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What are the signs that there is a termite infestation present inside your house and how to get rid of it? 

Did you know that termites other wood destroying insects cause about $30 billion of damage to man made structures and some crops too. Along with it, a homeowner who recently discovered that his house has termite infestation, will have to spend $3000 in order to cover the damage caused by the termites. But the main point here is that if a damage this big could have been avoided in the first place, this would have been great and we have good news for you. 

Here at Inspecticore property inspection group, we provide termite and other wood destroying insects’ inspections done in order to nip the evil in the bud. 

When the termites form colonies to infest a building, it usually takes them around 3 to 8 years in order to cause noticeable damage which means that this hazard can be avoided if proper care is being taken and regular inspections are conducted in the house. We can offer you the best Termite Inspection Nassau NY has to offer in which we will send our representative to your house and they will perform the preliminary home inspection first which will result in giving out the indications if the house needs any further inspections or not. There can be many signs included which will alert our home inspectors to take further action. 

When we perform an inspection in Nassau county, home inspectors Nassau selected mainly for specific jobs and in this case, specified to see and report if there is a termite infestation present or not will look keenly around the interior and exterior area of your house and the main focus of our inspectors will be on any visible signs that there might be termites present inside the house.

The signs can include dry wood droppings, blisters in wood flooring, evidence of swarms, mud tubes, broken wings and signs that the wood is damaged, either externally or if we knock it, it may sound hollow. The main areas that could be potentially affected by a termite infestation can be crawl spaces, insides of cabinets, closets, walls, baseboards, windows and door frames. 

We may not be aware of this fact but it is not safe to live in a house if termite infestation is present there because we know that some foundations are also made of wood and if they are affected, there might be a chance that it can collapse so it is always better to be safe than sorry and get the house inspected regularly in order to be sure that no infestation is present and no harm can be caused in near future and the structure of the house is safe. 

If you think just like some other problems, termites will go away on their own then this is your credulity because they eat wood for their sustenance and will not go away on their own. A proper home inspection where the inspector that is visiting is an expert in this field and will take the preventive measures as well as the solutions in order to get rid of the infestation of the termites.

Some of the common solutions used by our home inspectors are the application of chemicals which are basically termite killing products on the exterior of the services in which the infestation may be present. Termite baits are also another solution to get rid of termites once and for all and one of the very common methods used everywhere is that you can spray boric acid on your floors and walls. Another way which can be used is to infuse the soil around your house with termite insecticide. 

1 out of every 4 houses may have or had termite issues so this is the basic pest issue about which everyone is worried and they should be because of the great number of damages it is causing. So book an inspection with Inspecticore Property Inspection Group to get rid of this problem today. 

Why us? Because we have completed about 14000 inspections successfully with satisfied customers and among them, around 1400 gave us 5 star reviews which is a great thing regarding such a vast thing. Along with our extraordinary services, we also offer 200% customer satisfaction guarantee to our valuable customers so that they can be sure about the decision they are about to make regarding the safety of their house.

It is very important to get regular inspections done for your house which means one inspection annually or once every two years but what’s more important is that the inspection is done by whom. A good home inspector sent by a reliable company is what will make this experience go smooth for you and you will be happy and satisfied at the end of the home inspection process. 

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