, Villarejo used that to further bribing the bloggers. Both Jose Villarejo and Delfin Mocache & Andrew Sullivan team are in custody of police now where they are held for an investigation.

The Misrepresentation and Defamation that the bloggers did aren’t yet confirmed whether they were doing it on the order of Villarejo or only money was involved with the actions. Besides, Delfin Mocache’s father is the one who holds the strong relation with the political parties and power which benefits Delfin many a times earlier in the time. His father Avelino Mocache Mehengap also fought politically against the president of Equatorial Guinea in 2016 and lost later. There was a deal that has been originated against Delfin mocache where he was compensated.

Villarejo is also accused to be presented the misleading information to Delfin Mochache and Drew Sullivan on many people within Equatorial Guinea.

Spanish Judge had ordered Candido Nsue Okomo to appear in front of the authorities by 9th March, 2021 and explain why he used the Jose Villarejo’s service which he didn’t till now. It cause him the warrant re-issued against him and his partner Crispin Edu Tomo for not appearing in court timely.

Falling defamation and getting paid for misrepresenting someone digitally is the serious crime in terms of law and the outcome is awaited which decides how lenient one could become with such actions or how much a government can strictly penalize the doers. There’s no transparency have been given to the case thus it is difficult to say where this case is moving further.

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What Are the Best Machines in Mining?



When one talks about the best machine in mining, most people will immediately jump to the tasks associated with gold or iron ore. However, these two minerals are not the only elements that can be extracted from the rock. There are countless other types of minerals that can be retrieved using a variety of machines. In order to determine the best machine in mining for your operation, it is important to know the different types of minerals that can be found underground and how they are extracted.

You should also take into consideration whether or not you will be extracting water from the area. If so, you may wish to find the lhd machine in mining for this type of job. There are several types of equipment that can dig into the ground and remove water as well. This can make the whole process much easier on you and the workers if you are able to use the proper machinery.


One more important type of mineral is sand. If you are operating in a sandy area, then this is likely going to be one of the most widely used types of minerals underground. Most people are unaware of the fact that sand can actually be extremely profitable when discovered on its own. It is even possible to buy large amounts of sand at a time and resell it if you find success in the mining industry.


The next type of mineral is gravel and it is widely used in the construction of homes. This type of material can be very difficult to extract. However, there are a number of companies that can dig up massive amounts of gravel at once and sell it as gravel in a large gravel pit. This allows the company to make money by selling a product rather than by extracting it. The best machine in mining for gravel is one that can handle the volume that you need without breaking down. If you need the best machine in mining for gravel, then you may wish to speak with a company that has the ability to purchase large quantities of gravel at one time.


Another type of minerals that people mine for is clay. This is most commonly found in areas where the weather is warm and there is plenty of moisture available. Clays can be used underground in various projects ranging from road tarps to decorative statues. In general, clay is one of the easiest minerals to mine so it is often one of the top choices when it comes to choosing the best machine in mining.


Probably one of the most popular minerals mined today is gold. Many people are starting to mine this type of mineral for their own business. While it does tend to be a more expensive choice, it is a highly profitable one as well. If you choose the best machine in mining gold, you will find that it can make it much easier to turn a profit.

Not all types of mining require the use of machines. If you are interested in digging up fossils, then you will find that you do not need a machine. However, you should know that certain types of fossils require the use of a machine to separate them from the sand or gravel on which they are burrowed. There are also cases when it may be necessary to use a machine, but it will be of little use unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

When you are ready to start looking for the best machine in mining for what you want to do, consider the environment in which you will operate the machine. If you have a very dry environment, then you will not have much success. You should also take into consideration the type of dirt, you will be working with. Generally, you will find that clay soils do not require too many extra precautions. However, some other types of soils may require that you use a water bucket or other irrigation system to make sure that your work is done right. This information is important if you are going to be mining for any type of minerals in a dry environment.

