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Terms and Conditions (Dubai Desert Safari)



Terms and Conditions (Dubai Desert Safari)

Through using the Dubai desert safari site, you unequivocally agree to be restricted by these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and to keep to these Terms of Use and each and every pertinent law and rules dealing with the use of the Site. Dubai desert safari keeps up all power to change of these Terms of Use at whatever point, starting now and into the foreseeable future while you move on to the page. You should check this page regularly. We will note when changes are made to the Terms of Use at the foot of the page. If you break these Terms of Use, Dubai desert safari can stop your usage of the site, prohibit you from extra use of the site or conceivably take legal actions against you. 

Restricted LICENSE. You are given a limited, non-particular, revocable and non-versatile license to use and examine the Platform in consistence with the conditions and imperatives of these Terms of Use. Desert safari Dubai can at whatever point, alter, suspend or stop any bit of the web. They can moreover, suddenly, place obstructions on explicit features and advantages or cut off your induction to all or parts of the web. You will have no rights, if any, to do prohibitive programming and allowing related records permit you to get to the web. 

Other than as given in the Terms of Use, you won’t have the right, clearly or by suggestion, to have, use, credit, sell, lease, grant, sublicense, allot, copy, interpret, change, alter, make or create any new or auxiliary works from or see, fitting, perform or regardless abuse the Site or any of its substance (tallying programming) in whole or in parts. 

1. SITE OPERATION: United Arab Emirates is our country of Domicile. Dubai desert safari manages this Site and makes no depiction that this Website is suitable for use in various territories. If you access this stage from other various regions, you are at risk for legal by close by institutions. You can’t use, charge or re-convey any substance from such a site ignoring any relevant laws or rules, including any and not confined to any U.A.E exchange rules and instructions. 

2. APPLICABLE LAW. The Laws of the Emirates will coordinate the utilization of the Website and the Terms of Use, without strategy to clashing thoughts of law. All disputes caused in affiliation therewith will be heard basically by an able court of the U.A.E. 

3. MULTI-CURRENCY PRICED TRANSACTION, the cost showed up and the financial structures picked by you, will be a qualified expense and cash paid to the card and created on the Transaction Receipt. 

4. PURCHASES. Dubai desert safari recognizes portion through Visa or Mastercard charge and AED Mastercards for its product and endeavors. All online trades are also reliant upon the terms and conditions of the relating seller that spends significant time in centers. You should check the User Agreement and Privacy Policy of the different seller that is organizing with us prior to going into any trade and Interpretation. These Terms of Use supplant all such created and oral correspondence or plans relating to the point discussed in these Terms of Use. A waiver or adjustment of these Terms of Use will be significant just at whatever point embraced as a printed copy by an endorsed Desert safari dubai official. All benefits will be made in the principal procedure for portion. 

5. OFFICE FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL (OFAC) Approved COUNTRIES. Dubai desert safari may not trade or offer sorts of help to individuals and associations asserted or worked by or working in light of a legitimate concern for, OFAC decided countries AND individuals, affiliations and connections, for instance, mental assailants and road drug specialists recognized under OFAC programs that are not country unequivocal. 

6. REPRESENTATIONS By you. By visiting the site, you address, warrant and recognize that a) you are at any rate 18 years of age; (b) that all materials of any kind introduced by you to Dubai dessert safari through the site or for fuse on the site don’t fitting, infringe or infringe the advantages of any pariah, including exclusive advancements, copyrights, brand names, pieces of clothing, insurance, licenses, etc. The customer using the site who are Minor/more youthful than 18 won’t registers as a User of the site and won’t execute on or use the site. 

7. You recognize that you are simply allowed to visit, see and keep a copy of the pages of this webpage for your own special usage, that you don’t rehash, download, print, change or regardless pass on the material on this website under any conditions other than personal use, aside from if unequivocally endorsed by Dubai desert safari to do accordingly. You in likewise manner make an arrangement to try not to make a significant relationship with the site under any conditions, aside from if unequivocally attested by Desert Safari Dubai to do thusly. The substance and applications on this site are the property of Dubai Desert Safari. The cardholder should keep a copy of the trade documents and the methodologies and rules of the vendor. 

8. YOUR ACCOUNT. If you use the Dubai desert safari site, you are liable for ensuring the security of your record and password, and for limiting permission to your record from any PC, and you consent to expect risk for any activity that occurs under your record. The Platform won’t be reliable or in danger, direct or by suggestion, for any mishap or underhandedness of any kind arising out of or with respect to your powerlessness to assent. 

