Best things to do in Safaris of Dubai Desert

The 15 Best things to do in Safaris of Dubai Desert

Let’s explore the 15 best ways to enjoy the Dubai desert! Find out all about the best desert safaris in Dubai, including activities you can do, if there are combo tickets and other important things to keep in mind.

1 – Go on a Jeep safari.

Travel through the desert in a 4 × 4 so you can explore the desert comfortably and accompanied by a driver. The Jeep safari in the Dubai desert costs around € 40. These tours are typically combined with many other activities such as Dune Bashing and sandboarding, so consider checking out these all-inclusive tours.

2 – Be brave and try the «Dune Bashing»

Hop in a 4 × 4 so you can experience the “dune bashing” with a professional driver. This activity is perfect for those who love adrenaline; you will feel the excitement in the jeep going up and down the dunes. This type of activity is included in Jeep tours, so check Tour Scanner for the best deals

3 – Motocross ride

Hit the dunes on a desert motocross ride. An introductory lesson for beginners is included, as well as all equipment to be safe. These tours are quite expensive, but if you are a motorcycle lover and want to experience something with adrenaline, this is perfect for you.

4 – Try a bike with big wheels

Explore the Dubai on two wheels or even better: a bike with big wheels! With an expert guide, you can explore the desert on these bikes that have oversized wheels designed to ride the desert sand. There are bike tours that take you for 5 hours through the desert, so if you have the audacity, test your fitness on this type of tour!

5 – Get on a hot air balloon and contemplate the desert from the sky

Experience the Dubai desert safari with a different perspective by boarding a hot air balloon. These tours usually start early in the morning to get an even more beautiful view as the sun begins to rise. If you have the courage, get on board a hot air balloon, and don’t forget your camera to capture this unique moment!

6 – Surf in sand waves (sandboarding)

Try sandboarding, a popular activity in the desert. It is fun to slide down the dunes on a surfboard, an activity that is necessary to include in your trip through the dunes of Dubai!

7 – Camel excursion and desert exploration

You will likely see camels in the desert in Dubai, why not experience riding one? They are known to be calm animals and the camel owners will give you instructions on how to ride the camel. You should include the camel ride on your desert safari in Dubai.

There are also camel farms that you can visit if you are interested in learning more about these animals.

8 – Ride a horse

Similar to camel tours, you also have the option of horseback riding through the Dubai desert. These types of experiences are very unique and perfect for relaxing. The duration of the excursions is around 90 minutes and will be accompanied by a guide.

9 – Drive a quad or buggy

Tour the desert on a quad bike, which will undoubtedly be an exciting experience. They will give you instructions on how to use the quad and they will provide you with all the protective equipment.

Or if you prefer, you can also ride a buggy that can be more comfortable. Both are a bit pricey, but you can search TourScanner for the best deals that usually include other activities to do in the desert.

10 – Get in a vintage Land Rover

If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, explore the Dubai desert safari in style in a vintage Land Rover. This type of excursion tends to be expensive but worth it, as it includes many other activities to maximize your desert safari experience.

11 – Discover the local fauna in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

Board a Range Rover with a professional safari guide who will take you through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. In this way, you will discover the desert ecosystem and the local fauna, which is the most conserved area in the United Arab Emirates.

12 – Spend a night in a desert camp.

Spend the night in the desert for an even more unique experience. You can sleep in a luxurious refuge in the desert of Dubai and relax after all the activities throughout the day. Check TourScanner for the best deals for an overnight stay as many can vary depending on the level of luxury you desire.

13 – Taste the local cuisine and enjoy a show.

Although spending time in the desert doing interesting activities can be exhausting, in the evening you can relax and enjoy a delicious traditional meal and a show.

There is nothing better than trying the typical food of a different culture and learning more about the culture and traditions.

14 – Gaze at the stars

There is nothing more unique than stargazing in the desert. It is one of the most beautiful experiences and the best way to relax after the heat and adrenaline of the activities.

If you want to enjoy stargazing to the fullest, an expert can give you an astronomy lesson while you admire a beautiful sky at night.

15 – Try a night safari in the desert.

Experience the desert at night on a 5-hour tour, as the sunset can be seen in a private vintage Land Rover to observe the wildlife and beauty of the Dubai desert. A professional driver and guide will accompany you at all times to ensure you have a wonderful experience. After the desert tour, it is highly recommended to spend the night in the camp and observe the stars at night with an astronomer guide.

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