Backhoes are used for mining two types of minerals – sand and clay. The machine has a bucket full of sand or clay. With the help of a series of drills, it can break up the rock and soil. The machine can also be equipped with an electronic device that allows a person to monitor the site and surroundings. This will help determine if any damages have been done to the site or if any mining waste needs to be disposed of properly.

Another type of equipment is the mini-mine. This is a machine which has a small tunnel which will lead to a shaft in the mines. The machine will need a large amount of rock and soil to function.

Larger underground mining machines include tunneling machines. These machines have two long and wide tunnels that will lead to various mining sites. At each site, further material can be added. To access the tunneling machine, a person will stand on a ladder inside the shaft. The ladder will lead the operator to the machine.

When looking for an engine borescope, make sure that the supplier offers a guarantee or warranty. It is important for the machinery to work perfectly and to last for a long period of time. However, if there is a defect in the machine, the company should fix it at no cost to the customer. This is another way in which a company can cover their manufacturing costs and make sure that they offer a quality service. The company will have to make sure that the machine is installed properly and that the equipment works perfectly before providing a guarantee to the customer.

It is very common for underground mining equipment to be heavy in weight. This is due to how the machine will be moving very fast and may have to go through very difficult areas. Some pieces of equipment are equipped with engines to help move the material more quickly. These machines will use larger amounts of rock and soil in order to complete their tasks. Each machine will require different amounts of fuel to operate. Before purchasing any equipment, make sure that the company offers a good return policy.

Underground Mining Equipment can be purchased online or in person from some companies. These companies can offer a quick and safe way for the buyer to purchase this equipment. The equipment can be shipped directly to the buyer and no need to worry about the buyer having to haul the equipment or worrying about getting it to a store that sells this type of equipment. Most of the companies will take the equipment directly to the location that needs it.

Underground mining equipment is used when there is a great deal of earth that needs to be removed. It is an essential part of the mining industry and is very important. Without the equipment there would be a lot of back breaking work that would need to be done. In some cases this equipment is used when rock has to be removed underground so that new mining areas can be created.

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Simply Gold Coast Shares Research Tips for Prospective Property Buyers



Whether you are buying a new home for your growing family or looking for an asset to boost your income, buying a property should not be done impulsively.

There’s more to buying a home than location, location, location.

Suppose you want to get the best returns for your investment. In that case, you must conduct thorough research before making an offer to a property seller.

But how exactly do you do that? If you are keen on buying a property in Gold Coast or anywhere else, here are a few tips from Simply Gold Coast, Gold Coast’s most trusted property advisors.

Before anything else, set a budget

Buying a property is one of those major life decisions that should not be taken lightly or left to chance.

But how exactly do you set a budget for a property? First, you have to determine what you can realistically afford, taking into account your current and future expenses.

And even if you are still in the initial stage of buying a home, you should strongly consider determining how much money you can afford to borrow from lending institutions. Fortunately, there are plenty of online home loan calculators that you can use for this task.

To give you a clearer picture of the financial impact of buying a property, consider using a cash flow tool. This online tool will provide you with a fair idea of the costs involved in keeping a property.

A budget comes in handy when several properties catch your attention, enabling you to make objective decisions.

However, there are instances where a great property comes along but is beyond your budget. In these cases, what should you do? Do your due diligence. The property may be well over the budget you set, but if such a property rarely becomes available, consider stretching your budget.

Research tips for Gold Coast property buyers

Once you have a fair idea of the amount you want to spend on a property, the next order of business is to research the properties currently available in the market.

Here are a few things that require special attention.

Check out the neighbourhood

Apart from researching obvious points like proximity to good schools, hospitals, availability of public transport, dig around deeper and find details about other establishments’ presence.

These include restaurants and cafes, gyms, and even community activities.

At this point, your goal is to have a clear snapshot of the community’s demographics. Plus, your research can prove invaluable should you wish to sell the property in the future.

Determine prevailing rental rates

Although you may want to invest in the property for your family’s use, having a clear idea of how much similar properties are rented out can also prove useful in the future, in case you want to rent out the property.

