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The 5 Benefits of Partnering With GSA-Approved Vendors

There are several advantages to partnering with GSA-approved vendors. These benefits include reduced risk, faster delivery, better pricing, flexibility, and reliability. The government is the world’s largest consumer, and millions of potential customers are waiting to purchase your products and services. Two main routes to penetrating the federal market are becoming a prime GSA Schedule contractor or partnering with an authorized GSA reseller.

Faster Delivery

Faster delivery is one of the most important factors customers look for in e-commerce. A recent PwC survey reveals that customers value speedy delivery more than anything else when shopping for products.

Delivering goods and services faster has several benefits for your business, including increasing your revenue, improving your customer experience, and decreasing operating costs. To help you reach your goals, here are some proven strategies to increase your delivery speeds. To ensure your company complies with FAR and other government regulations, you should partner with a GSA approved vendor like United Commercial Supply (UCS). UCS provides secure online procurement options for contractors and offers a range of tools for viewing, comparing, and ordering materials at discount prices.

Reduced Risk

Aside from the obvious benefit of paving your way toward government contracts, partnering with GSA-approved vendors offers some significant advantages. The General Services Administration (GSA) manages the federal government purchasing process and only awards schedules to certified vendors. This ensures that only high-quality products and services are provided and that companies comply with specific regulations.

Risk assessments are one of the most critical activities in vendor management, and they should be issued periodically to uncover risks introduced by a partnership. Depending on the risk level, they can be used to justify or disqualify a partnership and proactively mitigate issues.

Better Pricing

Having the best pricing possible is crucial to winning government sales. However, setting the correct prices when starting can be difficult. This is where partnering with GSA approved vendors can be extremely helpful. These authorized resellers are GSA contracting and compliance experts and can help you secure government sales. One key benefit of partnering with GSA approved vendors is better pricing. GSA is renegotiating many contractors’ pricing during contract modifications and renewals.


Partnering with GSA-approved vendors can be great if you want to expand your government sales strategy. They have a proven track record and can help you succeed in this market. In addition, working with a GSA schedule vendor can lead to faster and easier contract negotiations. This is especially important if you’re new to the market or want to sell to government agencies sooner.


GSA-approved contractors are pre-vetted and have cleared their products, services, pricing, and procurement regulations with the government. This reduces the time it takes to negotiate a contract and streamlines the purchasing process. Partnering with a prime GSA schedule contractor means your company can tap into its established government customer base and may even benefit from access to unique programs created to increase business opportunities like small business set-asides. In addition, GSA provides substantial help with the vetting process, including training and self-study resources and workshops tailored to small businesses. 


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