The advantages of chain lifting in three-dimensional parking garage

At present, among the nine categories of parking equipment in China, the lifting and transverse three-dimensional parking garage is more widely used. The most common lifting methods in the lifting and transverse three-dimensional parking garage mainly include chain lifting and wire rope lifting. So, do you know the advantages of chain lifting in lifting and horizontal three-dimensional parking garage?

Stereo parking chain

1. Good stability

Because the platform plate lifted by the chain can only shake in the front and rear directions, the shaking range of the platform plate lifted by the chain is very small. Therefore, the advantages of the chain lifting method are more obvious for the equipment installed outdoors. Moreover, the lifting platform has a large impact when starting, and the chain drive can bear enough impact force without breaking. The chain lifting mode of mechanical three-dimensional parking garage is very safe and stable, which is worth choosing;

2. Convenient manufacture and installation

The chain lifting mode of three-dimensional parking garage has great advantages. The chain sprocket drive system is easy to install and safe and reliable to operate. It has been adopted by most manufacturers. It is the standard mode of the existing lifting and traverse parking equipment. And for the small three-dimensional parking garage below the third floor, its manufacturing cost is also very low, which can effectively save the cost;

3. Easy maintenance and replacement

In terms of maintenance convenience, the chain in the three-dimensional parking garage is damaged. You only need to replace the damaged part of the chain links to solve the problem. And for maintenance, the chain is more convenient for maintenance workers to disassemble and inspect. Therefore, no matter the convenience and cost of maintenance, the chain lifting method is very appropriate.

Stereo parking chain

It can be seen from the above that the chain lifting method in the lifting and transverse parking equipment has many advantages, such as good stability, convenient manufacturing and installation, convenient maintenance and replacement, etc. Finally, Keai transmission Xiaobian needs to remind you that not all three-dimensional parking garages are suitable for chain lifting. You also need to consider other factors such as the number of floors of three-dimensional parking garages. Generally speaking, the prompt mode of parking equipment below the fourth floor is inclined to chain lifting, and the prompt mode above the fifth floor is inclined to steel wire rope.

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