Make an apples-to-apples comparison

Do not ignore the other properties available in the real estate market, even if you have set your sights on a particular property.

In particular, look at other properties that are currently available and those that have been recently sold. As much as possible, these properties should be similar to the one you are eyeing to buy.

By making an apples-to-apples comparison, you’ll have a good idea if the property you want to buy is priced fairly or not.

To confirm your comparison, you might want to enlist the help of a real estate professional or a buyer’s agent.

Check the property’s history

When you invest a sizable sum of money, the last thing you want is to discover damages that are too costly to repair.

Before making an offer for the house, try to learn as much as you possibly can about it.

There are a few ways to go about this. For one, you can make inquiries with insurance companies. If the quotes you receive are consistently high, they may indicate that these institutions might be seeing potential risks.

If you are working with a buyers’ agent, he can dig around the home’s history. Specifically, he can check whether the house was sold recently, delisted, and then relisted again.

Taking the next step

If everything checks out and the property is a sure winner, the next step that you will need to do is to make an offer to the seller.

But what if you feel that something is amiss?

It is natural to feel a little hesitant, especially when making life-changing decisions, including buying a house.

But if you have done your best and everything checks out, you have to stop overthinking and make an offer.

It is also helpful to enlist the aid of a real estate professional who can offer objective insights. This professional can provide you with invaluable advice throughout the home buying process and allay any fears you might have.

At the end of the day, if you approach the process with an objective mindset and you are clear about your goals, there is not much that you have to fear.

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Live Radio – Listen to Radio Even While Being on a Move




Live Radio

Live radio listening has become exciting an action that brings to individuals diversion and data. The clients can undoubtedly tune in to projects of their number one radio broadcasts on sites that oblige offer the assistance. Such sites can be gotten to on a PC or a cell phone. As the web can be gotten to with the guide of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other remote alternatives so individuals can hold tuning in to the radio even while they are on a move. Click here radio en direct.There are a few live radio broadcasts that guide in bringing to individuals ‘radio administrations’ even while they are on a move. The administrations offered by these radio broadcasts are ‘liberated from cost’ and individuals can undoubtedly get to them on different devices with the guide of sites. Consequently, it gets conceivable to tune in to live radio regardless of whether individuals are away from home.

Appreciate Every Beat of Music

Radio listening has become regular these days, particularly after the dispatch of FM radio. Live radio broadcasts can be effectively gotten to on sites that propose to call and inform administrations. In this way, clients can undoubtedly utilize the destinations to tune in to radio projects. The radio accessible on sites at this point doesn’t need radio waves for communicating sound. However, as the whole interaction is advanced, so computerized bundles are being utilized for moving sound. The cycle is straightforward and clients can get to each radio broadcast on their PC. The ease of use of the framework makes live radio listening all the more energizing.

Simple Access to Your Favorite Radio Programs

Radio is an old gadget of diversion. It is supposed to be found by Marconi. When there were restricted radios, individuals would accumulate around a solitary radio to tune in to their #1 project. Before long it turned into a family thing. The radio gets satellite signals and converts them into sound. Some mainstream programs that the crowd likes to tune in to on radios are news, melodies, shows, verse, and so forth After a radio, mechanical progressions bring numerous mainstream engaging and correspondence mediums which incorporate Television, Tape recorders, CD or DVD players, Mobiles, Telephones, Computers, and web. The web is an organization of PCs or workers. An individual can open a website page existing on a distant worker. The organization of the web is gradually taking every one of the administrations in its control. Regardless of whether you need to fill confirmation types of school, sell or buy anything on the web, play a game, need to benefit from the credit, or need to visit with companions, the sky’s the limit on the web. Presently, individuals can likewise appreciate live radio offices on the web. There are numerous locales accessible on the web that give you a live radio office