NO COMMERCIAL Usage. You can’t use this site for any business reason, for instance, arrangements of things or organizations of any kind. You ought to get prior formed assent from Dubai desert safari to make business plans of any kind on the site, whether or not by advancements, conjoining efforts or some different strategies for correspondence. 

Dubai desert safari will charge and take a practical legitimate action against any person who infiltrates these conditions, which includes without limitation, taking out the punishable contact from the site and refusing such violators from using the site. 

Associations AND SEARCH RESULTS. The website can therefore make the recorded records suggested just as associated with the users or locales across the World Wide Web. Dubai desert safari has no influence over or content on these pages. Dubai desert safari doesn’t ensure, reflect or warrant that the material of the areas is correct, legitimate or possibly agreeable. Dubai desert safari doesn’t maintain the material of any site, nor does it make cases or assertions concerning such pages, including that they won’t contain virus that may impact your machine.

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Dubai Desert Safari Confidential Strategy




Dubai Desert Safari Confidential Strategy

Desert Safari Dubai has some subtle elements. Desert Safari Dubai Online Privacy Policy Edition. This standard applies only to exercises in which Dubai desert safari performs on its platform and is not linked to ‘disconnected’ or unrelated exercises of Dubai desert safari. Dubai Desert Safari collects some unknown data for on-site use. This information will not only recognize customers, either alone or linked to other information, and will be gathered to enhance the efficiency of the web. Hidden details obtained from the Dubai Desert Safari site that blends subtleties such as the type of service you use and the length of your stay. You may also need to include distinguishing features on the desert safari site in Dubai that may include your name, address, telephone number, these data can be collected by sending reports or messages from the desert safaris site in Dubai, by registering with public authorities or by requesting them via the site. You should provide us with identifiable data in any single situation. and e-mail address.

1. The use of subtility and its visibility. We will not sell, sell, or lease your identifiable details collected on the web to others, even if it is not specified below. The data collected on our database is used to track requests, to keep you informed of the status of your request, to notify you of products or special arrangements that might be important to you, and to update this website for factual purposes. In order to submit your check or cash request from external persons or periods, we will report your transfer data, since we are essentially responsible for your request, update our site transparency, perform an observable and data survey so that your requirements can be communicated and provide you with clear messages from us. For example, we will send the subtleties of your street address to the transport authority to convey what you need.

2. All credit card information and detailed details shall not be licensed, sold, traded, leased or rented for any other treatment. Cookies are the bits of information incorporated into the client’s strategy. Dubai Desert Safari uses cookies to determine if you have already viewed the landing page. However, no other data is obtained from customers. Dubai Desert Safari is in a position to use non-individual information collected to improve the operation of our website or to determine interest in the regions of your website. In addition, we may distribute your name or other identifiable details with your consent when you provide Dubai Desert Safari with material for distribution or auditing. If Dubai Desert Security requests financial security, or if resources or responsibility for desert safaris are shared in conjunction, for example, with consolidations or acquisitions, arranged or completed corporeal redesigns, your own information may be provided to the collection.

3. To protect and secure information, Security Safari Dubai Desert Dubai takes satisfactory measures, including various equipment and programming techniques. In any case, Dubai Desert Safari cannot guarantee that any web-based information is open.

4. Multiple pages are not liable for the Dubai Desert Safari’s domain security policies. If you provide data to any external party, different guidelines for the assortment and use of your own data may apply. We strongly recommend that you follow these external security policies before you send them any details. Independent methods and methodologies are not our responsibility. Users need to know that our websites contain links to numerous websites that are demanded and managed by outsiders. The operation of expertise at those locations connected to our website is not assured by this guidance. These various destinations may give customers their own cookies or basic information, gather information, or request individual data. It is not possible to check the processing of data. You should contact these offices directly if you have any questions about their use of the information they collect. The Dubai Desert Safari is not intended to be bought by young people under 18 years of age. Minors will not use the site or offices of the Dubai Desert Safari, and Dubai Desert Safari invites minors under 18 years of age not to add any subtleties to their homes in the vicinity. Since data on minors under 18 years of age are not collected, the individual data on teenagers under eighteen years of age are not deliberately revealed. 

