The 3 Most Exciting Exotic Cars On The Market

In the automobile industry, extremely special supercars and luxury vehicles are often described as ‘exotic’. These are the most desirable high-end autos. They are usually made in small numbers and typically cost more money than most people earn in two or three years. People tend to treat exotic cars are status symbols. They display wealth and opulence in a way that few other items can. They are also sometimes purchased as investment pieces, but this has to be done carefully – only some cars will become classics that gain value instead of hemorrhaging it. For most of us, owning an exotic car is just a pipedream. Hyper wealthy people, however, have a strange habit of accumulating whole warehouses of these beasts! The Sultan of Brunei, for instance, has used his vast personal wealth (that he totally didn’t skim from the nation’s oil industry) to purchase a collection of 7000 exotic vehicles. Here is a list of the five most exciting exotic cars on the market today. 

Lamborghini Countach 

Released in 1974 and produced right up until 1990, the Countach is one of the most iconic supercars to ever hit the road. It was one of the last designs overseen by the Italian car company’s founder and spiritual guide, Fiorucci Lamborghini, and it was, by any measure, a masterpiece. 

The angular aerodynamics and batwing doors that we know and love were perfected on this car, which also had a dazzling performance level. Later models produced almost 500 BHP and were amazingly quick off the mark. Well kept Countachs can still fetch amazingly high prices when sold through companies like We Buy Exotic Cars or through auctions. Early Countachs are actually increasing in value due to their classic status! 

Bugatti Veyron 

The Bugatti Veyron completely redefined hypercar performance. It had an absurd 16-cylinder engine producing 987 BHP – allowing the car to reach 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds. A truly exclusive machine, the Veyron was only produced in small numbers and only really made available to multi-millionaires that were willing to become slightly less multi-millionaires. 

For many people, the Veyron represents the ultimate pursual of motoring perfection over practicality and affordability. It can’t be a fun experience driving the Veyron through a crowded city, but that certainly doesn’t stop people from squeezing into the cockpit like a cab and giving it a go. On the track, the Veyron can easily cruise past 200 miles per hour. 

Ferrari F50

No list of exotic cars would be complete without giving the Ferrari F50 a mention. Ferrari’s iconic 90’s supercar, the F50, was very fast and extremely stylish. Perhaps one of the most beautiful cars ever designed, the F50 is now a highly sought-after collector’s item. If you were to ask a child to draw an image of a sports car, they would undoubtedly draw something inspired in part by the angular fighter jet shape of the F50. Even though it was released in the 1990s, it can still hold its own on the track today.

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