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The Advantages of Investing in Bajaj Finance FD as a Senior Citizen

In light of the recent major changes in the investment market, it is quite evident that traditional options like savings accounts are no longer a ‘safe-zone’ for investors. Major banks have already slashed off their interest and deposit rates making the scenario worse. The fixed deposit interest rates have also been reduced to almost 4% on an average which is not a very positive fact.

With the government slashing the interest rates on NSC, PPF and the likes and the Reserve Bank of India cutting down the repo rates, the investment market does not look safe anymore. All the more, the economic instability just adds on to this chaotic situation. Amidst this financial kerfuffle, the senior citizen class of the society have been most severely affected.

Senior Citizens And Why They Need The Comfort Of Solid And Secure Returns

After reaching a certain age limit, people choose the comfort of safety over the adventure of risk-taking situations. Senior citizens mostly rely on their savings to carry on with their daily lifestyle and future planning. As a result, it would be wise to go for a scheme that offers both stability and safety.

This is where Bajaj Finance online FD schemes lead the way. Bajaj Finance online FD schemes are easy to invest in, low-risk and offer multiple benefits to the investors. Bajaj Finance FD schemes offer very high fixed deposit interest rates to senior citizens who are interested in investing.

Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Invest In Bajaj Finance FD 

●       High rates of interest 

Bajaj Finance online FD scheme offers its senior citizen investors a fixed deposit interest rate that is higher by 0.25%. Moreover, one can get better FD interest rates, almost as high as 6.75%, by simply choosing the right schemes. One can also go for ‘auto-renewal’ policy, thereby reinvesting their deposits and getting a 0.10% hike in the already existing FD interest rate.

●       Safe and solid returns 

Bajaj Finance has been awarded the highest safety ratings by both ICRA and CRISIL. They have received FAAA rating by CRISIL and an MAAA rating by ICRA. As an investor, one could rely on these ratings to judge the organization’s credibility. Bajaj Finance is a reputed financial institution and boasts of having over 2,35,000 clients who rely on them with their savings. In case of NRI senior citizens, there is a scheme called the ‘NRI fixed deposit’ policy that can be considered as an option.

●       Flexible schemes 

For those who wish to invest while earning periodic returns, Bajaj Finance online FD scheme offers the benefit of using their FD calculator or the Fixed Deposit Calculator. The FD calculator enables the user to calculate and know the fate and course of their investments. If one chooses to go for periodic ‘payouts’, they will be able to get a regular interest in specific time periods while earning the principal amount at maturity. This means one no longer has to liquidate their savings; they can simply invest in Bajaj Finance online FD and fund their regular expenses while also preserving the maximum savings.

●       Easy to invest 

The Bajaj Finance online FD scheme enables the investor to invest in it from the comfort of their own homes. This scheme offers a paperless and contactless investment procedure which is preferred by many.

●       A variety of schemes to choose from 

Bajaj Finance online FD scheme can be availed on a monthly basis through the Systematic Deposit Plan or SDP. With the help of this plan, one can deposit on a monthly basis with a starting amount of just Rupees 5000 and take it from there.

As an extra benefit, the investor can also request for a loan against the fixed deposit amount, in case there is an emergency. These benefits along with many more are enough to point out the advantages and therefore the reasons so as to why senior citizens should invest in Bajaj Finance FD.

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