5. Dubai Desert Safari Privacy Policy Modifications: To follow the requirements and guidelines of the region, site strategies and conditions will be updated or modified from time to time. In order to be up to date with on-site reforms, consumers are also encouraged to view these pages periodically. Improvements on the day they are delivered would be necessary.

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Dubai desert safari




Dubai desert safari

The Dubai desert safari experience is as hectic and painful as it sounds, is an adventure that brings you so much peace. It is good for the mind and body. It refreshes you entirely. And it does this not just by indulging you in so many activities but putting you out there, away from your worldly plans and schedules. It is a place where you make so many memories but also get to take a breather and some time off from duties. You can visit with a friend or family. Some people are known to go alone too. 

Dubai desert safari; a place to keep in your memories: 

These people find friendships that last them a lifetime. The reason for this may be that any relationships formed here are void of external noise. Everything in the Dubai desert safari experience is raw and pure and peaceful. This place begs for you to form connections with nature and lets you dive deep into a whole new culture that may not be found anywhere else in any part of the world. There are reasons people from all around the world visit this place. There is a reason photographer take long trips to Dubai and find themselves amid this beautiful desert. To be able to stand on top of the highest sand dune, lift up your camera to a flawless scene, is every photographer’s dream. It may be one of the easiest places to photograph as it needs no touch ups. No hustle is required from the photographers end to find the best lighting or the best angle. Every hour in the Dubai desert safari experience is a different experience. 

A place that inspires you

The sun shines beautifully over every grain of sand there and it shines. That subscription for Adobe photoshop that you have? Get rid of it if you’re an artist in Dubai. Many writers find their inspiration here. If not that, they come here to clear their thoughts or find new ideas. This place helps get rid of noise in your head and also give you beautiful starts. Painters find their inner Van Gogh here, with so much inspiration around everywhere. Every person gets to refill their batteries here, because of the relaxing nature of this trip. But alongside this, they also get to fill their box of memories with so many fun activities that they would love coming back to. The pictures are always held close to their heart as Dubai desert safari experience is known to become special to anyone who travels to it. You leave a piece of your heart here, forever, and it is always hard saying good bye to this beautiful place.

The desert speaks to those who listen:

. yes, the desert speaks to those who may listen. It tells a person about themselves. And therefore, Dubai desert safari experience is the one to strive for and undertake whenever a person can. The Dubai desert safari experience sure allows a person to forget all their worries for a while and enjoy themselves to their fullest. 

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Top Ways To Have Time Of Your Life In Phoenix | Tourist Guide 2021



Travel Destinations in Nigeria

Helen Keller, a late American author once famously said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. She was absolutely true, as it is the little merriness and fun time in life that makes us forget about all the hassles. A vacation in Phoenix, USA is best to have a break from routine for a bit. The reason being, the city let us explore the amusing adventure and feast our eyes with brightening sights.

And, now since we have rolled in a new year with fresh vibes, it is the best time to live the life of Riley. Fascinated much? You can attend the live music events in Phoenix, go on for a movie, and explore the pleasant places.

Being sure that you are quite excited to make your 2021 full of fun and frolics, here we present the interesting things that you can do in Phoenix – the place of pleasure. Come, let’s go with bells on with us!

★ Las Noches de Las Luminarias – Desert Botanical Garden

Las Noches de Las Luminarias is a long-running tradition of the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, USA. The occasion has all the hearts of folks as it is filled with simplicity, serenity, and brightness. The twinkling lights and flickering luminarias are a treat to watch in the holiday season.

  • The Zoolights In Phoenix Zoo

For once in a blue moon experience, Zoolights in Phoenix Zoo is one of the best events in the US to be attended. To make the citizens and the trippers fall head over heels for the city, the Zoolight is made mesmerizing with sparkling lights. Shiny holiday tree, live reindeer, Santa clicks, and much more- everything just lights up the mood in one go.

  • World Lantern Festival

From November To January, the Phoenix sky lights up with lamps and lights, as the festival is celebrated at Arizona State Fair. The lights are displayed from 60 feet, making the sights look all magical.

  • Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market

An event that fulfills the joy of every heart is the Heard Museum Guild Fair & Market. Artists, performers, and chefs from varying places come and delineate the beauty and talent in incredible ways at the fair.

  • Scottsdale Arts Festival

Scottsdale Arts Festival is a satisfying Spring event where folks can relish the allures of art and charm of creativity as artists display their artwork in front of the public. It is picture-perfect if you are looking to embrace the essence of beauty in live events near you.