Tune in to Music and News at Free Live Radio Stations

Individuals can get to online radio channels from any spot everywhere in the world. Free live radio is an extremely advantageous method of amusement. One can tune in to different radio projects effectively, including melodies, programs, current news, etc. Individuals can tune in to the most recent tunes by getting to a few Websites. These days, these sites are being secured by current individuals. Numerous sites permit individuals to tune in to the radio with no enlistment. However, a few destinations don’t give the office of tuning in to radio projects as a visitor. If you need to utilize a total office, you need to enlist on the radio broadcast sites. Barely, it will require few moments in enlisting. After enrollment, one can without much of a stretch do numerous undertakings like, tuning in to a few new tunes, make a playlist and play different games.

Presently, we will share something intriguing about these live online radio broadcasts. You don’t need to pay any charge for such administrations. An individual can appreciate an ordinary portion of diversion by tuning in to a few radio broadcasts. These online radio sites would likewise offer you numerous offices like messing around, sending messages, a wide range of tunes, tuning in to a few free radio broadcasts, and some more.

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How to Sell Yourself to Consumers



In past months, digital technology has been an increasingly important component of many businesses’ overall marketing plan. There is also a significant uptick in mobile app ads as a result of this recent trend.

Furthermore, mobile users account for a large amount of global internet traffic, and this number is only expected to rise. As customers increasingly use their mobile devices to communicate with their favorite brands, advertisers must monitor mobile marketing trends in order to stay current and competitive. Here’s how to use the app to market you to customers.

Clips from Apps

App clips are a popular mobile marketing method for increasing consumer retention. They are a significant component of today’s digital advertising and data collection practices.

Automation of Mobile Ads

Mobile ad automation has effectively increased revenues by reducing advertising spending, printing costs, and interference costs. There was a time where advertisements had to be managed every hour that they were on.

Advertisers can now conveniently scale their campaigns thanks to AI-enabled ad automation.

App Extension

App add-ons are another great option to market yourself to customers with an app. For example a link that you can add to your social networking profile that would guide users to a content page that contains all of your other related material.

Content for Mobile Devices

Given the popularity of sites like Twitter in the present youth culture, it’s a safe bet that businesses are producing more mobile content.  Anticipate an uptick in content that is reliant on mobile devices.

This is highly likely that the amount of young people is growing into a large sector, and advertisers must communicate with them in places where they spend a lot of time.


Chatbots are more useful today since many people operate from home. Bots help users get rapid feedback by doing everything from making automated phone calls to answering questions on social networks and blogs.

On that note, additional apps will be developed to alert customers of the need to buy as well as to notify them about tempting discounts and promotions.

Platforms for E-Commerce

It is no longer a mystery that the pandemic has resulted in an increase in global e-commerce activity. Retail stores have been affected, with the majority of them turning to the internet to make ends meet. This will lead to more competition on the interactive side of the industry. You can connect with more customers online using ecommerce now.

SEO Optimization

Structured data can be used to monitor SEO in the future. Consider structured data fragments to be excellent investments for any who choose to appear on the first few pages of search engine results. Google Search is becoming more complex, and you’d need to keep up with studying the markup and ensuring that each page has detailed, structured material that informs the search rankings for any part of the article.

Voice Search on Mobile

The use of speech quest and voice management will be strengthened in the future. With many more home electronic devices, more people are still dependent on speech to navigate search results and responses.

The number will grow in the near future as more people buy these devices for their homes and continue to use them on their cell phones.

Push Alerts

Although push reminders may be annoying when utilized incorrectly, more businesses are likely to integrate them into their communication strategies.

If more and more discussions take place online, especially on mobile devices, push notifications may provide timely updates and other content in addition to marketing information.

Mobile Content That Is Optimized

To attain conversions, mobile marketing, like every other form of marketing, requires interesting insight. You can’t sell to consumers unless you can encourage and motivate them to interact with your product.

Mobile marketers should focus on delivering higher-quality content, such as interactive alternatives. Customers of electronic devices are drawn in by creative ads.

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