Thank You for Your Service

Thank You for Your Service: 7 Impact Ideas for Honoring Veterans

Our veterans are often the unsung heroes of our nation. While we celebrate the achievements of politicians, entrepreneurs, and entertainers we forget the greatest achievement in protecting our great nation.

It’s because of these protections that we can pursue our dreams and live a life of freedom. 

If you have any veterans in your life, you should do something to show them your appreciation for their service.

Here are some great ideas for honoring veterans:

1. Donations

Sadly, many veterans continue to face extreme hardships once they return to civilian life.

Consider making a donation to a fund that helps veterans. There are funds that help homeless veterans, disabled veterans, etc. There are also funds that help veterans pay for healthcare and other necessities.

If you can, find a great veterans fund that you can make regular donations to. Your donations will go a long way to help veterans during troubled times.

2. Learn About Their Stories

We learn much about wars through our history books and from award-winning movies. But seldom do we speak to living veterans about what books and movies don’t tell you. 

If you have a veteran in your life, take them out for a meal. Or you can invite them over and cook a meal for them. Ask them about what life was like as a soldier. You’ll be amazed at the courage they had while fighting a war.

Not only will this be a great experience for you, but it’ll also be a great experience for them. Veterans have many stories to tell and it often brings them joy when they get to share these stories with others.

3. Give Them A Challenge Coin

Military challenge coins are a possession that all veterans will cherish. These are symbols of achievement for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Challenge coins are often used for membership in veteran clubs. If a veteran wishes to join a society or support group for veterans, a challenge coin is a requirement to join.

Even if they only keep it on display, a challenge coin reminds a veteran of the wonderful life they’ve lived. It’s a reminder to them how much we appreciate their service.

4. Wear A Poppy

The poppy flower is another great symbol for showing our appreciation for our veterans. Throughout America and Europe, the poppy flower is worn to show appreciation for veterans of both World Wars.

Contact your local veteran funds or army bases to find out where you can buy a poppy flower. They will recommend shops where you can buy a poppy. These shops will donate a portion of their profits to veterans. 

This is a great way to make a donation to a veteran as well as publicly display your gratitude.

5. Visit A Military Museum

There are great museums dedicated to military history. Often, a portion of the profits from such museums goes to veterans.

At these museums, you will learn an in-depth history of the military. You’ll see great paraphernalia related to the military. This includes weapons, ammunition, model planes, uniforms, letters, and much more.

You can also visit a military museum where you can hear talks from veterans and military historians. By learning the history of the military, you’ll gain an even greater appreciation for our veterans.

6. Attend a Parade

If your local community hosts a Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day parade, make sure you attend it. This is a great way to meet veterans as well as active-duty members. 

If you have a veteran in your family, you should take them along to the parade. This is a great way for them to see how other Americans appreciate their sacrifice. It’s also a great way for veterans to meet each other and create lifelong friendships.

7. Visit a War Memorial

If you can, make sure that you visit a war memorial at least once in your lifetime. This is a place or monument where you will read the names of fallen soldiers. While we all know that not all those who go into war shall return, it doesn’t hit us until we read names.

As you read the names on a war monument, take a moment to reflect on who those soldiers were. They were sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. Think about what other aspirations they had in life that were taken from them.

Use this as a moment to reflect on your own life. If you are able to visit a war memorial with your family and friends you should do so. Think about what you wish to accomplish in your life.

Think about the freedoms and security that you take for granted. Remember the names of those veterans who weren’t able to come back home. Think about how you will live your life to honor their sacrifice.

8. Display Your Patriotism

There are few better ways of honoring our veterans than to display our patriotism. 

For example, you can display a flag outside of your home. It’s always welcoming to a veteran to see flags flying outside of every home in their neighborhood. You can also decorate your cars with a sticker bearing the flag. Or you can also find stickers that have a supporting message for veterans.

You can also organize a group to sing patriotic songs such as the National Anthem. If you can perform these songs to a group of veterans, you’ll love seeing the smile on their faces.

You can also wear patriotic clothing in public. If you find any clothing that specifically celebrates veterans, then you should wear these on Veteran’s Day.

Continue Honoring Veterans

Honoring veterans is something that needs to be a regular part of our lives. While parades and other events happen on occasion, think about what you can do to always make our veterans feel appreciated.

If you don’t know any veterans, reach out and get to know them. They are among our greatest citizens and you should let them know how grateful you are for them.

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