  • July Fireworks in Tempe

If you are looking for a fun-filled summer, July Fireworks in Tempe town lake is seamless to go with bells on. Be it live entertainment, the beauty of art, rock climbing for children, or fun rides, one can have a whale of a time with everything rocking under one roof.

  • Music In The Garden

An event where you can soothe your eyes with mesmerizing music and dance under the moonlight is organized in Desert Botanical Garden in June. Among all the Phoenix music events, it gives extra serene and peaceful vibes with the surrounding so beautiful.

In A Nutshell

Believing in the beauty of the world is hard, unless and until you live in it lightheartedly. All you need is a happy-go-lucky heart and little time out of your routine to be all footloose and fancy-free. Therefore, consider attending the live events in Phoenix for a pleasant time in your life. All the aforesaid list of interesting activities and events will surely make your vacation in Phoenix, the best and memorable.

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Top Ten Most Significant Travel Destinations in Nigeria



Travel Destinations in Nigeria

Nigeria has 36 states, and we know each of them for something in particular. In each state, some locations regularly attract tens of thousands of tourists yearly.

These are the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria. Places where tourists come to sample culture and tradition for several reasons. It could be for art, business, leisure, or education. Or just to have a feel of what it means to be Nigerian.

It doesn’t really matter what place you pick because Nigeria already has an abundance of incredible tourism.

A contribution of 5.1% to the National GDP, does not seem like much, but it translates to about 20 billion Naira. That is 20 billion Naira a year from people visiting the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria to them.

So, of all the cool places to visit in Nigeria, which ones are the best? Below are the top 10 most significant travel destinations in Nigeria.

Badagry, Lagos

Lagos State holds a lot of historical value to the Yoruba people of Nigeria. But Badagry is a unique case.

Badagry is a backwater town on the outskirts of Lagos. It is so far inland that it would have been classified as another state altogether were it pointing in the right direction. It is also the site of some of the most brutal acts of negligence towards the Yoruba slaves back then.

There are many statues at Badagry that depict the most notable events of the Nigerian slave trade. It is not only one significant travel destination in Nigeria but of the whole black community.

Obudu Cross River

The town of Obudu may seem like just another small town in the Southern part of Nigeria. The thing you would not know is that Obudu is actually one of the coolest places you could ever visit in your travels.

Obudu is not a sizable place, but many people who live there appreciate the Efik culture and practice it daily. Everything from the way they dress to their food is absolutely awe-inspiring.

It also houses the famous cattle ranch in Nigeria, complete with its own resort and everything. What is there not to like?

Obudu is one of the few places in Nigeria to use cable transport because it is a very mountainous region. In the cable cars, you get to experience a god-like view of the beautiful green land below.    

Oshogbo, Osun

The state of Osun is named after an important goddess to the people of Yoruba land. A considerable number of its inhabitants are still practising indigenous worshippers.

Many things that defined Nigeria were actively canceled after British colonization, and traditional worship was one of them. They forced the indigenes to adopt Christianity, which is now the most practiced Nigerian belief system.

The people of Oshogbo have somehow kept their own beliefs alive through art and passed down tradition. Such sights as this are exquisite to see.

Island Territory, Lagos

Many people in Lagos know what the Island territory of Lagos State is for. It is where people from all over go to have a good time.

It is full of restaurants, arcades, beaches, malls, clubs, resorts, galleries, and many other fun places.

The island is the wealthy capital of Lagos State. It has every kind of place you could ever dream of, so whatever your needs are, you are never found wanting.

That reason alone makes it one of the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria and Lagos.

Port Harcourt, Rivers

Port Harcourt has a great feel to it. The urban life is top shelf, and the people are quite hospitable.

In Port Harcourt, every place has its own name and what it is known for. And there are many places to choose from. Zoos, amusement parks, you name it.

There are also many stadiums and beaches that you could visit just to lay back and have fun.

Ado Ekiti, Ekiti

Anyone that knows Ekiti State knows that the place is very hilly. Ado Ekiti is the capital city of Ekiti state. It really sums up the Ekiti State experience with its grassy hills and cold weather.

Most of Nigeria is actually hot in the summer. But the high elevation of regions like Ado Ekiti above sea level makes them cold.

