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A global push for sustainability is reshaping the fashion industry as we know it. Instead of snapping up clothes on the basis of its price, consumers (particularly Gen Z) are thinking about where their clothes come from and the environmental impact that their choices are having.

Many people have now turned their attention to vintage fashion as a way of keeping their environmental impact to a minimum. Not only are vintage clothing enthusiasts keeping perfectly good clothes from going to landfill, but they’re also relishing the fact that the clothes are rarer and more exclusive. Because these items of clothing were made decades ago, it gives them the opportunity to wear unique clothes that they’re not going to see everyone else rocking.

This latest fashion trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and it’s predicted that the vintage fashion retail market will reach $25 Billion by 2025. And whilst the fashion sector has a torrid time through Covid where sales fell by as much as 79%, the vintage fashion niche has maintained its growth.Some of the worlds most recognisable fashion brands are looking to capitalise on this, with companies like Levis and Gucci finding ways for their customers to engage in the resale market. But ultimately if you’re looking for a cool range of vintage designer and sportswear, dedicated online vintage clothing stores are the place to look.

So, how can you navigate this emerging fashion trend? The vintage clothing stores that started this have the answer, using one of their vintage clothing apps.

Downloading the vintage clothing apps of small independent stores is the perfect way to get your fashion fix. Vintage sellers are now using their apps as the primary way to communicate way stock drops and exclusive deals are happening with push notifications. So if you’re looking to get a step ahead, download one (or all) of the following apps and make sure you’ve got your notifications switched on!

• OneOff Vintage

OneOff Vintage is the up and comer in this space. Having only launched their vintage clothing app a year ago, they’ve come on leaps and bounds. They pride themselves on offering everything you would need to put a classy vintage outfit together. With unique items in every category ranging from the more popular hoodies and sweatshirts to the more niche dungarees and bucket hats, their something for everyone.They are committed to marrying rare items with affordable prices and have a monthly flash sale called ‘OneOff Wednesday’ where you can get huge discounts.

• Domno Vintage

Domno Vintage have become masters at walking the fine line between affordable and rare vintage. Some of the vintage garms they they stock are truly one of a kind pieces, but it’s rare you’ll be charged one of a kind prices. With a drop of 60 items every day, they are always keeping their stock updated in line with the latest trends in the vintage scene. And the Domno Vintage app makes it easier than ever to browse. Not only does it look so clean and elegant, the options to arrow down the products to find the perfect garms for you are a lifesaver.

• Bloc Vintage

The Bloc Vintage app is a one stop shop for all your vintage needs. They have an abundance of US vintage ranging from rare single stitch tees to classic college sports sweatshirts. Whilst their US vintage collection stands out from the rest, they also stock a huge range of all the classic branded vintage that has been booming in popularity over the last decade. And by dropping over 500 items per week you can guarantee theirs always something new for you to peruse. The Bloc Vintage app will notify exactly when these drops go live.

• TrueVintage

Offering the most expansive range of rare vintage clothing on the market, the True Vintage app is the perfect way to browse the rarest and most desirable vintage clothing from iconic brands such as Polo Sport, Adidas Equipment, Nike Challenge Court and much much more. And their daily stock drops of 200 items is unparalleled in quality and quantity. True Vintage also pioneer new vintage clothing trends like their reworked collection. To get notified about the new directions that True Vintage are taking their vintage clothing, as they are doing it, you’d best download the True Vintage app.

These vintage clothing apps are at the frontier of the vintage fashion industry and let customers engage directly with the brands and stores they love. And nearly all of them offer a discount for your first purchase, so don’t hang about, jump right in!

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