If you crave serenity and brilliant weather, Ado Ekiti (with its natural resorts and beautiful views) should be a pleasure. 

Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory is just as the name implies. The primary reason this area holds importance to Nigerians is that it houses the president and his family.

Abuja is already a unique tourist attraction with great locations, food (you really should try the Kilishi meat), and lifestyle.

That the head of state lives there makes it one of the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria.

Benin, Edo

Benin is a charming city located in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. It houses some of the grandest monuments in Nigeria, like the statue of Emotan and the Benin moat.

There are also many great places like wild-life reserves and old houses to visit if you crave an excursion. 

You could go and take a look at Oba’s palace to have a taste of the culture and history there. Everything in Benin is sure to be an adventure.

Ile-Ife, Osun

Here is another great Osun state city with a great history behind it and attractions to boot. Ile-Ife is purportedly where the first Yoruba gods landed when they came to earth from the skies.

It is regarded as a holy place by many Yoruba people. And a lot of indigenous worshippers go there often for strength and renewal.

While at Ile-Ife, you could also take a tour of one of the oldest standing higher institutions and be amazed by its rich past.

Aba, Abia

Every Nigerian knows about Aba made products. They are those cheap knock-offs of known originals that people buy to suit their budgets.

Who would not want to visit the homeland of cheap quality clothing?

If you need more to go on, Aba actually contains many attractive locations that would make you drool. But you would be staying for the crisp sub-urban way of life.

Safe Travels!

Nigeria sure has some great places. Everything here is a sublime mix of culture and tradition. It has birthed some of the most influential people, dead and alive, who have affected the world one way or another.

Everyday Nigerians are also interesting characters. When you visit, you get a taste of their numerous customs. These are so immersive that you almost feel like a part of them.

The many delicacies are rather scrumptious, and the locations are magnificent, so why not give some of these places a go?

So if you’re thinking of a travel destination where you can have fun and learn, then these places are a must-visit. 

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Journey to Sobriety



Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Journey to Sobriety

If you’re not where you’d love to be in your career or life, never let yourself believe you cannot change everything for the better.  There is no essence of allowing your future to be limited by your current situation.  You want to make your life and that of your family better, and it cannot happen if you keep getting back to the same old habits.

Well, that’s why you decided to fight off your alcohol or drug addiction problem in the first place.  After all, it is the only way to steer yourself towards a more fulfilled and happy life. The problem sets in when you have to stay sober for the rest of your life.  With plenty of chances to make mistakes, you may throw yourself back to your old ways of life.

The good news is you can overcome these hurdles and change your life for the better. That said, here are three common mistakes you must avoid at all costs in your journey to sobriety.

Taking the Solo Route

When trying to stay sober after a drug or alcohol addiction, perhaps the hardest decision is accepting you have a problem. Sure, you may not want to have new friends right after coming out of a sober living Orange County home, and that is understandable. But that doesn’t imply you should stay confined in your home and deal with problems on your own.

Isolating yourself after overcoming a drug addiction complicates things even further. The more you isolate yourself, the higher your chances of developing mental health complications, or even getting back to your old habits. At the very least, join social groups and interact with people who have followed the same path to recovery.

Dating Too Early

Once you overcome your substance abuse problem and work on your sobriety, you need to avoid relationships in your first year. Unfortunately, it is still common to come across individuals who jump right back into dating.  What they fail to realize is that they might be digging their own grave.

Remember, taking care of yourself in early sobriety is already a mammoth task and adding someone into the equation only leads to disaster.  Worse, heartbreak can be all the more tempting, and before you know it, you’re taking alcohol or drugs. That’s why you should try as much as possible to avoid getting into a new relationship earlier on.

Forgetting the Rest of Your Life

Although there is nothing wrong with staying at a sober living Orange County Ca home long enough, you still have a life to live. Whereas some people can get sucked into their new way of life easily, others live and breathe sobriety.  Doing this will never help you with anything since your life is at a standstill.

To be safe, try partaking in constructive things that make you happy. The secret lies in figuring the hobbies and passions that blend perfectly with your journey to sobriety. It is only then that you can strike the perfect balance between staying sober and the rest of your life.

In Conclusion

Recovery from addiction is a bumpy road, and everyone makes mistakes.  Be sure to learn from your mistakes and those made by other recovering addicts for things to turn out the way you expect.  Keep in mind recovery doesn’t end with treatment, and you have a role to play.

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